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Book Review: ‘The Nest’ by Mary Flinn

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TheNestMary Flinn is a fantastic writer! I could not put The Nest down. I felt sad that it was over. I had to have a moment to let go once I finished the book.

Flinn’s novel felt like I had been to the movies where the music pulls you in and takes you on a ride! The characters Cherie, Dave and their two grown daughters, Hope and Wesley, are not cast as the typical “perfect” family, yet they are loving and supportive  just as you would want for your own life. I told my daughter that Flinn knows this family and she told their life story!

Cherie is a dedicated mother, wife, and a school teacher who happens to have been married to Dave for many years and they have that true love which binds a family. As Cherie gets the news about Dave’s job being eliminated, she sees her opportunity for her retirement ripped away, all on Valentine’s Day.

Hope’s love affair with Liam was the average boy meets girl until Hope’s broken heart takes her back to the nest with her parents as her artist lover Liam is leaving her behind to pursue his art in Italy.  Dave, Hope, and the new puppy, Little Miss, which Cherie is less than happy to see, will all be at home together desperately reclaiming their place in the world.

Wesley comes home to be with Hope and support her sister while being reluctant to share how Ren, her fiancé, proposed to her. The voyages of the family’s future were unraveling and uncertainty is pervading literally overnight: Hope, with a seriously broken heart, Dave unemployed, Wesley trying to happily get married, and to top off all that, Cherie has a mother in-law who will go on a crazy tyrant drive the moment she finds out the family’s news.

Cherie is strongly supported by her school family, which helps to bring order in the end. Two stories told that make you laugh and maybe even cry, but for sure will capture your attention and maybe your heart. What’s next, Mary Flinn?

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