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Book Review: The Marriage Project: 21 Days to More Love and Laughter by Kathy Lipp

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Kathi Lipp, the inspired author of The Husband Project is back with her next 21-day, practicality oriented love-fest for married couples, and this time it’s even better! Designed to be completed as a team, The Marriage Project provides suggestions for dates, cuddle times, words of affirmation, and positive bonding experiences that promise to strengthen and support both strong and faltering marriages.

With a perfect blend of real-life witticisms, honesty about the joys and difficulties of married life, and a touch of scriptural support, Lipp’s latest is a fast, engaging, and eminently do-able guide to setting your marriage to ‘project status’. Complete with planning pages, daily project assignments, suggestions for tweaking, room for journaling, and testimonies from real-life couples who’ve completed each project, The Marriage Project is all you’ll need to embark on three-weeks of high-quality marital bonding.

I love Lipp’s writing – flirty without being tawdry, willing to laugh at her own quirks, and – when circumstances demand – in our faces about getting out of our lazy relationship habits, she’s always a pleasure to read. I don’t normally laugh a lot when I’m reading non-fiction, but Kathi Lipp is sure to get some giggles from me every time.

Better yet, her Marriage Project is simple and flexible enough to provide most any couple, regardless of their financial or physical locations to bless their marriage for 21 consecutive days. The projects can be dressed up or down according to budgets, and many can be completed for little or no cost.

Lipp is sure to provide suggestions that accommodate a range of budgets and none require vast amounts of planning. That’s reassuring for an organizationally challenged woman like myself. Lipp also devotes page space to overcoming common obstacles, setting an accountability structure in place, and devoting a week to planning out the project with your mate – on paper, in advance.

Providing a good balance daily projects that appeal alternately to male and female interests, husbands can embrace the project without the fear of endless candle-lit dinners or chick-flicks. Women can likewise rest assured that giving foot massages, serving pretzels, and planning “bonus projects” (Lipp’s catch phrase for projects focused on sexual intimacy) will be the course of the day for the entire 3-weeks. Spouses can instead look forward to all of these things in moderation as their hearts are drawn closer to one another.

We’ve all read marriage books, we all have a great deal of theories and principles about marriage in our heads, but Lipp helps readers get intentional, and put what they know to work. There isn’t a lot of theorizing, explanations, or scriptural proof-texts in The Marriage Project but there is a wealth of ideas to put that existing knowledge into practice and to become intentional about improving our marriages.

Additional resources for leaders who want to take the project to the small group, or church-wide level are available for download at Projects for Your Soul.

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