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Book Review: The Next Five Steps to C.A.L.M. by Robert Patterson, Sr.

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Do you think that the off-field behavior of Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick reflect upon the image of the National Football League? Because of their behavior, would you allow Joseph Addai to babysit your little boy? Would you kennel your poodle with Andrew Whitworth? Suppose now that any one of these guys applied for a job where you work. Would you hire them regardless of their reputations? If one of them was out of work and needed a job, in today's work environment, they could benefit from Robert Patterson, Sr.'s book, The Next Five Steps to C.A.L.M. The " L.M." stands for "life management." How we live our lives often plays a significant role in our marketability when looking for a job. Have we been good managers of our lives? Our reputation often precedes us.

Working for a big company is no longer job security. I've always tried to make sure that if my ship sunk, another would appear on the horizon soon, very soon. With the help of this book, anyone can.

It pays to have done a personal appraisal and to identify and research your career possibilities. These are the first two of the five steps in Mr. Patterson's detailed and easy to use workbook. This 192 page exercise is designed to groom any candidate to be competitive in a volatile job market. How well you have prepared yourself for today's events will determine whether you see them as opportunities or disasters. Who among us in that segment of the population that works, or wants to work, couldn't benefit from a thorough analysis of where we are now both personally and career-wise? What about those employees of companies like Hertz, Macy's and Rite Aid? How long have they felt secure? What have they been doing to prepare for the day that their company makes headlines on the front page and not the business section?

The opening chapter provides twenty-four pages of questions and worksheets with which the applicants can get a thorough view of their strengths and weaknesses as they begins the job search. Chapter two walks candidates through career possibilities and an exercise to get a clear picture of their financial needs. The career exploration section offers twenty resources available to help find what's out there.

The remaining three steps involve the job search, interviews, and dealing (hopefully) with offers. In each case, questions, worksheets, important information (laws and rights, etc.) and encouragement are offered. This is essentially a book about sales. "Sell yourself!" as Patterson says. Finding A job isn't always easy in any economy. Finding the RIGHT job in today's economy is even harder. As stated in the book, one of the keys to success is to work your network.

Who do you know? And, who do THEY know?

One of the first projects a new insurance salesperson is assigned is to take out a legal pad and write down the names of everyone they know — everyone. The time to start your list is before you need it. Mr. Patterson has earned the right to make the suggestions he offers with a diverse career, and success wearing many different hats. He was a U.S. Marine during the sixties, a television news reporter, an employment counselor, and now a minister.

Would I buy a book from this man? Would I trust his advice to help me find a job? Semper fi!

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