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Book Review: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

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The implantation is in its final stages. Soon, earth will be completely free of humans and the planet will be a peaceful place for the “souls” to enjoy – as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Very few humans remain on Earth. When rebels are discovered, they are captured by Seekers – the closest thing to a police force the "souls" have. Once captured, they are prepared for implantation where a small cut is placed at the base of the skull and the "soul,” a centipede looking creature, is put in the body. The "soul" connects to the body and takes control. The first experience the "soul" has is the receiving of the host body’s memories. Typically, the host recedes and leaves the "soul" alone to continue life as usual. For Wanderer, this didn’t happen.

Stephenie Meyer has weaved a creative story that will appease her large fan base. With its engaging characters and interesting science fiction elements, readers will be able to ignore the few chapters that contain too much description. Her use of vivid language paints a clear picture of the setting that allows the reader to put themselves into the story.

The Host is a complex story. Not only is there a very complicated love triangle, but there is also the issue of violence in our society and how it could lead to our downfall. Stephenie Meyer makes the world the aliens created more desirable than the one we currently inhabit. The story ends on a note of hope. It is an emotional ride from beginning to end – all 631 pages. Any science fiction fan will enjoy this story, but Stephenie Meyer may have done for science fiction what she did for fantasy when she wrote Twilight. The Host is set in enough of a realistic setting that even people who aren’t sci-fi fans will enjoy this story. You’ll want to put this one in your to-be-read-again pile.

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  • Nice-written review. Thanks.

  • Katie

    I’m really looking forward to reading this one. I can’t wait.

  • Megan

    ummm definately on my To-Be-Read pile!!!!

  • Becky Sue

    Cant wait! Stephenie Meyer is my favorite author and im positive her new book will be just as awesome as the twilight series!!

  • Alexa

    cannot wait for this book ๐Ÿ˜€

    should keep me busy for a few days while waiting for Breaking Dawn ;p

  • coolcat

    i’m 10 and I’ve read all the books. I can’t wait for the host.

  • i can’t wait to read another of Stephenie Meyer’s books!i love the twilight saga, i can’t wait for breaking dawn! i’m 14, and i’ve read all three books(so far)in the saga many, many times. i’m writing a trilogy. My english teacher thinks that the fact i’ve read stephenie’s books so many times shows up in my writing. Stephenie Meyer is a fabulous writer! The Host is the next book on my To-Be-Read pile. (it’s a very big pile)

  • jasmine

    hi it looks pretty good but does anyone know wen breaking dawn’s going to be published carn’t wait!

  • Elizabeth A

    I have already had the honor of reading this book, and it truly shows a different side to the brilliant writing of Stephenie Meyer. I am obsessed beyond belief with the twilight series and this makes it even harder to have an actual life outside of the fantasy world ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Good review. I;m looking forward to this book, Im addicted to the Twilight series, and love Stephenie Meyer, lol. I’m gonna buy it right when it comes out! lol

  • Jess

    I’ve read this one – came out early in Sydney.
    Fantastic book, definitly on the read-again pile (which is my twilight series pile)

  • montana wilson

    i absolutley loved this book!!! very slow start! but great whe it gets going!!!!

  • trista

    i received an advanced readers copy of this book and I absolutely LOVED it…

    its a must have!

    ive never read anything like it before…

    AMAZING! I give it 1,000,000,000,000,000 + stars

  • haleylove

    i am definitely going to read the Host! if it is as good as the twilight series… oh wow… that will be awesome! i need something to keep me entertained while waiting for Breaking Dawn.. all though, i NEVER EVER EVER get sick of reading twilight, new moon, and eclipse over and over. ha i’ve probably read them each at least 6 or 7 times.. twilight the most of course! its my favorite. what do you guys think will happen in Breaking Dawn? I think that edward WILL turn her into a vampire.. but she wont have all the effects (since she is immune to Edward’s mind reading, and Jane’s visual effect) i think she will still sleep, eat regular food, and all that stuff… the ONLY thing i HOPE she has.. is being able to live forever… what love. oh and question: what would happen if a werewolf got bitten by a vampire? would it go all “Underworld” and become amazingly awesome in both species? hmmm i wonder i wonder.. haha wow long comment.. anyway, i love twilight! and i can’t wait for the movie, Breaking Dawn, and i am for sure reading The Host! peace! love you all. – haley

  • JESS

    omg guess what im from australia and ive already readit its great wanda is fab cause shes in mel and she totally pashes ian jared is a snob and jamie is SO sweet so anyway sorry if i ruined it for you but steph you are AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • OMG

    Don’t spoil the ending if you are lucky enough to have read it already. So second grade.

  • Stephanie Meyer

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! thank you for reading my twilight serise!!! only two more days untill my book “The Host” comes out in America!!! bye 4 now!

  • LostInSilence

    Its so unfair that books get released at different times on different continents,believe it or not but Stephenie Meyer has fans around the globe so why cant they just release the book at the same time as it was released in Oz :o(.I am looking forward to reading the host as the preview chapter was enough to get me craving for more of The Host’s story.One more day…

  • mackenzie

    fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚ cant wait to read it!
    i hope it lives up to the twilight series.

  • wandalovesian

    Guess what i just finished reading the Host. IT’s THE BEST… Don’t worry! im not going to spoil anything for you. Anyways, the book is a MUST READ.. you will love the book like i did…

    Sometimes you can’t help but compare the characters in twilight from the characters in the Host.. well that’s what i think.. have fun reading!

  • need i say more?

    okay so i read the book a few days ago but i can’t stop thinking about it! it is seriously so good they need to warn people about it being so addictive.

    if you try (like i did) to hate wanda, it will never happen. she is as likable as Bella.

  • Bloo

    man i cant wait for breaking dawn. just for the people who dont know its coming out august 2. the twilight series is the best. i have read all of them about 5 times each and i know the exact pages where all my favorite parts are. and i am sure the host will be just as marvolouse as the twilight series :3 (\_/)
    (“)(“) this is bunny copy bunny to help him gain wolrd domination

  • Jamie

    Nothing can be better than Edward the hottest dude on earth!!!!!!!

  • love bug

    He is my favorite guy but my boyfriend comes close

  • Cassie

    WOW! THIS IS SO EXCITING! i cant wait for the host to come out! (counting down hours now hehe)I hope this book is as good as the twilight series… even though I dont think thats possible lol. To the people down under (aussie) i’m sooo jealous! haha just dont spoil it for us Americans ๐Ÿ™‚
    And to Stephenie Meyer:
    you are my most favorite author in the world!!! Since i was introduced to the twilight series, i cant put the books down! i even have all of my friends hooked! You have such a talent for writing that i hope you will still keep on going even after the twilight series is finished!!
    your adoring fan,
    Cassie <333

  • twilight lover

    I heard about the twilight series from some of my church friends (Yes, I am mormon and yes,it’s awesome) anyway, A bunch of my church friends were raving about these books and I heard the title; twilight, and I envisioned dragons hording princesses and valiant princes but…then, I got the book series for christmas and well, I’ve read them at least three times each. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this series. AS a side note, Stephenie meyer is like…probably the best author in the universe she is TOTALLY my idol. When I grow up, I am aspiring to be an author she, is who I think of when I think top author. Stephenie, I LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Twilight fanatic

    those books, are the hilight of my life. I absolutely adore Stephenie meyer, edward, bella, the host, twilight and eclipse, heck, I love everything and anything to do with stephenie meyer

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t it seem like Animorphs and the Yeerks?

