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Book Review: The Inside Out Diet by Cathy Wong, N.D., C.N.S.

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Dr. Cathy Wong, naturopathic doctor and nutritionist with ten years of research, clinical, and research experience in alternative medicine, has written The Inside Out Diet. She also is a featured contributor in Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, Body+Soul, and other publications. Notably, Dr. Wong is the guide to Alternative Medicine at About.com where her weekly newsletter is read by almost 100,000 readers.

Why begin on the inside? Dr. Wong’s diet starts with her own experience. As a university student, she ate poorly, eating quick foods and gaining weight. At age 24 she was informed that her cholesterol was borderline high; the following day she began her liver-cleansing diet. Her health and energy rejuvenated quickly. Dr. Wong improved her life from the inside-out, beginning with her liver.

Why the liver? The liver is a prominent organ that performs several functions. Dr. Wong states that it regulates blood sugar, makes and burns fat, helps you absorb omega fatty acids, regulates cholesterol, balances key weight-loss hormones, helps maintain muscle tone, and gets rid of fattening toxins. A healthy, clean liver is essential to natural weight loss, total body health, and radiance.

Four weeks are taken in three components: the first is a simple gentle detoxification of the liver, the second involves tackling ongoing weight loss, the third strides onward with maintenance of an established weight.

Highlights from The Inside Out Diet:

“Helps you lose weight safely, continuously, and permanently
Improves liver function and decreases fatty liver
Restores insulin and leptin sensitivity

Improves cholesterol and triglyceride levels
Eliminates unhealthy cravings
Decreases risk factors for heart disease
Re-establishes hormonal balance
Improves overall health”

Dr. Wong also addresses supplements, exercise, relaxation, sleep, a healthy home, cleansing the colon, checking for food intolerances, and the risks and hazards of diets. It is a realistic approach that works with the American diet.

The recipes, more than fifty, were provided by celebrity chef Sabra Ricci, who is known for her delicious menus and clientele. She too has been a contributor to Woman’s Day, Self, and Spa magazines. Her monthly column appears at AOL Living. The recipes range from breakfast to dessert and are very appetizing, samples—Southwestern Egg Cups, Lamb Curry, Lemon Cream with Raspberries, Blueberry Granola Crisp.

The Inside Out Diet, with a beautiful green cover and orchid photo, is well worth reading. Dr. Wong doesn’t just tell the reader to lose weight, but explains how and why. Most importantly, she’s focused on the liver, defining its necessity for weight loss and health.
Open up the book and read it from the inside out.

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