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Book Review: The Lament: Selected Poems and Prose by Ercell H. Hoffman

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A book of poems and prose is always a joy to read because it gives the author leverage to express themselves. Such is the case of The Lament, by Ercell H. Hoffman, a book that gives the reader a mixed bag of feelings.

From one page of this 111-page book to the next, the reader is exposed to the author’s feelings of sadness, gladness, misery and joy. The images she paints and the colorful verbiage brings the reader into her world.

“On Life” was just one example of the strong sentiments:

“I would look into the eyes of one who love has come to rescue from the shackles of disappointment from the threshold of despair and from the closed walls of loneliness.”

These are words that enable you to feel the need she had for her lover; such love, expressed with heart-felt feelings so vividly.

Another example of this feeling is the desperation felt in “Waiting.” Ms. Hoffman tells of waiting for a call from a lover:

“If I were not waiting for you my time would be spent as usual in isolation without the luring hope that love brings and without future dreams of happiness.”

Her description is of the desperation of waiting and longing for that call, then the realization that it may never come, so she slips back into her miserable world of desolate isolation:

“The idea that you may call or may be there postpones for a while the inevitable visit of my desolate companion, loneliness.”

The Lament is short and sweet, which makes it a perfect book to read while traveling or waiting for the doctor. I rated it a high B and considered it a general audience book for all ages.

The quality was above average, the print readable and there were very few grammatical errors. At the low on-line price, it is well worth taking the time to peruse this fascinating little book.

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