  • Pat

    I may be the disenting voice. I couldn’t read it. Maybe I’m getting tired of so many stories in first person, maybe this kind of story wasn’t my thing or maybe I just found it boring. The only thing I know is that I closed the book and couldn’t finish it.

  • francis

    well, if you are a boy (which a kinda figured because of the name “pat”)of course the book is not going to appeal to u as much as it would a girl because the twilight series is a girl thing… but if it turns out that u r a girl then ur crazy!!!!!!!

  • my mother just sent me this book and i am very excited to read it i love stefanie meyer and i would do anything to meet her. i’ve read your reviews and i am very pleased with them.
    -Vampyra Palmer

  • Beth

    Yes, slightly like Animorphs, but I trust Meyer. She’ll make it great. I’m also impressed that she can expand her genre. Let’s just all crossed our fingers and hope she doesn’t become another J.K Rowling. (In the sense that she starts strong, but exhausts herself, the books getting suckier and suckier.) Anyone scared to see the movie? (December 12, 2008) I’m kinda scared that they will destroy the story we know and love. But whatever! Still haven’t read the Host, but i’m going by BAM today! Later, all.

  • Rosa

    Hi everyone!
    So i’m from spain and i have a little problem. All the books are translated in spanish, so i can’t wait to october to read this book, Breaking Down.
    SO i love all her books, and i guess i will love the host too.
    but please, translate it quickly!!!

  • Super Twilight Fan!!

    I LOVE the Twilight saga. I hope that Stephenie can write more books as long as she lives because its as if I can’t live without books, and it seems I need her’s to survive! Great review by the way. Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn, I’ve read all the twilight books at least more than 10 times. The Host is great too!! Go Stephenie Meyer!!~.^

  • Rose

    i enjoy your twight light and there sequerals this wounder book. my only problem is that i feel it left something out in the end. where there be a 4th book to tell us what accurally happened to the couple. did they marry or did she turn. i can’t wait to read the next novel. keep it up.

  • neknek

    the host is very good! it’s more mature than twilight, great book!

  • Matt

    hehe i’m a dude (male) and i still think that the books by stephanie meyer are grade A material, never thought it was possible to get me to enjoy a romance or science fiction book. To tell the truth until i laid my eyes on her books I don’t have much interest in reading at all and don’t read unless forced upon for my classes.

  • beth

    wow i cant belive someone mentioned animorphs. i loved that series when i was in like third grade or somthing, i still remember them lol. Cool. I love the Twilight series, the story is apart of me and i could read about them forever. I have The Host preordered but ammazon is a little slow on the shipping. Im 23 by the way, so out of the “demographic” some ppl speak of, but if you keep up with SMs website you will know that she wrote the story as a story for all ages, (it started with a dream) not specifically young adult, but since it is in a teenage girls POV it became YA. SM ROCKS and TWILIGHT is my oxygen…lol im alil scared to see the movie, b/c they are never as good as the books, but i really think we lucked out on this one, it will be phenomenal in its own right. I am just remmbering not too be too judgemental, it takes a lot of talent to make a book a movie, and as long as a few pivotal scenes are there…the wreck, the rest. in port angelels, the meadow…and few more, ill be happy.

  • Iseult

    Dear God…another one.
    ‘The Host’ is just a poorly done rip-off from the ‘Animorphs’. From what I’ve read, Meyer has also made no improvement in writer, and I fail to see what makes ‘The Host’ an adult book. The clumsy immature writing and utter lack of creativity (again, Animorphs rip-off) just made it a bad sci-fi version of ‘Twilight’, which was an equally horrid book. And yes, I am a woman and saw nothing romantic about ‘Twilight’. Just an empty headed moron girl throwing herself at the first vaguely male creature who shows interest in her. A relationship based on how beautiful Edward is, and how nice Bella smells…a shallow obesession between two ‘beautiful’ people who seem to have no idea what love is…much less a healthy relationship.

    In conclusion, I can’t finish ‘The Host,’ I don’t enjoy reading something that destroys a piece of my childhood (God bless you K.A. Applegate, and all the ‘Animorphs’)…and the writing is just terrible. And I hope Meyer stops writing books like ‘Twilight’. I hate to see the literary world become flooded with more trashy novels filled with horrible anti-feminist messages that brain-wash young girls into thinking that they can’t live without attaching themselves to a man like a freakin’ leech.

  • tammy

    I think this book was great among her twilight series I still can’t stop thinking about it. I mean I love the way stephenie writes, her imagination, her way of connecting you to the story like you’re in it. It’s amazing but then again I’m a romantic and like to see hope in life and love and that’s why stephenie’s great. If I wanted to think about pain and horror all day I would just read the news but I don’t. I feel I can escape a little and believe ‘hey this world isn’t soo bad’

    Thanks to stephenie she’s opened up an imagination in me I never knew was there. Everything I read of hers just excites me and I don’t want it to end. I wonder who I ask to see if they will be making a second book to go with ‘The Host’? I’ve read many books but none make me think the ways hers do none are as exciting I’ve been waiting for this book since I was able to read. haha. I love this woman and don’t know why really, I thinks she’s great! I don’t think that in a creepy way just I always feel good about life after reading one of her books like it should be.

  • Natalia

    I read the host.
    it is the most amazing book ever. its not really comparable to twilight so everyone who is expecting the same story just with different people-dont even bother reading it.
    i cried so much at the end but it all turned out well and beautiful.
    the begining is a bit tough to read. especially if you try to get into the character. i mean wanderer gets trough a lot of physical pain.
    and emotional. so fragile. i absolutely love it!

  • riley anderson

    fab article i loved te host she did it agian and she did it better

  • natalie

    oh my gosh… i read this book and it ROCKED i would reccomend it to anyone.

  • Twilight fanatic

    Stephenie meyer? I have a few question about twilight so if you should read this then… It’d be nice to have them answered

    #1. If Jacob were bitten, what would happen him being a werewolf and all, Would he still be able to turn or…not?
    #1a. Would Jacob have any sort of aversion to is being a vampire should he be bitten?

    #2. Can Edward crush diamond? After all, it is the strongest substance in the world and,

    #3. Why write about things like vampires and dark corners when you’re LDS? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great religion. I’m one myself but I’d have never expected something like that from someone like me.

  • Leia Rose

    OH, The Host had to be one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. Not better than Twilight by any means, but incredibly good. I love an author who can write different genres, and rock at both of them! At first I was a bit scared to read it, I always thought of vampires when I heard the name ‘Stephanie Meyer’ and I didn’t want to ruin that, but I’m definatley glad I read The Host, really, really AMAZING book.

  • twilover

    Quick question, what do you think is bella’s most pronounced trait? (If she were turned, what would be her *power* be?)what about Jacob? If he were turned what would it be?

  • ilovejacobblack

    when the hell are they ganna get married already? cuz seriously, that’s all I’m waiting for. And secondly: I think that Jacob Black fans should get a little treat and Jacob Black should ruin the wedding IF THEY EVER END UP GETTING MARRIED!!!

  • kathy

    the host is not near as good as the twilight series

  • twilight lover

    I am SO with you!

  • does it matter?

    uh Leia Rose? stephenie’s name is spelled with an E. stephenie!

  • Anneke Higgins

    This was a terrible book and frankly a waste of my time. the writing was inept and childish. Utter lack of plot and character development. no likeable characters, they were all flat and one-dimensional. I don’t know how I found the strength to finish this drivel. the end was a cheap cop out. this was boring and uninspired. how was this trash published? more importantly how was I suckered into paying $15 for it? Avoid this book at all costs, because like Meyer’s imaginary world: reading this book will destroy your soul.

