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Book Review: The Healthy Home: Simple Truths to Protect Your Family from Hidden Household Dangers by Dave Wentz, et al

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The Healthy Home, by Dave Wentz, Dr. Myron Wentz, with Donna K. Wallace, is meant as a guide and reference book to hidden household dangers including products and practices that we might use. Its broken down into five different chapters. Each chapter details the different types of problems that might exist in each specific room in your house. Chapter One is an introduction to hidden household dangers and explains why the authors decided to write this book and where the idea for The Healthy Home came from. It also explains why you should be concerned about having a healthy home and what you should expect to find in this book.

Chapter Two is a detailed look at your bedroom, from the mattress you sleep on to the clothes you wear. It looks at various synthetic fabrics and why we need to consider how our clothes and linens are made. The author offers a list of fabrics to avoid and their natural alternatives. The chapter will also urge us to consider our laundry products, electronic gadgets, lighting, temperature and air quality.

Chapter Three is devoted to our bathrooms and focuses mainly on the chemicals in our personal care items, including those used in washing, moisturizing, shaving, brushing our teeth, oral care, and prescription medications. Not only does it tell us the areas that are dangerous in our lives, it also offers suggestions for improvement through use of different products or by lifestyle changes.

Chapter Four focuses on your kitchen and includes everything from the food we eat, how healthy our diets are, how we prepare our foods, the pans and kitchen tools we use, our drinking water, and other beverages we drink. It also discusses fluoride and water pollution.

Chapter Five discusses our living areas and includes electronics, cleaning products, industrial waste, environmental concerns, tools for healthy cleaning, pets, and internet addiction. The final chapter is all about our garage and yard and takes a look at contaminants found in the garage, patio, yard, and beyond. It also takes a look at pesticides, as well as how to get enough sun without getting too much.

Each of these topics is discussed and we can come up with our own areas for improvement by taking the handy quizzes included. Throughout The Healthy Home are simple tips highlighted in orange that will help you take easy steps toward some of the problems included in the book. There are also a number of informative websites sourced in each chapter where you can go for more information on the topic.

This is a really fantastic reference book. You can start in the room you want and pick and choose the suggestions that best work for you. You take the quiz to see what they recommend and then, using their suggestions, you work on areas of your home that most need help. This is a really great way to learn what you need to do to make your home a safer place.

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