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Book Review: The Like Economy: How Businesses Make Money With Facebook by Brian Carter

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There are a lot of marketers who achieve status as “guru” within internet marketing, but after awhile you quit reading them. The reason is that you realize many of them are doing nothing more than taking PLR (Private Label Rights), slapping some new covers on it, really adding nothing new to it, and selling it for big bucks. (I know at least two major marketers who have done this).

Now, there’s nothing wrong with PLR, but that’s not the point. What I mean is that it takes more than just saying you’re a guru in order for you to be a guru. The fact is, Brian Carter is the real deal, and his book definitely backs it up.

This book is so full of information I’m not even sure where to start. He offers up a ton of information that I really wish I had read before I started using Facebook to market. This includes the startling truth about who is really on Facebook and how it stacks up against sites like Twitter. There’s more, but just knowing this information and applying it will ensure you turn a profit from Facebook. That’s worth way more than the cost of this book!

I’ll be honest: the title of this book really doesn’t do enough to indicate just how much it will help you. There’s just so much stuff here you can use to tweak your Facebook campaigns and make them profitable. It includes tips on how to really set up your Facebook fan page to get more fans and sales, how to optimize your marketing campaigns for more traffic and sales, getting more comments and likes, and much, much more.

That’s what I liked most about the book: it does tell you how to take this site and use it to market your business without spending any money, and without any of the hype that many courses offer. You’ll get instruction from a master who knows his topic thoroughly and has successfully helped over 5,000 people who have participated in his courses achieve success.

I’ve read a ton of stuff on Facebook. I often find this site to be frustrating and hard to work with. Just about the time you begin to understand how things work, they change it. This book will help you overcome some of those problems by cutting to the chase and then showing you what you really need to be doing to get results on Facebook.

If you only read one book this year to teach you social media marketing, then I recommend you make it The Like Economy. It will get you results. I know I’ll definitely read it again, and then a few more times after that to make sure I get it all. It really is that good.

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