  • Kaye

    I went out to get The Host because I read good reviews about it before it came out. I started the Prologue and Chapter 1 and it sounded intriguing. But as I progressed to a couple more chapters, it started to get dry and boring. I think Meyer spent too much time on imagery and description – she could have cut the book to about 400 pages or so. I am still on Chapter 14 (for over a week now). She exhaustingly describes the desert. I want to know about the characters – I want to like them, but it’s so hard. I found this book uninteresting and I haven’t been inspired to go back and read it though I paid $20 for it. I don’t think that the present internal dialogue worked for this book because it bogged down the pace of the story even with the drawn out unnecessary descriptive details. The ethical issues are interesting, but not interesting enough to get into. I want to find out what happens in the book, maybe I’ll go back and read the book later, but hopefully they’ll make cliff notes. I love Stephenie Meyer, but The Host did not do it for me.

  • Kaye

    I went out to get The Host because I read good reviews about it before it came out. I started the Prologue and Chapter 1 and it sounded intriguing. But as I progressed to a couple more chapters, it started to get dry and boring. I think Meyer spent too much time on imagery and description – she could have cut the book to about 400 pages or so. I am still on Chapter 14 (for over a week now). She exhaustingly describes the desert. I want to know about the characters – I want to like them, but it’s so hard. I found this book uninteresting and I haven’t been inspired to go back and read it though I paid $20 for it. I don’t think that the present internal dialogue worked for this book because it bogged down the pace of the story even with the drawn out unnecessary descriptive details. The ethical issues are interesting, but not interesting enough to get into. I want to find out what happens in the book, maybe I’ll go back and read the book later, but hopefully they’ll make cliff notes. I love Stephenie Meyer, but The Host did not do it for me.

  • Rory Gilmore

    Twilight Fanatic, I am not Stephenie Meyer, but I’ll answer your questions they sound fun!

    #1. If Jacob were bitten, what would happen him being a werewolf and all, Would he still be able to turn or…not?

    Answer: If Jacob were bitten by a vampire, he would not turn into a vampire or have any vampire traits or abilities because the were heritage that runs in his blood will not allow him to change into a vampire. Because the Quileutes and the Cold Ones’ hatred for each other is so archaic, a werewolf and a vampire would be immune to each other’s bites, though their injuries would dearly show on their bodies. Jacob’s body would either reject Edward’s venom or the venom would probably give Jacob rabies.

    In other vampire lore, a vampire’s bite on a werewolf would NOT turn the werewolf in vampire. But if blood was exchanged, like if the werewolf was exposed to the vampire’s blood by an open wound or by the mouth, the werewolf could possibly turn into a hybrid, having traits from both species, but this is quite unusual since the werewolf must have the right chromosomes in order to accept the bacteria in the vampire’s blood. This happens reverse for vampires, too.

    #1a. Would Jacob have any sort of aversion to is being a vampire should he be bitten?

    Answer: Yes, Jacob would have a strong disinclination towards being a vampire because the Quileutes have long hated the Cold Ones. As you can see, he only tolerates Edward because of Bella. And he wants Bella to live for him.

    #2. Can Edward crush diamond? After all, it is the strongest substance in the world and,

    Answer: Edward certainly CANNOT crush diamonds. Edward has to be a REALLY ancient vampire to have an ability like that. He’s only 90 years old – he would have to live for centuries in order to crush stones or grind metal. He could probably crush a diamond with a hammer though.

    #3. Why write about things like vampires and dark corners when you’re LDS? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great religion. I’m one myself but I’d have never expected something like that from someone like me.

    Answer: Stephenie wrote about vampires because it was based on her dream. And the books really aren’t that dark because they revolve around a love story and life and death. And just because Stephenie is LDS, it doesn’t mean she can’t have fun. The books are very much human.

  • laura

    Can anyone tell me how advanced this book is in terms of contetn. I have a 9yr old advanced reading who loved the Twilight Series and while I am excited to buy her this new book, I am hesitant because I don;t want her reading material she is not yet old enought to be reading. Thanks for your input.



  • twilight fanatic

    Rory gilmore, firstly, the answer to question #2 is totally bogus. Remember in new moon Bella is in with the volturi and she mentions that they look frail and PROBABLY are! Don’t get me wrong, it was very logical and all but…doesn’t make sense after all, stephenie twisted the traditional rules of being a vampire a lot! Whose to say that this is correct or incorrect. Also, when in eclipse edward snaps off the flower from the bed post and crushes it to fine powder well, I certainly wouldn’t be able to do that! I think Edward Would be able to crush diamons I mean come on. (Sorry, I guess it sounds like i’m regurgitating my own Q but… and secondly, I do not think that just becuase your LDS doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! I know that you can I just, Well, lets just say it came out wrong.

  • Bella

    Nicely said. I agree. All Steph’s books are in my to-read-and-read-again pile.
    It makes me feel like I could lose myself in her books and sometimes, don’t we all want to get away from reality?

  • sherrilina

    While it does bear some similarities to Animorphs (invasion of parasitic aliens that take over, hosts overwhelming the aliens sometimes, the weird love triangles that can result (the latter two in “Visser” especially), it’s different enough that it’s still quite enjoyable and engrossing…..

  • twilight fanatic

    What do you think Bella’s “power” will be?

    “Power” as in uh, extra thing like Edward has his mind-reading powers, Emmett his brute strength, Emse her ability to love passionately, Rosalie her beauty, Jasper his mood changing and Alice her future sight. What would Bella’s be?

  • nicki reed

    Hi everybody. I’m very exited that everybody likes the series the host so much. I’m very exited to play rosalie in Twilight the upcoming movie. I hope you all liked it as much as I did โ€” do.

  • didi

    wow. just finished reading it and i must admit i didn’t quite understand in the beginning. its a little slow paced for me but it was worth it. it got me all jumpy after reading the middle part and it made me cry after reading the epilogue. its good, though not as wonderful as twilight. ๐Ÿ™‚
    its funny how stephenie makes me want to never stop reading her books..its like im stuck in that imaginary world :))

  • mandi k

    i love Twilight i havent got to read the host yet!!

  • mandi k

    The twilight series is tha bomb! I am only fifteen and i am like inlove with those books and i am not even a person that reads all the time they are the only books i will read unless i am forced to read something in class so thanx steph for making such a great series of books and it gives me something to do when i am not playing softball(P.s Softball is tha bomb!!_)

  • tread

    well since Bella has already shown that others powers have no affect on her (edward can’t read her mind etc.) her power could have something to di with this or maybe meyer will throw in a twist. I’m a male and i like the books but honestly i don’t want a one page description of edward and how he is so beautiful and smells so good every time he shows up in the book… its rather annoying in fact i want to cross these descriptions off as i’m not homosexual nor plan to be, i think this infatuation everyone has with Edward is sorta juvenile.

  • claire

    I’m 11 years old and I love the twilight series. Am I too young to read the Host? I’m glad to hear someone 10 years old has read it.

  • Maxine

    Amazing. Book. I have read all of her books, and I almost want to say this was better than the Twilight Saga! She wraps you up so much in the characters you feel like when someone dies a part of you dies too. I was sobbing while reading the last chapter or so of this book this morning. Amazing, not like anything else I’ve ever read. And this is coming from someone who rarely reads Sci-Fic.

  • Tootie Fruitie

    Like OMG like I totally love like the Twilight series omg. Like are you guys like totally with me? I’m so excited for After Dawn the fifth book to come out cuz like it’s going to be soooooo amazing. Did you guys like totally think that Jacob was right about stealing Edward’s Volvo and using it to lure Bella away to the edge of the cliff??? OMG!!!!! Loves it.

