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Book Review: The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality by Gahan Hanmer

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Ever wonder what it would be like to escape from the modern gizmo-oriented world and wander to an Eden-like place where the only sounds one hears is the buzzing, humming and clicking of insects or the melodic sounds of birds? Imagine NO light at night except that of the moon or the flames from the torch you carry, bounding across the landscape atop your favorite steed.

The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality, created by author Gahan Hanmer, is just such a place concealed deep within the wilderness of Canada. So high are the mountains and so remote are the vast miles of wilderness surrounding this remote valley that it remains separated from the rest of the world. The territory is a throwback to the Middle Ages where knights pledge their allegiance to their king and vow to accomplish heroic deeds for his queen and other desirable ladies in waiting.

Jack Darcey, a rather macho-aggressive young man, is captured in real time and carried to this Medieval Kingdom by helicopter. Here, he must strip naked then burn his everyday clothing, only to dress in a fine hand-woven shirt, tights, a large codpiece, and footwear befitting a knight, just as if he lived in king Arthur’s Court of long ages past.

At home in his other life, Jack loved riding and caring for horses. Here, in this new realm, his king entrusts him with a muscular steed which he is quick to rein in. In addition, he receives a heavy sword that excites in him an overwhelming feeling of masculinity and strength. He convinces himself that whatever is his quest, he will do it well.

Where he first fought against his kidnapper who transferred him to this seemingly mythical place, Jack now appears thankful to be amidst peasants, nobility, a great castle, and what promises to be bold manly adventures. Within a short time, Jack’s king makes him a knight. Obviously he is recognized as a man of great principle, respect, and honor.

But, how long must he stay? Can he return home if he wants to? And, why is he here? Is it all a dream? Jack knows all events happen for a reason — some good, some evil. It does not take him long to uncover what could be an extremely deadly quest. And you, dear reader, must ride along with Jack through The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality to find out precisely what that bloodletting mission is.

I would highly recommend this tale to anyone looking for a story of unbridled imagination, sensuous romance, and unusual adventure. If you like King Arthur-like stories, mount your horse and follow Jack Darcey through his life-threatening quests in the kingdom of King Albert where betrayals, sexual trysts, and battles seem inevitable. Read Gahan Hanmer’s imaginative story. It will not disappoint!

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  • Regis, thank you for such a lyrical, poetic review of Gahan’s book. I’m glad you enjoyed it.