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Book Review: The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

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There is a worldwide crisis at hand. Airwars, which are genetically manufactured creatures that resemble Portuguese man o’ wars, are stinging and eating human beings. Deciding how to handle the situation is causing governments much grief. Attempts at killing airwars often result in the release of large numbers of more juvenile forms from the host. As a result, in order to protect national security many personal freedoms, including gun ownership and freedom of speech, are taken away. When it is discovered that a small number of individuals are not affected by the stings from the airwars, they are commissioned to help eliminate the threat.

Dr. John Long is chosen as leader of “The Immunes.” After a loved one is killed by an airwar, he is driven to exact revenge against the creator of the airwars, but first he must discover who made them, why, and how they can be stopped. What he finds out comes as a shocking surprise. He soon realizes that the situation is riddled with political and public relations propaganda. Left wondering if anything is as it seems, John must be careful about whom he decides to trust.

This work of science fiction is both entertaining and thought-provoking. There is a lot of action throughout the story that is presented in great detail. Some of the scenes that feature The Immune fighting the airwars are difficult to picture in my head, but I think they would be exciting to see on a movie screen. There is something in this book for every reader. In addition to humor and drama, there is the political issue of how to contain mass hysteria without denying basic human freedoms. The author includes several twists in the plot which ultimately lead to an unexpected, yet gratifying, climax.

The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is intended for an audience of young adults to middle-aged individuals (roughly an age range of 21 to 49 years). Science fiction enthusiasts will greatly enjoy this book, as will those who are open to the idea of the existence of alien life forms or genetically engineered beings. The plot is imaginative but not so far-fetched as to be considered a complete impossibility sometime in the future.

(Reviewed by Leslie Granier for Reader Views)

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