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Book Review: ‘The OWL Who Couldn’t WHOO’ by LeeAnna Kail

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The Owl who cover

Ollie is known for one thing in his village: he is the only owl who cannot “WHOO.” The other owls tease him for saying “WHEERE!” or “WHEEN!” or “WHYY!” and sometimes “WHAAT!”

All Ollie wants is to fit in, but when his little sister gets lost in the woods, Ollie discovers he can help.

While providing insightful perspectives on diversity, The OWL Who Couldn’t WHOO offers educators, libraries, parents and young readers a fresh new look on anti-bullying and self-confidence.

Amy Rottinger’s illustrations are playful and sweet. They help kids, especially those who are learning to read, to see the story vividly.

Young readers will relate to the fear Ollie feels when his sister is missing and will understand the importance of family and having a support network.

Children will also be opened to the understanding you don’t need to do things to fit in. We don’t need to change who we are or do things to make people like us. Instead, Ollie teaches children we each have something different to offer those around us be it a talent or new way to do something.

The Owl Who Couldn’t Whoo is both entertaining and educational.

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  • Awww this seems like a lovely book for the kids! 🙂 I’ll definitely give it a try with my nieces!