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Book Review: The Sacred Sin by Estevan Vega

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If you like horror, psychological terror and suspense, The Sacred Sin is the perfect read for you. Centering on L.A. homicide detective Jude Foster, who just happened to be taken in by a priest, at the age of 17, after losing his parents at a young age and fleeing from the cops – sure that they were his ticket back to juvi. The Sacred Sin is like a never ending tunnel ride of twists and turns. The reader is gripped within the story’s dark clutches, from the first word until the very last.

Jude is a dark and mysterious, almost tortured character. The author, Estevan Vega, has created a perfect leading character in Jude, as well as an excellent supporting character in Rachel Cragin, who has reluctantly returned to Los Angeles to help in the case of a sinister serial murderer.

Jude does not take kindly to his newest partner, Rachel, after losing his previous partner, Morgan Cross, who was like a brother to him. However, Jude doesn’t have a choice and together, he and Rachel must try to solve a crime spree that leaves its victims dead and with an imprint of a cross carved within them (seeming being carved from the inside out). Behind him, the killer leaves a note — phrases from the Bible with certain letters that are highlighted in blood.

There is an evil and sinister force that is out there, killing, taking souls and it all seems to revolve around Jude. But what part does he play in the entire scheme of things? Is there a dark monster lurking within him, waiting to come out and if so, can he stop it before it is too late?

The Sacred Sin is not a story for the squeamish or easily scared or offended. This is a story that takes the reader to the depths of hell and evil — leaving no question about good and villainous. Vega does a great job of composing his story and bringing the reader into a world of darkness and sinister evil. As I read, I was brought to mind of the writings of Stephen King, Wes Craven, early Dean R. Koontz, as well as Bentley Little. Vega shows great promise in becoming a lasting novelist and writer of the horror genre.

I greatly enjoyed The Sacred Sin and was woven tight within it tale. There were a few mechanical errors throughout, but not nearly enough to detract from the writing and story itself. I feel that lovers of the genres of horror/supernatural/suspense and thriller will get a charge out of The Sacred Sin and be yearning for more from Vega. I, for one, cannot wait to see what the future holds for this young talent.

As a side note, I do want to mention the cover artwork. It is fantastic and really represents the story within. Gazing upon the eyes, you are dragged into their reaches – a glimpse into a tortured soul.

* Overall rating 4/5

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About April Pohren

  • Thank you April for introducing me to Estevan. The first line alone of his book captures you. I too am delight to see what will life bring this talented writer. I am sure the sky is the limit.
    Jo Ann Hernandez

  • Hi Jo Ann! It is very exciting to read such talent. I hope you get a chance to read The Sacred Sin soon!