  • Karen

    I hate jacob more than anything rite now. i hate how he’s trying 2 convince bella that he loves her more. obviously edward loves her more.
    yeah i am 10 2. i uv twilight!

    ~Fanpire 4 life!

  • Vodka

    its really boring in the first 120 pages.
    i dont understand this book rly well as im only 13.
    but this book is great!
    it’s a must-read.
    i love jacob more than anything.
    he’s the nicest to bella.
    ( my opinion )

  • Karen

    I just finished The Host. it was my absolute favorite book of all time. yeah it wasn’t interesting until Uncle Jeb finds her in the desert.

  • I think they are great books and if you don’t like them *coughISELUTcough* then dont comment. simple as that. =)

  • Luna

    This book is the best… I read it already and if you guys have the twilight series then you will love this book too. I’m a big fan of the host and I am only fourteen.

  • Kristen

    – Last Paragraph Has a Little bit of a Spoiler –

    I love Stephinie! Her books are amazing. I’ve read all the twilight books, and just finished “The Host” It was amazing. I’m still debating on is it better than Twilight. I almost think it is.
    Yes the beginning was verrry slow for me. I read chapter 4 so many times before I relized that it wasn’t “Wanderer” Speaking. HAHA. I never noticed the text had changed.
    I think I liked this book more because both of the guys that she loved, won. Both got their loves. :] It made me happy.

  • Bella

    HOLY CRAP!!! The host was one of the best books i’ve ever read! I totally loved it! It is like nothing i’ve ever read before… just pure brilliance by Meyer. I can’t wait now for breaking dawn to come out! I tottaly love the first three! When are the books from Edwards point of view comming out?

  • Donna

    I bought the book the Host and heard it was a good
    book. However, I could not for the life of me figure it out. I was so distracted with all the
    changes from wanderer to soul to whatever and it
    made no sense to me since I could not understand
    who was talking or what was happening. It almost
    seemed like a person lived inside themselves and
    the real person had to try and comprehend what the
    person inside them was telling them or doing.
    Too confusing. could not read.

  • bernard

    I am a high school English teacher and saw a copy of Twilight on the table waiting for the principal. I began reading it, finished two pages, and immediately went to buy the book before I went home. My sister in law, 40, my sister, over 50 and I are all fans of the book series. The depth of writing gets better with each book. I am almost finished with the 3rd book, and I almost dread reading Breaking Dawn, for fear she won’t end the book the way I would end it as a writer. I think she is a great writer, and I think about the characters constantly. However, unlike most fans, Jacob is my hero in the book. She makes me feel the love that Bella feels for him, and I see that Jake is right for Bells, and that Edward is completely wrong for her. After the second book, Edward is like a mannequin. No emotion is between them that is a passionate love…She cannot touch him, he is not real. But I think he is a good guy, and cares for her deeply. But he is just there. Jacob screams off of the pages and the chemistry between them is hidden so beautifully beneath the surface of Ms. Meyers words.

    As a born again, card carrying Christian, I don’t think this is morally for young readers because she includes morals and scruples. But to allow herself denial to having children and living on the sly, I will cry if Bella becomes a Vampire. I love the fact that Edward is aware of God and an afterlife.

    But Jacob is incredible, and I feel that he loves her more, and whether she chooses that route or not, it is meant to be. The choice to leave her father and Jacob is wrong. Why want to live forever? No changes, no personal growth in aging, not the real thing.

    But, oh, what a story. Thank you, Ms. Meyer, for getting young people to read! I have loved every word and felt every emotion. But why does someone who is 35 playing Jake?

  • nottellin

    OMG, Stephenie, you are the best. Your books are my favorites, and I can’t wait to read The Host.
    Your books are incredible, and if I can ever write half as well as you I will consider that great.

    Thanks for the gift you’ve given us with your writing!



    2 DAYS!!


    LOVE TWILGHT!!!!<3


    [[i just luurve STEPHANIE MEYER]]
    .she’s like..the B-E-S-T!.

    ..the TWILIGHT series is sensational.
    [a total -must read]

    ..i’m really looking forward on reading THE HOST=)

  • sophiya

    answering the question above..
    if jacob was injected with vampire venom, he would die so the answer on top is actually wrong..
    i am not making this up btw, it was mentioned in breaking dawn that vampire venom is fatal to werewolves or shapeshifters like jacob.

    i’m 13 and i am currently writing a book report for the host and i just want to say that stephanie meyer is an inspiring author who could create a world so fantastic that you would wish you lived in it.
    The stories are all based on love and i believe that with love anything can be possible
    this is a really really good read and I would recommend it to everyone.

  • Chrys

    Ok just finished the Twilight Saga (Which was the best series I’ve ever read)and now I’m ready for The Host. I hope it proves to be just as good.

  • Vanessa

    I just finished the host
    The best book EVER
    I hate reading…
    But the book got to me n begged to be read
    the host is wayyyyyyy better than twilight of course
    the beginning is too slow thought
    it took me 1 week to get pass that
    but after jeb found wanderer in the desert
    i got lost in the boook finishing it in 14hours straight

  • iluvMR

    yup!!! The Host is great!!! the first part was a little confusing but overall it is one of the best books i have read ever!

    I read the book in 5 hours straight!

  • Claudia Dias

    The Host is BETTER than twilight,new moon,eclipse, and breaking dawn!!! And i really hope that it becomes amovie 2!!!

  • Hi, im a 19 years old puertorican. I can tell that I didn’t read books so fast,I mean, I could spend 3 months on one book, but I read twilight in 2 days. So, im in love with the twilight series and stephenie meyer. I got the host but I haven’t read it yet. Ohh and 1 more thing. With the problems that are affecting our world, I definitively like to be in the magical world that stephenie meyer creates in twilight. I woke up with twilight and I go back to bed with twilight. TWILIGHT ROCKS!! AND STEPHENIE MEYER TOO!!

  • Nutty Nat

    I cant really figure out the book. It’s kind of confusing.

  • Codex Alera

    Stephanie Meyer’s an idiot. I hope that doesn’t count as a personal attack. Her writing is awful, inept, and grammatically void. Host is a cheap rip-off of Jack Finney’s Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, and Twilight blew chunks like a bulimic after christmas dinner! have a nice day!

  • ashley

    All i have to say is this: I LOVED ALL THE TWILIGHT SERIES!!!! They were in fact, the best books i have ever read and they have not only impacted my life, but others too!!!! My sister hated reading, but she started to read Twilight and fell in love with edward!!! As i did too!!! I enjoyed the last book and i have to say that i do not believe that Stephanie Meyer could have ended the Twilight series any better and without hurting any of her fans from EDWARDS TEAMS and Jacobs teams. As for the new book HOST I am not able to enjoy it as much because i fell in love with Vampires and Host is too confusing!!! i do not know about all of you, but i am always comparing other books to Twilight and that is some thing that I have to quit doing…lol But I can HONESTLY SAY: STEPHANIE MEYER is a MAGNIFICANT and BRILLANT WRITER and I enjoyed her BOOKS and i am sad that it had to end, but then again i could not wait desperately for another book!!! it was painful waiting to recieve BREAKING DAWN!!! Oh well, we still have the movie to look forward too!!!

  • Sophie

    I just finished reading it. So awesome, I already addicted to Stephanie works(The Host is my first)
    I hope this book will turn to movie as well and I’m so agreed with the cast that whoever made this
    fake The Host video trailer

  • blake johnson

    this was the weirdest book i have ever read… actualy probably the only book if ever read.
    well anyways i hated it. was way to confusing for me..

