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Book Review: The Secret of Sacred Scarab by Fiona Ingram

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The Secret of Sacred Scarab is a children’s adverture novel like no other that I have ever read. Fiona Ingram does a superb job at captivating the young reader’s attention and to keep it spellbound until the very end.

The story starts when Justin and Adam have a dream. They dream that they go on an adventuresome Egyptian vacation. Much to their amazement, their adventure does come to be. While they are on holidays, a scarab is placed in one of Adam’s pockets. Justin and Adam can’t believe the coincidence of this occurrence. They even toy with the idea that they are being followed.

As the boys continue to discover the owner of the scarab, the reader will be taken on a vacation of his own. The reader will be informed about some of the chief monuments in Egypt. Fiona also does a great job in describing many historical facts about Egypt which is so much a part of the uniqueness in this wonderful tale for kids.

The Secret of Sacred Scarab also has a lot of educational potential for teachers in the classroom. It can help to open up a lot of much needed discussion about Egypt and its very rich history and landscape. So, it would relevant in History and Geography classes.

I loved the book from beginning to end and so did my nephew and niece. The book has a unique mix of entertainment and educational value. I think it’s a book that parents should have available for kids of all ages.


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