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Book Review: The Last Israelis by Noah Beck

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The Last Israelis by Noah Beck is a short novel taking place mostly on a submarine. The doomsday scenario, a threat to the State of Israel, is the “ripped from the headlines” type of novel.

The Captain of the Israeli Dolphin submarine carrying nuclear missiles, Daniel Zion, knows something is wrong when they are called ashore for a brief reunion with family and friends before their mission commences. Zion’s crew is diverse and represents much of the Israeli makeup.

During their mission, they find out that Israel has been attacked, but they cannot contact anyone and must decide how to proceed.

The Last Israelis by Noah Beck could be considered a military thriller, but instead of plot twists and pages full of action, the author approaches the story more on an intellectual side. The setting is a chance for the author to engage in intellectual debates between characters of different backgrounds.

The novel does have good characterization; the author builds up each character so there is some background to the debates and the reader understands who each person formulated their ideology over a lifetime of various experiences and family history. What follows is a very interesting and balanced look at Israel and the current events in the region.

The book is an excellent effort by the author, however the dialog is a bit clunky and sometimes goes into lengthy dialogue exchange in order to convey a single point, which brings the plot to a halt. That being said, it is still a readable and ambitious work by a first time author.

From the first several pages, the characters are engaged in academic discussions about life, religion, and politics. The debates are highly intellectual and existential; they do give the novel a thought provoking aspect which stayed with me after I finished reading.

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