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Book Review: The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van Diepen

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It is not uncommon while reading a book to wish that you could meet your favorite character, or characters. Maybe, you have even developed a crush on the protagonist. Possibly, you have even fallen for the antagonist. It is certainly a common phenomenon for the women who read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice or Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight.

Allison Van Diepen’s The Vampire Stalker is a story about a high school girl, Amy, who meets the man of her dreams – who also happens to be the main character from a popular book series.

The Vampire Stalker takes place in present day Chicago and there is nothing strange about Amy’s life. She goes to school, spends time with her two best friends, and she reads. Amy, though, has fallen for Alexander Banks of the Otherworld series, which revolve around a very different Chicago where vampires exist. Alexander Banks is a vampire hunter in the books’ version of Chicago. Amy writes fan fiction for books and even has an account on a fan site where her name is Mrs.AlexanderBanks8021.

Then one night after a school dance, Amy is attacked. Who comes to her rescue? The very Alexander Banks from the Otherworld series she loves. He is in her Chicago to hunt down the main antagonist from the books, Vigo, a menacing vampire.

The aspect I love most about this story is that Van Dieper brings a literary character into Amy’s world. Unlike many books out there, the leading guy is not a vampire. Instead, he is a vampire hunter. To me that is a nice change of pace from the scores of vampire books out there now after Twilight’s success. In the story Vigo has no seemingly no morals and is therefore not against killing humans for sport. Vigo does not go against the monster he has become.

In the 257 pages of the book, Amy manages to fall in love with Alexander as a person, learn to stand up to bullies, and help kill a vampire. Amy’s infatuation quickly turns from a hardcore crush on a book character to love for the man the character really is. Within a week or so Amy admits to Alexander that she loves him.

In my opinion, Amy confessing her love so early on did not seem realistic. Certainly the “real” Alexander Banks and the book version are similar and therefore it would be easy to know and love the character. However, what about the man himself? I did not feel like there was enough transition between Amy’s feelings for the book version to the “real” version of Alexander.

The story was quick, and I wish that more had been written about Amy learning to love Alexander as a man, rather than a character. I felt like that could have been addressed further in order to show a lesson to readers that reality is so much different than fantasy.

Amy’s relationship with her father could have used more attention as well. Her father is brought in towards the end of the book and then nothing more is said of him. Did he return back to the woman he left Amy’s mother for? Did Amy say goodbye to him?

The Vampire Stalker was nice, quick read. The story is perfect for young adults, mostly girls, who have ever developed a crush on a literary character. Amy is relatable because she is an average girl, but who also becomes more comfortable with herself throughout the story. I think two important points that Van Diepen touched on were that it’s okay to be different, even nerdy, and that you should stand for yourself, like Amy does with the bullies at her school.

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  • Stacy

    Okay for me that’s the best number one book from my twelve year of age the vampire stalker is very addicting once I’m reading it I can’t stop maybe except if my mother says time to got
    To bed or do ur hw.
    The bad part is that this book should have more pages to read or a series of 4-6 books continued by the same characters and the same thing except maybe the author could create another vampire hunter goes to amys world but in reality he s a fake he is a vampire and wanting to kill Alexander in which Amy gets mad to Alexander for him to lie about it so she wouldn’t get hurt however Amy apologizes to him and help him before it’s to late
    By the way this maybe could be an idea for the author but maybe Allison could make it even better if u like it if not oh well sad me
    Srry for the late post I just finish my tons of hw from six different packets from six subjects

  • KJ

    Thanks for commenting!
    That’s an interesting idea about the fake vampire hunter. It would definitely add something to the story.
    I think my problem with the story was that it was too short. The characters needed more development. That would have added more pages and more of a connection between readers and writer/characters. It just felt like something was missing throughout the story.
    Other than that I really did enjoy the book.

  • Stacy

    I do agree with that idea to and that was the problem the story wad too short because in my school every girl (boys r not interested instead they sleep with books) loves the books they are addict to in between switching to class they would at least read four min and at lunch too. Every girl say it would be
    yea the book is the most awesome book out there

  • Stacy

    I probably
    No it is early over there but don’t u agree there should be a second book out??

  • Ashlex

    This was the most awesome and best book. It’s so addictive and so interesting to read. Personally I really love the book even through it was short I would love to read another book of this series. If the author could create a second book. Also, the book should have more pages and chapters to add detail/information about it but other than that this book is very imaginative and suspense. Adventurous too!! 🙂

  • Madstar2

    The ‘Vampire Stalker’ was my favorite book and I don’t think I’m going to find another book like that. I agree that it was short. When I finished it in school I was so mad and I was telling my friend that it was already finished. I didn’t want it to be over because I loved it, I enjoyed it a lot. I also agree that Allison should make a series of 6 books maybe even 7. That was the best book I ever read. It was so good I’m even doing a report on it.

  • verity

    Read the book and it was amazing!! The question on everyones lips though is “Is there going to be a second book?”
    Well i hope so. It ends too soon. Need to know more like will Amy ever got to the otherworld? Will she ever become a vampire? How will Chrissy turn out to be like?
    So many questions and no answers!!
    If anyone knows whether theres going to be a book 2 or not please comment!!!

  • Panelopy

    This book was the best book ever I think that the book should be a lot longer for my liking. The book Vampire Stalker leaves you on a cliff hanger I agree there should be a continuous seris about Amy, Alexzander, James, Hannah, Katie,Lauisa, and Chrissy, that would make a lot if viewers happy! When I first got Vampire Stalker u finished it in two days so much action drama and romance but there should have been tons more that could fill up 400 more pages please Allison Van Diepen make a second book to Vampire Stalker with all the same characters!!!!!!

  • haha

    i loved the book i wish their was another one to read with another guy coming into her wrld

  • haha

    mabe another vampire hunter ideas huuuuh

  • awesomegirl

    What if vigo didnt die and fell in love with amy?
    Dun dun duuuunn!