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Book review: Their Lordships Request by Patrick G. Cox

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Cox returns with another tale of his time shifting trio lead by the inimitable and highly adaptable Harry Heron. This is the third in the series of tales of naval battle in our past and our future. Now I normally loath novels that take place in two time periods and bounce back and forth. However, Cox manages to get the chapters done right, so it doesn’t feel like you have no clue where you are when reading.

His writing style is one that is both vivid and pleasant. This is less Master & Commander and far more gentile. It works well and is a wonderful break from much of the hard and fast science fiction out there. Care is taken to give a sense of the time in which things are happening rather than just as a means to action.

The particular examination of feuding taken from Heron’s home of Ireland all the way across the world is a nice touch. A certain Barclay, a more senior member of the crew, is determined to seek revenge on those he believed wronged his family. His attempts are haphazard and obvious, resulting in them backfiring on him badly. Its always nice when a bully gets his just deserts.

Those who enjoyed the previous two books will feel right at home with this one. Though it makes sense to have read all three, this book is accessible enough for the Heron neophyte. While maybe not as exciting as the first in the series, it still retains the qualities that make Cox’s writing attractive.

Time will tell whether this collection of books is to be a trilogy or have further legs.

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