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Book Review: The Roswell Legacy – The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site by Jesse Marcel, Jr. and Linda Marcel

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Do extraterrestrials exist? Are there otherworldly visiting earth now? Do we have alien craft invading our airspace?

These questions have been around since the 1940s. According to author Jesse Marcel, Jr. the answer is yes. In his book, The Roswell Legacy – The Untold Story of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site, he documents the events leading up to and after the alleged crash of a spacecraft found by a ranch hand near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. There has been an ocean of speculation of what actually crashed on the ranch back then, but one thing still remains constant: The U.S. Government to this day claims the recovered debris from the crash site are either from a weather balloon or a top-secret device for detecting pressure waves from a nuclear blast in the Soviet Union. In either case according to Marcel, the debris from the wreckage do not match the materials from either a weather balloon or pressure detector would have been made of.

When he was eleven, Jesse’s life took a turn down the road to strangeness. One summer night his father Major Jesse Marcel, Sr., excited, brought in a box of debris, and scattered them on the kitchen-floor, claiming a flying saucer had crashed 75 miles northwest of Roswell. That night Jesse Jr. had the privilege of handling and inspecting the pieces of something that would forever change his life.

Major Marcel is an officer in the Army Air Force, successfully trained in radar, worked as an S-2 Intelligence Officer assigned to the 509th Composite Bomb Group in Nevada. He briefed and supplied intelligence to the flight crews before the missions to drop the atom bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. To say the least Major Marcel had the credentials to identify whether or not the wreckage was a balloon or part of a secrete piece of equipment.

According to Jesse Jr. the superior officers of Major Marcel forced him to pose for pictures with a radar target, which had some resemblance to the actual wreckage but was not the actual debris.

The Roswell Legacy is a great fast read and will keep the reader hooked from the first page to the end, especially if they have an interest in UFO’s and government cover-ups. One thing for certain is Major Marcel knew what he saw and thought it came from somewhere else other than Earth.

I am convinced there is something that happened near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and the government did cover it up. Even if nothing happened there the City of Roswell has benefited from the story for over 60 years in the tourist industry. If you visit there today you can’t go anywhere without bumping into some sort of alien paraphernalia. I visited Roswell last year and had a blast. If you are planning a trip there pick up this book for a great companion and who knows who or what you might find.

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  • I read “The Roswell Legacy” book and your are right. Another great read and very informative book on the subject is “Witness To Roswell” Carey & Schmitt. They interviewed hundreds of Roswell witnesses. They also found out some Military Officers who were stationed there at the time had made death bed confession.
    They were able to document by tape how eleven different families were told by their dieing loved ones. It was a “spaceship” and had “bodies of little people with big heads”

    When you get into the details of this crash how ranchers knew Sheep will eat “weather balloon” but it would kill them… they didn’t touch that stuff and Mack would know so it couldn’t have been a weather balloon…. To how Military Officers report again and again confronting a bazaar material even Morgue scenes with Tents and bodies (no official Morgue on the base) you become amazed how the American people believed the line it was “A weather balloon so easily a balloon that had fooled the nose of sheep and had fooled top Intelligence Officers who guarded the Atomic Bomb?” It boggles the mind.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
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  • fred

    I though this book was poorly written and documented.

    1. What about Bessie Brazel? She saw the wreckage first hand too and reported it as a crashed weather balloon (of which others had previously crashed on the Brazel farm). She also described the printed symbols on the crash debris that Jess believes to be from another world.

    2. If the crash was so significant as reported why wasnt there anything on radar reported? Or sighted by others such as fire balls, etc.? Also in your own words the material was indestructible which begs the questions – well then how and why could something like that crash and break up? Does not add up.

    3. On one hand your father could not reveal top secret programs to your family but on the other hand could reveal something much more signifcant – a crashed saucer from another world? Is’nt this contradictory?

    4. Surely if your father was close to you as you suggest he would have told you more about what he knew – what he saw and heard concerning this event – but nothing more is reported in your book. Why?

    5. Is there the possiblity that this is a cover up of something totally unrelated to what we are being led to believe it is? Could it be your family was used in this regard to dissiminate disinformation?

    6. You selectively list sources in your book to back up what you say and leave out what does not support your thesis. For example – Mac Brazel reportedly hearing a large explosion – but leaving out Bessie Brazel’s testimony. Suspect.

    7. The debris you mention in your book as “possibly from another world” by your own account is: plastic, foil, and metal beams. Hardly the stuff a saucer from “another world” would be constructed of AND very similar to what the MOGUL devices were constructed of. Bessie even describes tape and basal wood being among the wrekage as does Mac Brazel. Why did you leave this information out of your book and how do you explain their accounts?

    8. You talk about the possiblity of being threatened in your book. However the fact is that your book indicates you have never been threatened. Could it be that you are not a threat? After all seeing foil, plastic and tiny metal I-beams is not very significant is it?

    9. How do you jump to the conclusion that this material, which could also have easily been constructed here on earth is 100% from a flying disc or craft from another world. I don’t see the connection. Please advise.

    These are just a few of my limited observations. If anyone can shed more light on this Id be very appreciative.

    Best Regards to All.

  • chris

    How do you know “fred” what a saucer should be made out of? We can speculate all we want to, but the cold hard facts are that 1. the government covers up a lot of things we as Americans would probably be disgusted over. 2. millions of people all over the world claim they have seen UFO’s. How can you speculate that? Do you think all of these people are nuts, or saw something that was a plane? When it comes right down to it my friend, we will never know. Thats because the government doesnt want us to know, and therefore believers, and non believers alone are left with books like this, and or their own personal experiences to express this belief. How unbelieveable is it to think that there is life out there we dont understand? We live in such a minute part of the universe, surrounded by millions if not billions of other galaxies, that are bigger than ours. No one can prove the existance of aliens, but no one can dissprove that theory either.

  • AmA7oRiii

    Isn’t this book written through the eyes Jesse Marcel? There are a lot of things that we dont know about Roswell.

    1. Witnesses are getting of age, afraid to speak up. They die, and that takes all the secrets with them.

    2. The USAF still denies what really happened at Roswell. Why? I’m not sure. The only reasons why is a). What would the people believe in anymore? Creatures that can do things god can do. b). People would blame the military for not having control over our own skies. c). More people would assume them to have a Hostile intent. d). These people whom have access to this information claim that it is a National Security Risk, which that is another excuse by our military.

    Take a look at it this way. The Universe is like an infinite traffic zone. Everything goes, and much of it is yet to be explored, not only by us but by hundreds of thousands of intelligent/advanced civilizations if maybe more. If one makes a discovery and finds us (Earth) don’t you think others would be interested in studying us also? A universal history.