  • Kim Norton

    I couldn’t put the Twilight series down once I started reading them this fall. I then read Stephanie Meyers ‘The Host’ and thought it was just as great as the 4 Twilight books. I saw on her website she suggests ‘The Hunger Game’ another intralling book. Now I’m looking for something of similar quality as these books but maybe with a little more adult romance. Any suggestions?

  • Christina

    Twilight = trash. Sorry it’s not even worth typing about.

  • Anon

    And yet Christina, it must seeing as you are typing about it!

    I have just read The Host and it was awesome. I was not interested in vampire novels or science fiction until I read the Twilight series and The Host. Awesome books.

    Edward and Bella are meant to be ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can’t wait to see the movie. 9 more days till release here!

  • sara

    i really have to read this book…i mean if stephanie meyer wrote this book then it has to be good!!!


  • Erin

    I loved the book Host and the Twilight series. I have read the four Twilight books that are out more than once because they were so good. I am very picky as to what i read, it has to be very good. I think Jacob is nicer to Bella and pays attention to what SHE wants more which shows he cares.

    The Host was an excellent book and i can’t really say which was better becasue thy were both very different books. The beginning was kinda boring but at the same time necessary. I love how the book is so different and i just love everything she writes!

  • Sam

    i read the host, im just looking up this review for an assignment i have but i would deffinetly recomend it! it was truly amazing, and do not look at it and judge it based on twilight or underestimate this novel because in my opinion it is second best to the twilight series. great review also ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Molly

    I just finshed reading Host. I loved it as much as the Twilight series. Im sad that Stephenie Myer dose’t have any more books besides the Twilight series and the Host. I can’t wait till she comes out with more books. She is my favorite author all times.

  • reagan

    i am currantly reading “the host” and it is one of the best book ive read it a very long time yes i did read the twilight seris but to be honest the host is more thrilling in a more could happen in the real world kinda way but i have about 200 pges left give or take and the suspence is absolutly killing me and i can hadly stand to read more than a chapter at a time

  • aspiring writer

    I can’t stand when people claim that some stories are “rip-offs” of other stories. In essence, all dramas emanate from the original four conflicts (man vs. self; man vs. man; man vs. society; man vs. the Gods/Nature) And I use man in the general sense to describe the classical literary name of a protagonist.
    Every modern and classical story’s theme(s) is ultimately rooted to those conflicts. Even the expanded conflicts of supernatural and technology can fit into the original four. So, really there are not that many original themes out there, no matter how innovative the author’s storytelling was. Yes, it is true that similar themes such as mind control, alien invasion and doomsday scenarios have been articulated before and in greater detail; but the basis for the Host is not to visit the conflict inherent in the takever of society; (this is only my opinion) I believe the Host’s goal is to explore the relationships and how they are affected. The relationship with oneself; relationship with the conquered; with Wanderer’s captors; the Souls’ relationships with each other; and to a lessor extent but no less profound humans’ relationship with each other.
    What Stephenie Meyer has accomplished is to tell a story about after the aliens have won and the consequences of that victory primarily through the eyes of one of the victors who cannot reconcile herself with the conduit of said invasion. None of the aformentioned stories that people claim have been ripped off wrote from such a perspective and did not visit such an original interpretation of the conflicts (Wanda vs. Mel; Wanda vs. the Humans, Wanda vs. Herself and Wanda vs. the whole Soul Legacy/Society)
    Now, yes, Stephenie Meyer is prone to over describing scenes and over emphasizing actions and emotions via overuse of adjectives and adverbs. As a writer I sometimes have this problem; whereas my friends/critics describe as explaining how to build a clock when all that was asked was what time it is. (ironically evident in this long post)
    But, as a literaphile I can’t help getting caught up in a story when the characters are sufficiently sympathetic and Stephenie Meyer is successful in creating a story with a sympathetic protagonist, and relatable conflicts that are resolved in a reasonable manner.

  • aspiring writer

    So to all of the Twilight critics who don’t like the Bella-Edward story because it is demeaning to women and they interpret it as saying that a ‘woman should go to pieces because her love has left her.’ or because the relationship is near abusive (yes one reviewer actually said that).
    Okay, I am a man, and I love the story because I am a hopeless romantic and love the conlfict inherent in a vampire fighting his basic nature and urges to feed in order to be a better person (i.e. Nick Knight, Louis in Interview, Angel in Buffy) and how wonderfully ironic that after a century of being alone he finally finds the one soul he is attracted to (albeit slowly) romantically and she triggers his urge to feed more than anything he’s ever experienced.
    Back to the argument about why this story should not be interpreted as an affront to a girl’s/woman’s independent spirit. I as a person identified mostly with Bella’s perspective because I have experienced a first true love relationship where I never felt that way about anyone, could not imagine feeling that way about anyone, and irrationally feeling such a strong attachment despite so few rational reasons why I was attracted to the person as a whole.
    And I too fell to pieces when my one true love left me. Was a shell of a person for months, functioned only to distract myself from the excruciating pain.
    So, do I believe that what Stephenie Meyer’s story is advocating is that a girl is not complete without a man?? Of course not, I think that people of both genders become to psychologically dependent on the idea of love and soulmates and everlasting relationships and when problems and difficulties arise or the relationship ends people inevitably question their very nature and because such relationships consumed such an overwhelming part of their emotional spectrum, they are left with a chasm so deep it feels like nothing could fill it.
    I think people in general can sometimes place too much emphasis on a fairytale, utopian relationship and should temper their expectations with the fact that though true love and life long relationships can and do exist; that you need to take the good with the bad and that it is the negatives that help you to appreciate the positives; that first love is grand and successive loves when kept and evaluated in perspective can be just as grand or even grander.
    And isn’t it commendable that Stephenie Meyer does not simply write in gratuitous sex and tries to depict a teenage love story about fighting our natural hormonal urges and keeping virtue precious via commitment.
    All in all a great book series, great storytelling, I hope to read Midnight Sun if she ever completes it, and possibly other books that cover the original 4 book story in Edward, Jacob and even Alice’s (Breaking Dawn would be perfect) perspective.

  • Clarissa

    If u are so petty as to come on a site for fans and say bad crap, your life must be really boring and I think retards like haters of Stephanie Meyer should shut the freak up bc they have no business coming on to a site and trashing someone that is amazing when indeed the haters are the trash. Animorphs for all u haters was nowhere as good as this book. XP so forget all of you losers and get a gosh danged life!!!

  • katy

    i absolutely loved the entire twilight series:) especially Breaking dawn!! ive read it alone 6 times!!!!! im defiantely looking forward to reading it definately

  • anonymous

    i totally love the host. all of stephenie meyers books are wonderful but the host is my absolute fave! stephenie if you ever read this i want you to know that you have so much talent and you need to keep the books coming. btw is there going to be a movie for the host? there totally should be! it rocks hardcore! for you people who dont like it, you dont have to comment and ruin it for the rest of us. these sites are not for slams against stephenie meyers writing. that is really rude. i think she is awesome and hope she never stops writing! Love ya steph!

  • anonymous

    does anyone else think that ian is the best guy in the host book? he was my favorite character after he was explained and developed a crush on wanda. i loved every word of this book. couldn’t put it down. i won’t be able to think of anything else for awhile! stephenie meyer is the most amazing writer!

  • noneya

    btw twilight does not tell us to attach ourselves to guys like leeches it is a great story about forbidden love and desire. everyone is entitled to their own opinion but mine is the one that matters to me. after reading these comments MOST people agree with me. if you have negative comments keep them to yourself.

