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Book Review: The Great Grammar Book by Marsha Sramek

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The Great Grammar Book, by Marsha Sramek, is a tool used to help people with proper word usage, no matter whether they are students just starting to deal with communication issues or seasoned professionals who need to display a keen knowledge of language expertise. This book goes into detail anyone can easily understand.

The format is wisely selected. A quiz gets top billing, so people can see the areas which should be improved. Lessons start at simple subject verb agreement. Each chapter then builds on the previous one so the steps are clear cut. After every description of a grammar rule, an example is given in order to better bring the concept to fruition. Following that, a worksheet of sorts helps readers to practice what they have just learned.

Plenty of exercises are given in order to show grammar mastery. They are parceled out section by section, so as to not overwhelm the reader. Each set follows a rule plus a demonstration of how it works. This way, something is available for study should any confusion exist.

Some parts are especially helpful. Rewriting a sentence to make it grammatically correct reinforces the concept. A set of instructions includes whether any number of sentences are correct. In other words, a set of twenty phrases may have three or four which have perfectly ordered phrasing. The trick is figuring out exactly which ones.

People who purchase this book are going to find their writing improves. While it is not a guarantee for achieving perfect compositions, the ability to understand just how language is formed will be enhanced. It does not matter whether or not a little bit of help is needed or a complete refresher course.

Perhaps the best way of gaining mastery over grammar is to continually practice the steps indicated over a long period of time. Working through beginning to end is not necessary. Readers will find they can start with problem areas first, and work other exercises as needed.

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