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Book Review: The Hole in Our Gospel: The Answer that Changed My Life and Might Just Change the World by Richard Stearns

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I began to read this book and was almost in tears before Chapter Two. If you have a heart for missions or if you see the need for more Christian action and not words, you should read this book.

He is not an unknown man. Richard Stearns was CEO of a Lenox, Inc. when something or better said Someone opened his eyes to the great need of our time.

In The Hole in Our Gospel: The Answer that Changed My Life and Might Just Change the World, Richard Stearns writes of how he came to be the CEO of World Vision, an international Christian humanitarian organization.

What is it that power, prestige, and/ or financial stability can never provide? The satisfaction of knowing you are seeking out those that Jesus sought during His earthly ministry. This book is a call to action for those who believe that their lives are examples of success while they turn a blind eye to the needs of the people of this world.

By revealing sins of omission as well as sins of commission, Stearns strongly takes the position that it is no longer acceptable to turn away from the hungry, the poor or the underprivileged. It should not be to Christians, and it is not to God, as stated in Proverbs 24:12:

“If you say, ‘Surely we did not know this,’ Does not He who weighs the hearts consider it? He who keeps your soul, does He not know it? And will He not render to each man according to his deeds?”

My personal take on this book is that I was invigorated, challenged, and simply grateful to read a Christian book where the author is actually taking Jesus at His word and following His example. Our airwaves and bookstores are flooded with the principles of prosperity.

I also loved the great selections of quotes used throughout the book from some of the greatest minds like St. Francis of Assisi and C. S. Lewis. This book would be a great complement to any library. I have donated my review copy to my home church. I recommend it highly for those who seek a deeper walk.

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  • Adrian

    I am happy truly that you are a Christian, and I am happy that this book moved you really. . .but action, and humanism are not the responsibility of just the Christians. . .they are the responsibility of everyone, everywhere, according to their ability. . .I do not know how you look at the Bible, for me it is a wonderful collection of stories, and in its pages the figure of Christ serves to inspire, but I do find it sad that you would have to hold sin over someone’s head, and yours, to act in a humanistic way. . .but really, whatever keeps you motivated, and inspired, I am all for it, sin and redemption just sell us all short.

  • Responsibility of everyone, perhaps. My thoughts were not so much for unbelievers as those of us who are.

    The Bible, a wonderful collection of stories? No doubt. The kicker is that they are all true and serve as warnings and glorious, gracious promises to us all.

    And please note this book was written to those who claim the name of Jesus Christ. It was written to those who faced their sin and accepted redemption – perhaps to stir their minds to shake loose their allegiances to ‘things of this world’ and seek out those that Jesus seeks each day.