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Book Review: The Organic God by Margaret Feinberg

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I wasn’t initially sure what to expect from a book entitled The Organic God. I envisioned the author chastising me about eating non-organic foods or some such nonsense. However, after reading just a few pages of this book, I was drawn in.

The book isn’t about organic living, but about developing an “organic” relationship with God. We, as a society, are very focused on adding things to God – rules, regulations and expectations. In The Organic God, Margaret Feinberg lays it all out and expresses our need to clear away the clutter and pollutants to see God for who He truly is.

The character of God portrayed in scripture is far from what many of us see today. In each chapter of The Organic God Fienberg discusses one of God’s characteristics. These qualities show God in a way most people would not normally define Him. The author's chapters beautifully detail God’s character with titles like “amazingly wise,” “outrageously generous,” “surprisingly talkative,” and “wildy infallible.”

Fienberg gives examples from her own life of how God has answered, intervened, and aided her throughout the years. Readers will be drawn in not only by the author’s superb writing, but by the undeniably wonderful picture that she paints of a God who truly loves and cares for each of us.

Fienberg has been named one of the “Thirty Emerging Voices” of Christian leaders under age forty by Charisma Magazine. She has written more then a dozen books.

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