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Book Review: ‘The League of Delphi’ Book I of the Delphi Trilogy by Chris Everheart

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Young adult fantasy fiction has been on a roll lately at my house. From the Hunger Games and Divergent to Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Camp Myth, my girls have been devouring new fiction at a furious rate. So I’m always on the lookout for new authors. One that hit my radar recently was The Delphi Trilogy by author Chris Everheart.

The League of Delphi CoverThe first book, The League of Delphi,introduces us to 17-year-old Zach White, a teenager returning to his strange hometown of Arcanville after a decade on the run with his mother. Working in a small coffee shop and trying to blend into every day life in a college town, he begins putting the pieces together of his mysterious past. What exactly was his mother running from? Why did she warn him away and try to keep him hidden under a false identity?

When a student Zach once knew dies suspiciously, he finds himself drawn into a conspiracy going back hundreds, if not thousands of years. What is the Committee at Arcanum College really up to? Why do they have such a draconic hold on the people and goings-on? Why are both parents and children afraid to talk about the strangeness? Were members of the police and the Committee complicit in his friends’ apparent suicide?

Delphi in this case is a reference to the “Oracle at Delphi” from Ancient Greece. Rick Riordan has done a great job of rekindling an interest in classical myths and legends, which has led authors like Everheart to explore some of those stories in a modern vein. In this case, conspiracy abounds and poor Zach is caught in the crossfire of a fun thriller.

Of course, Zach is not alone in the madness. He finds a kindred spirit in Ashley, a misunderstood teen with theories about how the Committee works and what they want. And he is helped by the mysterious “Crazy Larry,” a homeless man who is definitely more than he appears to be.

The book is written entirely from Zach’s point of view in small chapters, which I think works very well to get the reader involved immediately. As Zach learns more, making both both friends and enemies along the way, we are there with him step by step leading to the explosive conclusion. Not everyone is as they seem, but sometimes a little paranoia is a healthy thing!

If you’re looking for a new world for your YA reader to explore, The League of Delphi might be a great thriller to add to their journey. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book in the trilogy – The Delphi Deception.

For more about author Chris Everheart and The Delphi Trilogy, be sure to check out his website at ChrisEverheart.com.

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