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Book Review: ‘The Vincent Boys’ by Abbi Glines

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The Vincent BoysThe Vincent Boys is a New Adult novel, which was previously self-published and was such a huge success that it was picked up by a publisher. I’ve never read Abbi Glines’ work before, and had never really thought that much about New Adult, either, but I really enjoyed this book. It very much took me back to my own teenage years and so I could definitely empathise with the characters.

It tells the story of Ashton Gray, the preacher’s daughter. She’s a good girl, who’s currently dating Sawyer Vincent, the town’s golden boy, school quarterback and all-round gentleman. Everybody loves him and she feels incredibly lucky to be with such a great guy.

But when Sawyer’s out of town for a while, Ashton spends time with his cousin, Beau. The three of them were brought up together and were pretty much inseparable in their childhood, with Ashton and Beau causing trouble, and Sawyer getting them out of it. But when the three of them got older and noticed each other in different ways, Ashton ended up with Sawyer. Deep down, though, she never got over her attraction to his cousin.

So when they’re left alone together, without Sawyer’s good influence, she ends up reverting to the bad girl she once was. And she’s never felt so alive. Beau’s a bad boy, but he has a good heart, and she’s convinced he won’t go the way of his white trash parents. When a family tragedy occurs, though, Ashton’s thrown into a tailspin and the only thing she has to stop her from going under is Beau. She clings to him, and he’s only too happy to support her.

When Sawyer comes home again, though, Ashton has to make a decision. And whatever she decides is going to hurt someone.

This was a really engaging read. It felt so real, like the genuine plight of a teenage girl, and you could really empathise with her internal war. She’s torn between good boy and bad boy, and both boys are smokin’ hot. But there’s just something about a bad boy… poor Ashton really goes through the mill with her emotions and you’re never 100% sure what’s going to happen next.

I very much enjoyed the story, the romance, the teenage angst. The sex is fairly graphically described, but this is far from erotica. It’s just a sultry romance that will have you reminiscing for your own teenage years. I’ll definitely be picking up the next book.

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