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Book Review: The Path of Energy: Awaken Personal Power and Expand Consciousness by Synthia Andrews

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A major theme of Synthia Andrews’ The Path of Energy: Awaken Personal Power and Expand Consciousness is the changing of life itself by shifting energy patterns through a series of meditations. Essentially, energy and matter are the same except for changes in the rate of vibration. Matter itself is held by energy. The energy template is the aura and the human template is each person’s karma record. If this is true, the Biblical Judgment Day should be easy to administer. Our templates are accessed via awareness.

Blood responds to energy directed by the mind. We are the sum total of our choices. Meditation quiets the mind so that visualization can take place. Various meditations are described by the book. For instance, the Pillar of Light meditation is designed to activate boundaries of the aura.

The Earth and Sky meditation promotes wellness and may have applications in health care delivery although the book does not cite the application as having a medicinal treatment value per se.  Similarly, the Circle of Life meditation balances energy and improves immunity.   Indeed, some of these meditations may be helpful in preparing parties conducting complex negotiations in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The author sets forth a Pyramid Purification cleansing formula consisting of  inner congruence,  self acceptance, inner peace, and removing obstacles to health.

Consciousness is a function of experience, awareness, intellect, a higher order, and the directing principles of the Universe. Memories are encoded in patterns of nerve impulses which criss-cross the brain.  In fact, renowned neurosurgeon Karl H. Pribram believes that the brain is a massive hologram. Again, these facts may indicate that memory itself may be accessible even after death. The implications are quite astounding.

There is a fascinating discussion of the Layers of Aura. These layers consist of:

  • Etheric or physical aura 2 inches above the body
  • Emotional aura about 3 inches from the body
  • Mental aura about 8 inches from the body
  • Astral aura which is 1 foot from the body
  • Etheric Temple about 2 feet from the body
  • Celestial aura which is 2 1/2 feet from the body   i.e. spiritual knowledge
  • The Ketheric aura about 3 feet from the body

These auras may be accessed by tapping into different frequencies. There is an extensive Table of Chakras which contains the universal characteristic, colors, musical note chords, endocrine associations, motivations and themes.

Andrews provides a daily energy clearing exercise and Energy De-toxification. Lucid dreams allow travel to other realms or domains like the end of the universe. What lies at the end of the universe?  Perhaps, anti-matter lies there or the boundary is held together by intersecting universes and boundary planes/points. The end of the universe may be a winding down of energy or matter into an extensive domain of pure nothingness.

There are many bibliographic resources for this book including:

  • New Page Books
  • The Body Electric
  • Saved By the Light
  • Brain States

The Path of Energy is challenging and engaging. There is brand new material in here for the general public, academicians and an extensive group of professionals throughout the global community. The implications of the various meditations could extend into many areas of our lives including negotiations, health/wellness, learning itself, perception and even futuristic predictions.

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