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Book Review: The One Day Way by Chantel Hobbs

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Equal parts philosophy, inspiration, and practical weight loss plan, the simplicity of Chantel Hobbs The One Day Way may well prove to revolutionize the way many women approach weight loss. Many readers are by now familiar of her personal journey of losing 200 lbs. that she shared with readers in her first book Never Say Diet, but the simple insights shared in her newest title are well worth gleaning from her latest.

Now a personal trainer and marathon runner, Hobbs first tackles the defeatist mental attitude that so many of us have with her upbeat writing style. Instead of focusing on long-term goals such as, “I want to lose 40 lbs. this year.” Hobbs encourages women to make changes for a healthy lifestyle one day at a take, focusing only upon the present in order to avoid depression over slip-ups and feeling entitled by consistent progress.

After fully half of The One Day Way is dedicated to creating a new mind-set that encourages upon focusing on tiny, step-by-step goals, day-by-day, Hobbs spends the second half of the title providing helpful guidelines – or “commandments” as she calls them – for both physical fitness and nutrition.

Hobbs maintains that a simple, no-nonsense, energy-in energy-out, approach for weight loss is called for in most cases. A sample eating plan and menu that provides between 1400 and 1600 calories (generally low fat and low sugar, balanced proteins, carbs, and fats) is provided, as well as a strength training routine that uses a medicine ball and resistance band.

Those with special dietary needs (nursing moms, pregnant women, allergies, those with health conditions etc.) may need to do some additional research and planning in this area.

The included strength training routine includes exercises that combine movements that strengthen both the core and the limbs in a single exercise. My only complaint here is that some of the steps of the exercises aren’t illustrated with photos, so readers will need to fill in the blanks with their own mental image. Step-by-step photos for each part of the movement would have made envisioning each exercise in action much simpler.

After reading Hobbs’ eating and fitness plans it can be easy to feel like you need to get on board with the entire program right away to be a success. That however, would be missing the point of Hobbs’ philosophy – a day at a time, keep moving forward with small goals. So if the thought of jumping into a lower calorie way of life and establishing a big fitness plan all at once seem overwhelming, never fear – she’s not asking that of you. On the other hand, this isn’t a pie-in-the-sky weight loss plan, and she consistently maintains that it’s up to you, and will take work.

So – is this a “Christian” weight loss book? Yes and no. WaterBrook, Random House’s Christian publishing imprint, publishes it and Hobbs herself is a believer. She speaks of faith in general terms that aren’t specific to belief in God, but does encourage readers to turn to their Creator as a source of strength for their lives, and speaks to the way our bodies are designed to work. On the other hand, her approach is low-key, and all readers can benefit from her first-hand wisdom gleaned from the weight loss trenches.

I was so excited upon reading The One Day Way; not only does it carry within it’s pages simple insights that are absolutely transformational, but these ways of thinking can be transferred to areas outside of weight loss. For those of us who are easily overwhelmed by long-term goals of any sort, applying The One Day Way to all areas of life results in better focus, and more productivity (it has for me, in any case). I’m now looking forward to a never-ending journey towards growing into a better person day-by-day for the rest of my life.

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