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Book Review: The Little Pot by Dawn Stephens

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The Little Pot is a beautifully illustrated pre-school children’s story book with a wonderful storyline teaching children a lesson many grown-ups would do well to learn. 

The story centers around a ‘Little Pot’ that is continually being emptied and refilled by the potter.  Often wondering what it was meant to be and anxious to know its’ final purpose, the ‘Little Pot’ shows excitement each time the potter empties it and anticipation when it is refilled.

The potter tells the 'Little Pot' to be patient for "I have a very special plan for you."

Knowing this, each time the potter fills the 'Little Pot' with items (first papers, then coins, then flowers), the 'Little Pot' thinks that item is the best item to be filled with.

When the potter finally fills it with a plant and berries begin to bloom, 'Little Pot' realizes what its purpose has been all along.  

Children will certainly identify with the feelings of loss each time the ‘Little Pot’ is emptied and rejoice as it becomes filled again.  This story is a vivid illustration teaching children that we may not always know why changes occur in our lives and patience and trust in God is always the best response.

The Little Pot is a wonderful story-time book that can be read and reread again to help children learn to look beyond what they may see as a loss, trusting God with what lies ahead.

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About Keiki Hendrix

  • A good lesson whether someone believes in God or not.

  • thanks Nancy, thanks Keiki –
    I am so honored you have great things to say about the book. It is a lesson I learned throughout my own life, and I am so appreciative that I can share it with others

  • Castaway5

    Cansas was telling me about this at school. I hope I get published someday! (Seems cool for a little kid book)