  • anonymus

    This is to Stephenie Meyer should she ever read this. I think you are the best author I’ve ever read. I wasn’t really into reading until I read Twilight for the first(of like a million)times. My parents can’t get me to stop reading now and I think its better than letting stupid TV shows rot my brain. I just finished The Host last night and it was absolutely wonderful. I can’t stop thinking about it. Don’t pay any attention to people who are so dense and dim witted that they can’t see the wonder of your writing. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I finished the books. I wanted to keep reading them. I was very sad that they were over. Miss Meyers please never quit writing because there are so many people who love you and your characters that the negative comments of certain others have no effect other than to make your fans consider cussing them out through this blog thing. I just want you to know that you are one of my greatest heroes, Steph, and I won’t ever stop reading your books. You’re fantastic!

  • purechancer

    hey just like to say i absaloutly love all of her books i cant wait to read the host but dont have much time ad da mo but will do so as soon as possible xxxxx

  • KerryS

    I read through The Host, and honestly I could hardly stand it every single time the character cried. I actually burst out laughing at one point and said GET OVER IT ALREADY, GOD!!!!!!!!! She is such an emo character. So weak. You try to say she’s strong by adding what she did to herself to enter the clinic? Give me a break. “Fresh tears started to hit the floor…” Could she be any more pathetic? Honestly.

    The Twilight series was addicting, but not because it was well written by any means. Bella was a ditzy floozy “Do anything for men, cook for Charlie, do well at school and love Edward” nitwit of a character. The series was addicting because Edward was described so ‘smolderingly’ well that any woman would be crazy to not want him to jump out of the novel and bite them.

  • I read all four books in the Twilight series, and I love them all. So much so, that I’d like to see a fifth book in the series. I’d like to know if Jacob and Reneseme finally do get married. I’d like to see more of Edward and Bella’s life together. Perhaps there could be prequels focusing on Edward’s human life up to the point to where he was finally transformed by Carlisle into a Vampire. What psychological and emotional turmoil Edward encounters after he is transformed. I’d like to know about his journey in the vampire world through his early stages. What was his life like? How does his outliving his parents affect him? Of course I definitely believe that all this content would be told wonderfully through his point of view.

  • Amy

    it really reminds me of animorphs with the yerks… but this book has such a great twist it is 1000000 times better than animorphs which dragged on for so long that i don’t know anybody who read the whole series!

  • Alexis

    I’ve been a fan of the Twilight saga since I laid my hands on it. I’ve never been so attatched to a book, and I didn’t know it could mean so much to me.
    Though I don’t really like Bella’s personality, I still find the saga to be VERY good. I wanted her to be with Jacob, but after reading Breaking Dawn, I feel Edward is right, and everything works out in the end anyways.
    For all you haters out there, you really need to get a life and be more compassionate and understanding. People who have truely loved another would understand these books alot better.
    I also find it annoying when people who are so young read these books. They are not matured enough. I mean seriously, 10 years old? younger? that’s a little ridiculous. I may be only 15, but I’m mature for my age and I can relate. This book was intended for young adults, not kids.
    Anyways, I just finished The Host about an hour ago. I bought it awhile ago, I started reading it and found it to be confusing. But I just recently decided to try it again, and understood it a bit better, but once I got past that part, I found it to be veeeery very good. I loved it! Not as much as the Twilight saga, but very close.
    I hope there is a second book.(:

  • Vulturii destroyer

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have read all her other books and I LOVED THEM! and sorry Stephanie but i only knew about the Twilight saga AFTER the movie was made. you should get some marketing out on “host” it looks awsome! I love how your books are both scary and ROMANTIC!

  • Denise

    I have read all the Twilight Books, absolutely loved them and can’t wait till Twilight comes out on DVD. I am now reading The Host, but i am finding it hard to get into. It is quite confusing in parts. But i will perservere with it because i know Stephenie Meyer never fails to disappoint. Will read the Twilight series again after i finish The Host.

  • Shine15

    im 15 and i just finished reading The Host. Wow! that was an awesome book in my opinion. For people who think its going to be like the Twilight series: it’ not and completely different. This book is sooo unique from any other book ive read. Its very interesting!
    the characters are great to.
    I am also waiting for midnight sun.
    Im so mad at the people who illegaly posted the draft copy of the book and posted it online and getting Stephanie Meyer upset.
    That’s why she is not publishing it now.
    oh well
    The host is very good, but can be a bit confusing at first. You have to read it carefully. But once you understand what is going on in the story you can’t stop reading. I heard she is thinking of writing sequels to the Host called The Soul and The Seeker.
    I hope she does ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Becca

    the host is my favourite book ever!
    i read twilight and loved it and i didn’t think any books could compare to it apart from the harry potter ones…….but then i read the host.
    its really amazing!
    anyone who doesnt read it is missing out big time!
    it made me cry…..and i never cry!
    its one of those books that you cant stop thinking about!
    stephenie meyer, if you’re reading this, im begging you to publish the soul and the seeker as soon as possible!
    and midnight sun too! im refusing to read the illegaly posted draft on the internet!
    thanks for writing such brilliant books

  • Becca

    by the way…..ireland loves stephenie meyer!!!!!

  • ashley

    nice review. i actually read this book, but i have to do a book review for this book in school. i think that you pretty much covered it all, so i have nothing to say, but GOOD JOB.

  • The Host? Great Book. When I finished the last page, I turned to the first and began again. “Aspiring Writer” made some great points – sure the idea has been used before. Body snatchers from space are not new. That’s not the point of the book – the plot line is a vehicle that motivates the true purpose of the story, which is to explore the deepest of humanity’s questions: what does it mean to exist? Is it just the mind? Is it the body? Is it the body and mind? Does self-awareness define existence? Does DNA define existence? What about love? It is so intertwined between the mind and body, but which is more real?

    Meyers explores these questions in depth. Mel/Wanda and Jared are drawn together through physical intimacy, Mel/Wanda and Ian are drawn together purely through emotional/spiritual/mental intimacy, and Mel/Wanda and Jamie are are the completion, as their love is the sum of all the other loves imaginable. (Physical love being the motherly/sisterly desire to hold, comfort, touch, protect, of course.)

    Myers doesn’t have the greatest writing style. The Twilight Saga and Host are not the best written books. But that does not make them any less compelling, which is why Meyers is so wonderful. Her stories are compelling, gripping and important to the reader despite her simplistic and flawed narrative.

    Of course, her “simplistic and flawed narrative” is really just right, because her words become the voice of real people – you always feel like you’re reading the character’s actual words, not some transcript from a professional writer.

  • William

    Since I have a little time, there are a few other things worth pointing out:

    Meyers is bringing a lot of depth to the surface in “The Host.” In addition to the points made above, consider the following:

    The “Souls” live in perfect harmony. Complete peace, health, and happiness. And yet, despite this, Wanderer (and the reader) finds herself giving value to humans and their flawed society. Why? Is it possible that a Utopian society would actually take away from the richness of humanity?

    Souls abhor violence, yet Wanda finds herself feeling relieved when Jeb is wearing his gun. She would never want to see him use it, but it makes her feel safe.

    Wanda is horrified that humans would kill souls, yet doesn’t see why taking a human’s body and erasing their existence is a problem. In fact, there are so many layers of prejudice, assumption, and racism explored in this book it’s impossible to begin to talk about them.

    Souls never lie, yet Wanda would do it to protect the humans she loves.

