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Book Review: The Little book of Calm

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From the cover: ‘Life is full of upsetting moments. But you can learn to handle life’s stresses, big and small, with a clear, calm head. Here are more than 150 simple, commonsense tips that will help even the most overwhelmed among us to take a minute to unwind.

Some examples:

Rest in a tub
A leisurely warm bath will soak the stress from your body.

Touch or be touched
The simple touch sometimes works miracles.

Pretend it’s Saturday.

Use a soft voice
Have you ever noticed a calm person whith a loud voice?

Take all the time in the world.

Admit you feel calm.

Listen for the quiet.

Ignore the phone Once.

Take to the waves.

Make your work important.

Caress the back of your hand.

Put your feet up.

Know when to withdraw.

Recognise the difference between having and living.

These little tips, with some basic explanation, work really well. Because of the size of the book, it’s easy to take with you. Some of the bigger books are interesting as well, but may look more oppressive.

From personal experience I can say it is really helpful. Reading through it, one is due to find something helpful, something that brings relaxation.

The best one can say about it is that in this stressful time, it is most useful
to have around, to use. Near-instant relaxation.
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About Florisv

  • These little books for self-help, like big self-help books, are fun, make great gifts for the stressed out, heart attacked ( given to me by an acquaintenance).

    They do not, sadly, help make changes, really calm or unstress or support people facing real life crises.

    Someone gave me “Chicken Soup” after my heart attack and it was a sweet gift, sweet thought, sweet book. However, it did not really address the important issues like cholesterol, exercise, medications, surgery. They remain sweet and can, themselves, be calming; but leave a lot to be desired.

  • They don’t but they are a step a long the way. Perhaps if given early enought they do make a difference.

  • Tarmo

    I liked the Black Books episode where Manny swallows the little book of calm. It was cool.

  • Patricia

    I`m a uruguayan gril, i learn english and portuguese I never have time for relax because I study a lot.

  • steve zissou

    When you are feeling stressed, do somthing different: roll up your sleeves, eat an orange.

    Add a drop of lavender to your bath and soon you will soak yourself calm.

    Pretend your a loose lily, floating on a river bed.

  • adam

    add a dab of lavender to milk, leave town with an orange and pretend your laughing at it.