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Book Review: The Terrorist Legacy by Mr. Pat

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Written by the mysterious Mr Pat, who seems to know his craft rather well, The Terrorist Legacy is a cracking read despite its length. Pages just while away as if you were moving on an ocean — which is apt as the book deals with a rogue ship and a wealthy family that may or not be heading to their doom, an armed mega-yacht with classified nuclear capabilities, and a boat-load of fanatics who want to get their hand on it to use it for ill.

Toss in naive, but goodhearted, millionaire philanthropists with their Foundation for Peace. The reluctance of authorities to bother the family on their cruise adds to tension in the book. No ones wants to upset the apple cart over a “hunch.”

Toss in the ripped-from-the-headlines concerns about Iran’s nuclear abilities and you know this is a Clancy-esque thriller. The pace moves as fast as the blast from a nuclear weapon. It’s gripping stuff that is all to real and possible.

I recommend you seek this book out for a future read . This is yet another example of authors who go around the publisher route, and control their own destiny. If you think that print-on-demand titles are just for the vain, think again.

It’s only rarely you find this kind of pace and attention to detail in such a thriller. It does not just rely on action, but has background, history and setting that truly brings the novel to life.

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