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Book Review: The Spirit’s Self-Help Book – 7 Spirits, 7 Stories, 7 Songs for the Gypsy by Glenn Poveromo

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The Spirit's Self-Help Book is a compilation of spiritual messages that the author has received and has been compelled to publish.  In the Prologue, Glenn Poveromo indicates that seven spirits of the universe have contacted him and asked him to share their insights with the readers. He also states that this book is not a work of fiction; it is an actual communication with spirits.

Poveromo does not claim to be an expert on the spirit world or the universe. He reports that he is merely the scribe for the stories these spirits have shared with him.

Among these spirits is "The Angel of Zarton," who tells us to “listen carefully to those who teach, but do not judge them” and “…be careful not to condemn another whose message is in opposition to your personal beliefs.” He tells us that we create ourselves every moment of every day.  I found this story especially meanful as I have been struggling mightily with a colleague at work.  In this message I learned that I have been as guilty as the other party.  Heretofore, I thought I was the injured party.  Not so, according to Zarton.

Anisha says that “A soul mate is someone who touches your soul, who understands your energy; whose energy you understand as well.” A soul mate helps you on your journey when you are both going in the same direction, then leaves you when your paths diverge. A person has many, many soul mates throughout life.

Ihon is an angel and a human. He describes that when you comfort someone, you are acting as an angel through the force of energy of love. Every one can tap into his or her “intuition” to connect with the angels and the spirit world. Listen to your spirit and trust what you hear. Acts of kindness, understanding and compassion are divine.

I read The Spirit’s Self-Help Book – 7 Spirits, 7 Stories, 7 Songs for the Gypsy in pieces. I had to read one spirit’s story, then put the book down to think about it. On one hand, the spirits’ messages were simple. On the other hand, I wondered why I sometimes struggle with these simple concepts. I believe that this is exactly the purpose of this book: to make you mindful of the path on which you are traveling and the choices you are making.

Poveromo’s Power of Visualization website offers to send inspirational messages to you on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I signed up and here are two examples of “Glennisms:”

Simple Thoughts About Life & Living

Wealth can be perceived in many ways. To me, the wealthiest of people are those who feel peace in their soul, an excitement and passion for being alive, and who know and understand love in their heart.


The less time you choose to spend with thoughts that make you feel anxious and uncomfortable, the more time you’ll have to spend with peaceful and positive thoughts…simple stuff!

Wishing you Peace, Love, & A Smile in your Heart!

While The Spirit’s Self-Help Book may sound simple and the “Glennisms” may sound corny, the messages are all positive and refreshing. This is truly a unique self-help book.

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