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Book Review: The Progression Tree: Codependency: A Family Disease by Wanda McGuire, MA

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Wanda McGuire’s The Progression Tree:  Codependency: A Family Disease is a thought-provoking book about co-dependency. There are many dysfunctional families around. In fact, most families are dysfunctional in some way. And families pass this disease onto their kids all too frequently.

McGuire shows how we can all take steps to overcome codependency. We could take a new direction in our life and make it prosperous and healthy, even after much suffering. McGuire’s book provides a hands-on approach which will help the reader determine how (s)he became co-dependent in the first place, and how to overcome the disease, once and for all, so that she doesn’t pass it on to the next generation of kids.

In many cases, perhaps most cases, a codependent will need a counsellor or support group to get to the bottom of his/her codependency. McGuire’s book will also help the reader determine what types of habitual behaviours are really causing their codependency. McGuire even has a few questions for reflection at the end of each chapter for the reader to ponder and answer in his/her journal.

McGuire is a living example of someone who has struggled with codependency much of her life because of her addictive family of origin, and overcame it through perseverance, education, and a lot of hard work. She carried the same learned dysfunctional behaviours into her own life and marriage. These experiences helped her to begin a lifelong education into addictions and co dependencies. She even gained more wisdom as she was married to an alcoholic for twenty four years.

McGuire’s book should be read by everyone who has experienced any addictive behaviors in his/her family of origin. McGuire believes that we don’t have to repeat the addictions of our family of origin. We can overcome our co-dependent self and free ourselves from its shackles once and for all. McGuire’s book will help readers achieve this.

I loved  The Progression Tree. I just couldn’t put it down. I plan to read and re-read it many times. It will have a place on my permanent book shelf. Thank you Wanda for such a wonderful book!

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