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Book Review: The New Road to Serfdom by Daniel Hannan

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Dan Hannan, MEP, wit, and orator has written — in The New Road to Serfdom, an update to libertarian influence The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich von Hayek — a plea to Americans not to take path that the EU has taken. He praises the American Constitution for its 7000 total words as opposed to the EU Constution (aka the Lisbon Treaty) which is 10 times that.

What might be fascinating to many is that he seeks to explain to American readers that the values that are “American” are really British ones that the colonists took to their hearts and made real. Great British thinkers like Edmund Burke and the writers of the Magna Carta directly led to the ideals encompassed in the Constitution and founding documents. He clearly makes a link between the American revolution and that of the English civil war.

Not surprisingly considering his praise for the American spirit, he is keen on the tea party movement and finds hope in the uprising. He even wishes to import those ideas and ideals back to his own land. He informs his fellow countrymen that if they wish to rediscover British values they should look to the US and not Europe. It seems rather logical considering the shared history, laws (as opposed to the European Napoleonic Code) and shared past. Needless to say this would seem radical to intellectuals on both sides of the pond.

Hannan’s book, at under 200 pages, is relatively short. It is cleverly written, witty, and worldly. While not everyone will agree with his conclusions or analysis, one would be hard pressed to criticize the writing style.

Clearly The New Road to Serfdom is a must read for anyone in the tea party movement or with an interest in American politics.

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