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Book Review: The Politics Guy Campaign Tips by Vic Berardelli

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Vic Berardelli is The Politics Guy and this book is clearly titled “How to Win a Local Election.” This is a basic primer on what it takes to get elected for down-ticket offices in the US. Chapters are brief, usually under a page of content, but complete. Then again when you are running for office you should be able to congeal any idea or position to less than 200 words, so it is all very apt. It is a good idea for a candidate to read this book several times during a campaign at regular intervals. It might be simply said, but the message isn’t always that simple.

It should also serve as a warning to those who believe running for “local” office is an easy undertaking. Running for any office is a task; it is merely the scale that is truly different. A well financed campaign will no doubt hire a consultant who will charge huge amounts to tell you the same things that can be found in this book. Their language might be more flowery, but the message is the same.

If you have ever thought of running for office or are doing so right now the book is worth a read. The price of admission might seem a tad steep, but as a quick handy reference guide it pays out in droves.

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