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Book review: The Sustainable Table: Take Back Your Plate by Tracey Allen

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If you’re interested in learning to simplify and save, The Sustainable Table is a book you need to read. Years ago, there were no huge grocery stores to shop at. When our ancestors shopped for things, it was for the special extras that they could not grow or provide for themselves. It was for things like coffee, tea, oranges or chocolate. For the most part, people grew gardens, went berry picking, stopped at their favorite fishing spot, etc. to provide much of their families food. They never would have imagined some of the items we bring home from the store would even exist.

The Sustainable Table: Take Back Your Plate was written to give people a place to start in their journey to simplify their lives. The author offers suggestions of ways to save money while still being aware of the environment and the impact of your choices. Through the suggestions in this book, you will learn to step back from the overly processed foods and learn ways to serve your family foods that are healthier. The author begins by explaining the principles behind her book and the choices she recommends.

While the book is about the foods we eat, it’s also about simplifying our lives and reducing clutter in our kitchen. Have you paid attention to how much food we waste in this country? She will also give you suggestions on how to set up your kitchen and eliminate things you do not need. For those that are concerned about their budget, there is a section in The Sustainable Table that shows you how you can feed your family for $50 a week. For those with allergies, the author notes gluten free and dairy free alternatives when possible in the recipes included.

The Sustainable Table is a great starting point for those looking to save time and money in the kitchen without sacrificing their health. I love that she includes suggestions that would work for anyone including things like gardening, wild crafting, eating in season, and cooking from scratch. You don’t need any special tools or equipment for the most part. You can start anywhere in the book you like and do the suggestions that most appeal to you. Or, you can begin at the beginning and adopt all of her suggestions as you read along. Either way, this is definitely a valuable resource if you want to take back your plate. As an added bonus, there are tons of links included to websites for more information to continue your learning.

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