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Book Review: TheTea Party Revival: The Conscience of A Conservative Reborn by Dr. B. Leland Baker

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Tea Party Revival is the book to read if you're concerned about unfettered government spending. Dr. Baker details a number of big spending federal government programs and provides facts and figures to explain why they aren't constitutional and why they are out of control.

Whether you're pro or against the current administration, most of us can agree that government spending and the deficit are way out of control. The deficit is growing by leaps and bounds, and Dr. Baker urges fiscal responsibility before it grows any larger.

When our country was still in its infancy, our forefathers gave the federal government limited power. It defined the functions of the three parts of our federal government, and it gave those three parts of government certain powers. If a power does not fall within these guidelines, the federal government has no rights over it, according to the tenth Amendment:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." In real English, if a power isn't stated in the Constitution, then the power belongs to the states or to the people not to the federal government of the United States.

The federal government has been slowly taking over the rights and responsibilities of the states and people for hundreds of years. Do you recall the story about the frog and the boiling water? If you drop a frog into boiling water, he'll jump out quickly. If you put the frog in lukewarm water and heat it slowly to boiling, he'll stay there and die because the change is so slow. Americans are much like this frog. We'd notice if a huge change to take away our freedoms happened, but because it happens very slowly, most of us don't notice or care to notice.

The Tea Party Revival will open your eyes to unconstrained spending and growth of the federal government. Not only will Tea Party Revival detail each federal spending program, but it has a section that includes our Constitution and the articles and amendments to it for those that need to brush up.

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  • Congrats on being selected BC’s “Writer of the Day” !
    Although I try hard to avoid both the news and politics (See my BC article,”The Apolitical Inactivist”) I did enjoy this book review.
    Perhaps you might like my new favorite bumper sticker, “Re-elect NO ONE”.
    Keep writing!

  • greg55

    How true…for many years now the Government has been chipping away at our constitution….it’s a mirror shell of what it once was. I myself am not so sure it’s because it’s happening so slow that no one really notices.I believe it’s because our society doesn’t care unless it has a direct impact on them. We need more watch dogs to look over what the Government is doing, but we need watch dogs with some teeth, teeth that can take a few chunks out of someones tail side…….our politicians take a oath of office to up hold the Constitution…that oath is as binding as the oath you take in court to tell the truth, the whole truth….and if you don’t tell the truth you can suffer the consequences of perjury. Yet a few weeks ago I read a article on line where a congressman had the gull to say it’s not his job to debate if a law he passes is constitutional or not. That’s the job of the court…Didn’t that same congressman take that oath of office to up hold the constitution and not pass the buck. And then in the same sense to have the court rule on a issue as just happened regarding some part of a law pertaining to sex offenders, that is was unconstitutional only to have that states Attorney General mock the courts decision and refuse to abide by the court ruling.
    You bet we need to do something before we have no Constitution left at all…..both that Congressman and that Attorney General need to be removed from office…and be held accountable for there action…that’s why the watch dogs need to have some teeth, not just a bark