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Book Review: The Luck Factor by Max Gunther

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The Luck Factor explores why some people seem to be luckier than others. Gunther includes lots of entertaining anecdotes from people who have experienced both good and bad luck. It shows that life is a cycle and everyone experiences both good and bad luck within their lifetime.

What differentiates them is how they deal with the luck, whichever way it comes to them. The author draws conclusions from analysing different attitudes to whether there is such a thing as ‘luck’.

The Luck Factor examines the essence of what ‘luck’ is and suggests some guidelines how to be luckier. It attempts to bridge the gap between a dry explanation and a witty examination of the subject at hand.

The only drawback is that all the examples stop in the 1970s and therefore, you almost feel cheated that it hasn’t been brought more up to date. It may be a “classic” book on the subject, but it reads a bit tired and old.

It would have been helpful if there were some updated material in a post-script to the original. You have to wonder what would draw a modern reader to this book besides the sobriquet “classic”.

That is not to say the subject and delivery is not thought-provoking and interesting. However, you would have thought such a subject could have been presented in a manner that was a bit more exciting.

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    accept something as it is and stop whinging,, you have killed your own luck