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Book Review: The Other Side of Suffering: The Father of JonBenét Ramsey Tells the Story of His Journey by John Ramsey with Marie Chapian

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In the book The Other Side of Suffering John Ramsey shares his untold faith story, a journey from grief to grace. Years ago I read with interest Lawrence Schiller’s book Perfect Murder, Perfect Town subtitled “The Uncensored Story of the JonBenét Murder and the Grand Jury’s Search for the Final Truth,” as well as John and Patsy Ramsey’s story, The Death of Innocence: Precious Moments Seasons of Faith. The media coverage of the Ramsey’s tragedy and the malicious accusations of this irresponsible journalism have instilled in me a lingering empathy for John and Patsy’s Ramsey and their unforgettable story.

Ramsey reiterates a summary of details surrounding death of six-year-old JonBenét by murder on Christmas of 1996. He tells of the impact on the family as a result of the years of media speculation. He openly speaks of the emotions experienced while trying to prove their innocence, while going through the anguish and trauma of grief. He describes the new DNA technology which has cleared all family members of any involvement in the death of JonBenét.

This is the story of John Ramsey’s spiritual journey. He tells of lessons learned: the power of intercessory prayer, the importance of practicing spiritual disciplines. He expresses how he and Patsy worked through the seven stages of grief after JonBenét’s death. He tells of the recurrence of Patsy’s ovarian cancer and of how she courageously battled the disease for two years until her death in 2006.

Ramsey weaves the story of his service through Youth With a Mission (YWAM) a Christian discipleship training organization. John spent three months in India assisting local pastors’ work in small villages. He candidly speaks of the suffering of this densely inhabited country.

Award-winning author Marie Chapian collaborated in the writing of this book. She has captured the spiritual depth and sensitivity of John Ramsey’s spiritual journey. She combines a balance of reporting and transcendence in relating John’s story. The underlying message of The Other Side of Suffering is that “the best days of life are ahead…”

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  • carol putney

    I would love to discuss this case.I have followed this case from beginning and read every article, book, every tv interview, etc. I do believe the Ramsey’s are involved, but not the boy, not Burke anyway.I have studied Santa,housekeepers husband,Fleet,Helgoth,photographer,etc.,but kept coming back to Ramsey’s.

  • jay

    I have a degree in criminology, so I am not just guessing at this case. I truly have put all the evidence together and have discovered who Jonbenette’s killer is. In fact, He is not even a smart criminal, so I am amazed the police didn’t catch him right away. The Killer had three very important reasons for putting his plan into operation, and I guarentee it had nothing to do with the young Ramsey boy. If you would like to discuss it , let me know. jtennis@mail.com

    • Well, there certainly was no intruder in the house that night, so “I am amazed the police didn’t catch him right away” (to use your words) as well. But I’m confounded by your “guarentee” [sic]. Occam’s Razor points to Burke Ramsey.
      If you’d like to discuss this, join in at websleuths.com on the JonBenet forum