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Book Review: ‘The Presidents Club’ by FCEtier

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I’ve always been leary of sequels, having been burned a few times. After reading last year’s The Tourist Killer by FCEtier, I had high hopes for a follow-up, but at the same time worried it wThePresidentsClubFinal-SMLouldn’t measure up to the original in feel, emotional texture or style…

This installment happily matches my anticipation!

FCEtier pursues yet another conspiracy in The Presidents Club. I was beginning to suspect that Etier is an avid fan of conspiracy theories, although he doesn’t seem to take any of them very seriously. In this latest entry of the “Barry-Hixon Conspiracy Series,” Etier further develops characters introduced in The Tourist Killer, as the elderly men who visit the Louisville Tavern and find their lives endangered. Billionaire Jay Thibaut enlists ex-FBI agent John Hixon to protect the men and neutralize the danger.

One of the most fascinating things in The Presidents Club is a national crisis that is treated coincidentally as Hixon and associates deal with a triple assassination and strive to protect the watering hole’s patrons and their favorite bartender. Etier provides rich and needed details about the characters, allowing us to better understand them, their relationship, and their actions. Also intriguing are the elderly men themselves, their histories, and their opinions. Although they are, at times, catty, insulting, and sly, they seem like people we’d want to know (Hey, Louie, bring me a beer.) Etier has captured real conversations as the characters’ comments overlap, entertain, and yes zing each other.

I’m hoping that they will appear in future novels in future sequels.

One of the delicious flavors of The Tourist Killer is that no one is safe, making you care for those that survive instead of considering everyone a “throw away” character. With that in mind, some may be disappointed at the loss of some of that book’s central and supporting characters, but Etier provides enough excitement to carry us through to the very end. The Presidents Club is filled with enough assignations, assassinations, double- and triple-crosses, and dirty political maneuvering to keep its readers riveted. Like its predecessor, it features a female character whose ethics are questionable, but who isn’t afraid to act on her beliefs. It is a quick, enjoyable read and a terrific break from the mini-dramas of our daily lives.

One of theorists’ favorite topics, the Kennedy assassination, “celebrates” its fiftieth anniversary this year (what were you doing when Kennedy was assassinated?) and Etier gives a brief tip of the hat to that dreadful moment in history, as well as to some of the theories that have been circulated.

The Presidents Club is currently available as an e-book, and will soon be available in paperback. Its timely release coincides with both the JFK assassination and the holidays, and it makes enjoyable reading for both conspiracy theorists and those who just like a good story… like me.

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  • marthaorlando

    Fantastic review!

    • Thanks, it’s a very good book and was a struggle not to go overboard with praise for it!

  • righthandman

    With a few more glowing reviews like yours, Etier’s appeal will be vast indeed. Great summary of what the book (and the author)
    are all about. I am fortunate to know him personally, serving as his videographer and an additional editor to help promote his works. I had to smile though at your ironic typo of leary (correct word of course is leery) in the first sentence. Mostly because Etier is so conversant about the 1960s, when counterculture icon Timothy Leary was headline news, that he probably smiled at that. “Turn on, tune in and drop out” has nothing on our author who is always challenging the status quo in his writing. Perhaps fitting in a quick Internet search of notable Leary quotes is “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition”. Sounds like he would have saluted a Claudia Barry 50 years later 🙂

  • Perhaps we could classify it more of a pun than a typo?

  • Teresa Cypher

    Wonderful review. Very thorough, and you did a great job of fleshing out what resonated with you. I already have this book on my TBR, but if I didn’t, I’d definitely be adding it after reading this. 🙂 Thanks! I’ll be looking for more of your reviews.

  • JacobEich

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