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Book Review: The Reality and Spirituality of Life in the Universe by Marshall Vian Summers

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The Reality and Spirituality of Life in the Universe by Summers discusses the birth and death of civilizations in a constantly evolving cosmos. The contents describe vast universes of intelligent life.

Summers believes that foreign races cannot sustain themselves for any length of time since they can’t replicate our DNA or combat viral and bacterial organisms on the Earth. In addition, the author believes that the spatial bounds are too big to traverse.

Summers postulates that a civilization seeking a greater sphere of influence would need more resources to explore the spatial peripheries. And so, the limits of the stars cannot provide an escape from life as we know it on Earth.

Summers believes that any civilization seeking the acquisition of greater technologies would sacrifice basic freedoms in the existential domain. In addition, Summers believes that great mechanization begets humans who will acclimate to it and become machine-like themselves. In addition, life forms in deep space might have seers on the defensive parameters to do surveillance and thwart our attempts at exploring their exclusive domains.

Summers believes that freedom is not a right in the universe. Instead, it is limited by a pre-existing resource base like on Earth or other planets; such as Saturn. The author believes that knowledge is everywhere in the universe. As such, there is a presence wherever intelligent life exists.

Summers believes that humanity is limited by resource depletion, although there appear to be ample gas resources on the rings of Saturn and water on Europa. For instance, Europa may have oceans as deep as 30 or more miles.

There are storms on Saturn with lightening 10,000 times the power of our Earth. Herein lies an almost unlimited energy source if it could be harnessed and well controlled. And so, the assumptions Summers makes are not necessarily valid. The existing resources in space must be identified, harnessed and controlled before humans could benefit in any way that is commercially feasible given the present technologies.

Summers believes that life in the universe is a timeless reality, although he offers no proof to test this hypothesis. Elemental life may exist in places like Europa and tremendous resources may exist like Saturn’s lightening.

There are models to articulate the limits and boundaries of science. For instance, Leonardo Da Vinci imagined self propelled cars, the helicopter design, flying machines and scuba diving gear a half millenia ago.

Moving fast forward 500 years, it is not out of the realm of possibility to imagine inventions powered by fusion and teletransport instrumentalities to reach the ends of the universe. Basically, history has shown that any idea that can be imagined can be reduced to commercialization at some future point in time.

The Reality and Spirituality of Life in the Universe by Summers provides interesting assumptions about life on Earth and the vast universes of intelligent life that must exist. Only the passing of time and scientific experimentation can confirm the beliefs Summers has about intelligent life forms, universal knowledge and the evolution of the cosmos.

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  • Dr Dreadful

    it is easier to retreat into science which has become a cult-like belief structure of it’s own.

    How so?

    The mind is like a parachute: it has to be open to fully work.

    True. But as James Oberg once remarked, although keeping an open mind is a good thing, one should not keep it so open that one’s brain falls out.

  • Mark B

    I agree with Dan. It doesn’t seem like you read or honestly considered the entire book and instead focused on the scientifically verifiable aspects.

    What about the existential threat to human sovereignty or the threats in the mental environment that the book raises?

    What about the amazing resolution between Darwinism and Intelligent design postulated in the book?

    I could go on and on about the many very serious ideas presented in the book that need urgent consideration and action. However, it takes courage to look at these issues and it is easier to retreat into science which has become a cult-like belief structure of it’s own.

    The mind is like a parachute: it has to be open to fully work. I suggest you pull your rip cord.

  • Dan

    Dr. Maresca, you review a lot of books. How do you read so many? One a day, it seems… The point you are completely overlooking here is that the Earth and its occupants are in jeopardy right now – so much so that there may be less than 10 years to address the two great thresholds we find ourselves at. Forget about 500 years to develop advanced energy technology. Why travel to other planets to harness lightning? That seems rather ridiculous. We have plenty of it here that no one is doing anything with. Energy is not the only resource that matters. In the Greater Community, biology is one of the most important resources and the most scarce, even more than energy. Stability is a pre-requisite to the kind of development you speak of us reaching in centuries from now. Humanity’s lifespan will be numbered in decades if we can’t move beyond our infinite growth fantasies and accept the need for stability. This is the real message of Life in the Universe.

  • Ladyj

    I am assuming that if the energy and water could be harnessed from other planets in our solar system,it would be getting done already. The Aliens are not here for those resources. They are here for other resources. There may be the opportunity in the future to harness this water and energy, but in reality Humanity is a very long way from having the ability to do this.

    Life in the Universe gives us who have read it, the ability to view a different perspective on our previous assumptions of it.

    The Revelation of the New Message to Humanity is a complete Message.(9200 pages)

    Marshall is a conduit who brings the New Revelation to Humanity. It is a Revelation that encompasses not only the Human Race but the Universe.

    At the core of the Revelation is this message.

    Knowledge within is the most powerful force in the Universe. It is within you! It is within each being in the Universe.

    Here is a link to all of the Message, and free books,including Life in the Universe, and Inner Step’s to Knowledge.

    Read and see for yourself.

    The New Message is here to Unite Humanity, to prepare Humanity and to warn Humanity. It is here to move Humanity forward in our evolution so that we can take ownership of Planet Earth, and to be better stewards of our only Home. It is here to assist the Human Race to a more mature level, so that we have the ability to deal with different races from the Universe.

    For we have been found. They the other Universal races have come to our shore’s. The Human Family is unprepared. Hence the Revelation.

  • Maureen

    And when is the last time you visited Europa and Saturn? That’s a long way to go for a drink of water. And, I don’t see anyone jumping on the “let’s harness the lightning” bandwagon on this planet. Seriously. I don’t think we have 500 years to figure this out. Action is needed now. I’ve read this book, and I think what he says makes a lot of sense. I’d rather work on what’s possible right now to deal with this global crisis than to bank on potential possibilities that may never be realized.