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Book Review: ‘The Sparkle Egg’ by Jill Hardie

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sparkle_eggMost children’s books carry a message for children. A new book by Jill Hardie, The Sparkle Egg, carries a message for both children and adults. The message is about forgiving yourself for making mistakes and opening yourself up to receiving forgiveness from God.

The story is about a boy named Sam. He gets some bad news at school one afternoon about a test he took.  When he gets home and sees his mother coloring eggs for the Easter holiday, his mother asks him how his test score was and he lies and tells her he got a gold star.

His parents learn the truth while attending an open house at Sam’s school. While his parents forgive him for his lie, Sam continues to worry about lying and feels guilty about letting his parents down.

His mother helps by introducing Sam to the sparkle egg. She uses the egg to teach Sam how to forgive himself and accept forgiveness from God.

Noteworthy Features of The Sparkle Egg

Christine Kornacki, known for illustrating the American Girl series of books, beautifully illustrates the book. The story is meaningful to children, adults and anyone who struggles with forgiving themselves for acts they may feel guilty about committing.

This book along with Hardie’s first book, The Sparkle Box, are both great reads, and are sure to become family favorites. Reading the books may become a family tradition along with creating sparkle boxes and sparkle eggs.

I highly recommend both of these books. Hardie’s writing style is easy to read and carries strong messages for young and old alike.

About the Author

This is Haride’s second book. Her first, The Sparkle Box, was based on a family tradition that helped bring more meaning for the Christmas holiday to her family. She is a copywriter and co-owns a marketing firm with her husband in North Canton, OH.

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