    Wanderer often muses over the powerful senses and emotions of humans, noting that the extreme negatives are offset by the greatest feelings of happiness – which she has never experienced in all her lives.

    This is just a taste of the questions on humanity explored in “The Host.” Those of you who want a touching romance, you’ve got it. If you want a sci-fi novel, you’ve got it. If you want a political satire, you’ve got it. If you want a social statement, you’ve got it. If you want a philosophy on morals and ethics, you’ve got it.

    All this written in the simplest of stories. It’s genius.

  • Cat

    This book is so great and so is twilight I hope they make a movie out of it

  • IGA

    omg this is an awesome book u shold all read it!! OH AND TWILIGHT ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!

  • bee

    i have read the twilight series 40 times now

  • woody

    i loved the Twilight series. i cant wait to get my hands on the host. it looks really interesting. Stephenie Meyer is my ultimate favorite writer. Thank you for writting these books.

  • Timi

    William….. I have to say I really enjoyed both of your posts. I will less eloquently say that you completely wrapped up the essence of the story in a nutshell. Bravo… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ashley

    Yo ppl this book is a-mazing.
    and i just love love ian.
    at the beggining i hated him for trying to kill her and then they fall in love its so so sweet.
    GO IAN!!!

  • K.R.D

    omg the twilight books r the best im obsessed with them . i once found myself read new moon 4 6 HOURS 6 . im just away 2 start THE HOST . im pretty sure it will be as good as the TWILIGHT books !!!!!!!!!!!!!! K.R.D age 11

  • d.thedee

    The Host to me, so far, has been a disappointment. I’ve been reading this book for 3 days and I’m on page 310, and the concept overall is kinda boring to me. I expected the book to be more about Jared and Jamie, and maybe it will get there, but so far, it’s hard trying to read through. Usually, it doesnt take me this long to go through a book. I finished three books of the twilight series back to back in like a week or two, and now, because it’s too drawn out, I’m having a hard time reading…it’s not as catching as twilight was. I just saw the author and bought the book. I hope the book finally gets to the point because I’m about to fall asleep…snoring…and I NEVER snore…

  • K.R.D

    Is there any other books by STEPHANIE MEYER ?????
    if there is can someone add a comment 2 say what it is.
    im dying 4 another of her books !!!!!

  • K.R.D

    i think everyone would agree with me that the film twilight (if you’ve seen it )is terrible compared to the book . But you’ve not read the book then its fab.

    love u all STEPHANIE MEYER fans.

    K.R.D age 11

  • William

    Thanks Timi. I wouldn’t call myself eloquent. I am not educated in literature like many who would review a book – I am a physicist who never reads/likes science fiction. I have never reviewed a book before, and read “The Host” only after my sister forced me to.

    But this book got me thinking in ways I had not considered before. I have now read it many times over, and still am moved by the mutual simplicity and complexity wrapped up together in a story of love and hope, of understanding and forgiving – all this swirled about by hatred and despair, prejudice and grudge.

    It makes this dark and rough world of ours look beautiful again. And to think – all this light emanating from a world lived in darkened caves.

  • T. Hawk

    ‘Iseult’- God bless you, and damn straight… Animorphs has and always will be my favourite books and I refuse to complete this tradgedy of a stolen text. Twilight was alright but Stephanie has lost all my respect, and I will not rest ’til everyone knows about her theft…

    And on a further note screw all you people who are trying to disregard this issue as unimportant. All the hard work and imagination that has gone into creating a whole fictional world, has been plaguerised and you’re praising the theif for it!

  • DW

    I have a quick question about the book Host and I would really appreciate your input!

    I bought Host for my sister who just turned 12. After I bought the book I found out that it’s the author’s first adult novel… Does that mean it might have inappropriate stuff? like sexual scenes too mature for 12 year-old girl?

    Those who already read the book, should I have my sister read it when she gets older? Or is the content OK for a 12-year-old?

    Thanks for your response in advance!

  • Stretchy Pants

    I am currently reading ‘The Host’ and I just get so engrossed in the story that time passes without me noticing, and before too long, 2 hours have passed! I just can’t put the book down and I’m not even halfway through yet! Actually, I think I’ll go read some more now…

  • William

    This isn’t an “adult” novel in the sense that it has any openly sexual dialogue or content. The author mentions the fact that human bodies have strong instinctual mating urges once, mentions alien asexual reproduction once, and alludes to intimate relationships between “married” couples a few times. Nothing inappropriate, by my standard, which I would say is high comparitively speaking. A mature 12 year old would never even bat an eye at the content, a less mature one might not understand the book, as it is told from a dual persona narrative.

    Why don’t you read it first? Then you can decide for yourself based on your standards. Besides, you’ll love it.

  • William

    T. Hawk and others;

    I can understand someone feeling a little incensed at a “stolen” story, especially if that story is one really loved. Let me offer a little insight into literature for all the (dozens) of people out there who are posting angrily at Meyer for stealing from animorphs, or body snatchers, or anyone else:

    There are only a few basic stories in all of literature, and everything pulls off of them. Even Shakespeare himself openly discusses in his plays the sources that he draws from. For example: you thought Othello was an original piece? Not so. It was taken from “A Moorish Captain” by the Italian Cinthio. Shakespeare is not ashamed of this – he gladly admits it. Why?

    The answer is that literature does not exist for the story it tells, but the issues it addresses. The story brings along the issues and keeps up the interest, but it is not the crux of the matter.

    Read “The Host” for the issues addressed, for the questions, ethics, philosophies and politics. Every story out there is “stolen” from something else, but that’s literature. Don’t hold it against Meyer that her story has been told before, read her book for the issues it raises, and you will find yourself fascinated instead of irritated.

  • sasha

    i hope stephenie meyer continues the twilight sasga i have read breaking dawn it rox looking foward tonmidnight sun(Oedwards version of twilight) ttyl guys

  • anonymous

    I still haven’t read this book, but I plan to. Twilight was amazing.

  • indrajit masuda

    i read a lot and like sci fi.
    i have read most of the classics and am almost 70!!
    THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer is i would say the best sci fi i read since Childhoods End by arthur C clerk. Wow i coudnt put the book down till i finished, it stirred me so on several levels. Romance, psychology, imagination, the human condition, biology, adventure,conflicting personalities,possession, spiritualism, ethics and so much more.
    Occasionally though in her expressions the author indulges in expressions that dont fit the literary scene eg rolling your eyes, an expression often used in the Twilight series too which i hope she would avoid. But thats a minor aberration.
    and one can live with that teen bop hang over.
    In the host she has i think matured into a great story teller with amazing depths. Yes i want to read a sequel so so much and see a film made on it. hope I have not got addicted.
    Literary wise the twilight series had short comings but the imagination was so superb. Iloved reading them all except for the rolling of eyes and other inwanted expressions.

  • Taylor

    I red the twilight series in only 10 days it was so good! i cant wait to start “the host” it looks awsome!!! Is there any other books by stephanie meyer?i am in love with these books!!!

  • laken

    omg! i loved you twilight saga!!!!! i finished all four in like a week!!!

  • Suzanne. xoxo

    OMGOMGOMG!!! i have read the hist 9 time now. The best book writen by sm. yes i have read ALL her books but the host is just indescribeble (L). i heart you stephenie.
    and your sxii as books.

  • Kathleen Cantwell

    Stephanie Meyer, you have inspired me (a non-reader) to stay up each night just to read your words. You are an amazing individual. Keep ’em coming!

  • gabby

    hi does anyonbe no if the host is a carry on from the breaking dawn book.
    i really wana no

  • Giulia A.

