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Book Review: The Tequila Worm by Viola Canales

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My compañeros over at La Bloga had the pleasure of announcing The Tequila Worm winning the Pen Award. It is my pleasure to review it.

I fell instantly in love with this book and with Sofia, the main character. The stories in The Tequila Worm are heart-warming and lovely. There were so many little things that I loved about it, that it's hard to write about just a few without giving away the whole book.

The book is about Sofia, a young girl living in a poor Mexican barrio. She has an amazing family that is rich in tradition, love and wisdom. Her strong community teaches her many things, all designed to make her a comadre, a title of honor within her barrio. Being a comadre is something sacred to aspire to; it is being a woman and more, that spiritual extra that imbues the Mexican/Chicana woman.

Sofia has many role models and wonderful people to teach her the important things she needs to know on her road to becoming a comadre. I fell in love with the storyteller Clara and her bag. The tradition of storytellers is one that is so precious and necessary in our culture that it was a deep pleasure to see how important it was in this book.

Sofia struggles as many of us do with fitting in, wanting more, leaving the barrio and going against the traditions that mean so much but, because we live here in these times, we often need more. I was touched by how she fought for what she wanted, needed but cared so much about how those wants and needs would affect those around her.

This is a tremendous book and so much more than just stories about a girl who lives in a barrio. These are life lessons and one of those books that will make it to my long list of favorites that I read again and again.

I'm thankful I read it and so thankful to those publishers that take the gamble, publish something that isn't the typical and in doing so enrich the world with books like these that benefit us all and teach us that we are all not so different.

The Tequila Worm is Viola Canales first book and has also won the Pura Belpre Award. Keep writing Ms. Canales, we need you.

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  • jose

    It’s so boring but I have to read it to pass my semester lame ass book

  • Bieber babby

    This book can kiss my ass. Im doing a book report on it right now.. why are there no chapter summaries for it online? Kill.

  • chastiy

    this is a ok book i have to read it for a south project:-/

  • Jose

    You guys have envy

  • gman48

    this is the worst book in history of books. i feel sorry for who ever has to read it

  • Duck3

    this was the worst book evr. i absolutely hated the whole thing.

  • Mi-Mi

    I give this book a 5 on a 1-10 scale.

  • Mi-Mi

    It was an all right book but, at times it seemed to have bored me.

  • Lil Monkey

    I hate it but i have to read it



  • china doll

    OMG!!!!!! dis book looks soooo boring and i hve to read it to get a grade


    this book is shit



  • Vanessa Monroe

    this a boring ass ugly ass gay ass weird ass book and i didnt like it

  • Sasha

    this is a bitch asss book

  • cant wait to read the book it looks sexy!