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Book Review: The Smart Consumer’s Guide to Good Credit:How to Earn Good Credit in a Bad Economy by John Ulzheimer

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John Ulzheimer’s The Smart Consumer’s Guide to Good Credit is an important resource for our tough financial times. Many people are getting further and further into debt daily. People seem to owe more than they ever did in history. And sooner or later all of us will have to take steps to get out of debt and pay our creditors off.

Ulzheimer discusses how we can ensure that we earn good credit in an economy that seems to be getting worse by the day. He discusses many aspects of borrowing money, especially how to ensure that our credit scores are good enough so that we can be approved when we apply for another loan.

For Ulzheimer, credit is a privilege and not a right. No credit company believes that we deserve anything. Banks and credit companies are not our friends. They are in the business to make money and they will only loan us money if we are not a liability to them.

A few things that Ulzheimer brought up in his book surprised me. First, he said that credit reporting errors are possible. To avoid such errors, we must check our credit scores quite frequently and make sure everything is correct. Second, Ulzheimer argued that settlements can ruin our credit scores. So, even though many credit companies offer settlements, it is best for us not to fall for them.

There’s nothing worse for our financial security than having bad credit scores. Yet, sometimes we don’t even know what our credit scores are until our loan application is rejected by a bank. Ulzheimer dispels all the myths of credit in his wonderfully informative book. There is no longer any excuse for us to be uninformed about our credit scores after reading Ulzheimer’s book.

I love The Smart Consumer’s Guide to Good Credit from beginning to end. Ulzheimer provides an honest and frank discussion about credit which I totally appreciate. I feel a lot less naïve about credit now. Ulzheimer’s book will always be an important resource for me on my bookshelves. And I know it will be for all readers as well. We can all be smart consumers after reading Ulzheimer’s book.

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