    I love this book!!!!

  • Kaciee Stewart

    Kind of a ripoff. This book is mainly like the animorphs series except the animorphs is longer and in more detail. Stephenie Meyer is starting to sound like a playjurist

  • bitch

    fucking awesome

  • bitch

    fucking awesome

  • thinkpink

    So far I am reading the host, I’m only about 10% into the book. but so far it has been very hard to get my attention. I am a VERY big fan of the Twilight books. But so far the Host does not have the same magic as twiligh.

  • emma

    i’ve just read this book.
    slow start but very good by the end but i found it very hard to sympathise with Wander in comparison to melanie, and found melanie’s entrapment and lack of involvement very frustrating.
    not as good as twilight saga, but stil a good read.

  • Lauren

    This is an amazing book. It’s surprising who ends up falling in love with each other, which I could say, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

    With this book, you have to tell yourself to keep reading because some bits are slow, but once you DO keep reading, you become grateful that you did because it’s great. Made me cry towards the end, in sadness then in happiness then in “Oh my God! That’s such a good ending” then in “I’m so glad that they’re together.”

    Not as good as the Twilight Saga but what is? My second favourite book after Twilight Saga, go Stephenie Meyer!

  • Caitey

    I’ve read the Twilight Saga 2 times and I’m reading it for the 3rd time while I wait to get The Host

  • fool

    ur so awsome stephine !!!!!!!! thank you cuz i don c a lot of books like these !!!! i will so read it !!!!!!!!

    the fool

  • fool

    i wonder if stephine having a any aperances in lancaster ca ????? uz i will so go ur so cool luv you a lot cant wait to read the host so exited !!!!! wow !!! ๐Ÿ˜› hahahaha!!!! well cool eo !!!! cant wait !!!!

  • Melissa

    i absolutely love the host! it would have to be the best book i have ever read. i cant wait to read the 2nd book which will hopefully be published soon…

  • cuteipie

    I LOVE the host, it is such a good book! i have read it like 5 times and i’m still not over it!

  • Sammi

    Read the book many time and i own it. Nice review and its helping me write my review for a different book thanks.

  • Mary

    I love all the books!!!! when i get board i re read them over and over again!! They are so awsome! I actually just saw the New Moon movie today (11/21/09) and it was so amazing!! I loved it! But New Moon always makes me cry cause edward leaves Bella! So im on team Jacob!! I love him!! Anyways I really cant wait to read the host it sounds amazing and like something i would read.
    ~ Mary

  • savannah


  • qwertz09

    I cannot wait for the movie to be shown.. It is also said that there are part 2 and 3 of this book entitled The Soul and The Seeker respectively.. Stephenie Meyer is my favorite author.. I love happy endings in books..

  • bambie

    i just finished the twilight books and they are the first book that i really liked. she is great. i hope the host can compare.

  • Jess

    The best thing about this book is.. I would never in a million years pick up a sci fi book.. But this just like the twilight series.. makes you want to read it.. You’ll be turning page after page, never wanting to put it down.. Enjoy!!!! I sure as hell did!

  • Veronica

    this was the worst book i’ve ever read in my life. it was way too long, and the storyline was all over the place. she should stick to vampire love novels

  • yourWelcome

    i lovee twilight so(: so sweet; &&’d i really wish that guys in real life were to be that sweet. . . awesome book stephanie…i am doing a research project on you

  • xDXXD

    could any1 say me what is the actall story or what is the story abt???????????????

  • Samantha

    The Host was an amazing book with adventure and romance all rolled in one. I believe this book is based entirely on the levels of humanity, and love that blooms with memories, and i believ that is why the human race was able to overcome the powers and influence of the souls. For the human memories and emotion that wanderer took on was more to her than any life she experienced. When wanderer and Kyle and Jared all saw the family in the park (the 2 adult souls and baby human) they realized that just mabey they could continue to exist among the aliens and eventually could blend in with them, but they’d have to learn to loose anger and hatred to become anything like them. which is a good thing right, STEPHENIE YOU HAVE TO WRITE ANOTHER ONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steph Fan

    AMAZING BOOK! I have read this book at least three times now.

  • Ashley

    My English class is having to do a speech about a book we want…Anyone have any suggestions of what I could write about this book?

  • SunshineDust

    I’m 15 years old andI have to write an essay on this novel and found this site very useful. I’m not a fan of sci-fi but found this book very interesting, as said this book was meant for those who dont like sci-fi. Well, I really enjoyed the book and I really like the author. I’ve read all her books. Some of the comments have been as useful as the review so thank you. Wish me luck!

  • Dianne

    Twilight is one of my favorite Novels , I have seen the Movie too and its awesome,If host is written by the same writer, I weould defiantly like to read it.

  • Lois

    I’m reading this at the moment im only just begining, and its quite hard to try and understand at first but then you adjust to it. Now im quite excited to find out what happens next! The book is next to me, bout to head off for another quiet hour of reading ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mimi

    I have read all her books and they were all great. I am looking forward to the movie coming out…Wonder who will play Wonda? Hmmm..Keep it up Stephenie!!! I need more of your books to read now…:)

  • goosegirl

    the host sucks, the writing is packed into a small space, when it would’ve probably cost more, but wouldn’t have made me hate every agonising page, to add more pages for spaces, the storyline is dragging and a little boring, I am a hater, but I’ve at least read all of her books, to prove the point that this was worse than twilight and not worth the good money I spent or the full three rows in waterstones, and the rip-offs which I feel are actually better than the original. some may disagree but I’ve finished it and this is a well backed opinion and if they make a movie I will advise everyone not to go so she won’t get the money for this useless book, and I’m a very illeterate person and at my youthful age has read very many books, and at least I tried it before I judged.

  • Book Worm

    I absolutely loved the hpst. Stephanie meyer really stepped out of her comfort zone from twilight and jumped into the world of Sci fi and did and amazing job

  • Kristie

    I read The Host.ITS AMAZING. My all time favorite. Even tho the beginning is a bit boring, it definetly makes up for it fter the first couple pages..(:

  • Crazy Kokonut

    Well, I won’t be readng this book. I just finished up a book written in 1999 by another author and guess what? It was about aliens that took over human bodies, not as little slugs mind you. They also took over because the world was in such a big mess and needed to be cleansed. The aliens came to clean it up and clean it up they did. Sounds similar to Ms. Meyer’s book the Host. Also, calling the aliens Souls sets my teeth on edge. Please…..Souls?….Really???….that was the best idea for a name? I dunno….I thought we already had souls as humans. Unless she’s going for some deeper meaning in her book that we’re all missing.

    Plus I don’t think I can take the romance thing again. Too much like Twilight leftovers for me. Sigh….I guess romance is dead in my heart but what can ya do?

    Anyhow, the premise of her book sounds so similar to the one I’ve just read. I guess it’s true there is nothing new written under the sun. I do have high standards for Ms. Meyer as she is an uber bestselling author. I would like the work to reflect the level of fame she’s achieved.

  • Lillie Garcis

    This is my favorite book. I’ve read it 6 times and am currently on my 7th. lol. I can’t get enough of this book. I have heard rumors that it will be made into a movie if that happens i will be in line for 3 days if i have to be. thankyou stephanie for creating such a masterpiece.

  • Mark

    “Stephenie Meyer may have done for science fiction what she did for fantasy when she wrote Twilight.” Soooo, she raped it sideways with barbed wire?

  • Jess

    I read the twilight series and thought they were pretty average, still a good read though.
    However, The Host, was definitely in a league of its own! One of the most interesting reads yet!