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Book Review: The God Theory – Universes, Zero-point Fields, And What’s Behind It All by Bernard Haisch

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Bernard Haisch has been a professional scientist for at least 30 years. He has done research at the University of Wisconsin, where his Ph.D. thesis gave a mathematical description of how radiation and light gets from inside a star out into space. Since then, his credentials as an astro-physicist are stunning.

His book, The God Theory: Universes, Zero-point Fields, And What's Behind It All, claims that the ultimate purpose for the existence of the universe and every being in it will never come from scientific experimentation alone. It will come from a conscious realization in each of us that we are creating God’s experience.

The ultimate being, or the wholly other, or that infinite consciousness beyond which there can be no other, Haisch prefers to call God. It is the consciousness of God that produces what exists and we are part of it. Our consciousness is part of God’s consciousness: what an exalted existence we have.

As human beings, our purpose is to live out the experience of God’s existence in a physical realm. In God, everything exists in potentia or as possible. But we are the incarnations of God’s consciousness in actu, or as living conscious creatures with physical bodies.

Most modern scientists attempt to explain distant universes, stars, planets, atoms, electrons, protons, and every existing creature including life itself, by reducing them to physical and chemical mathematical equations. But not Haisch.

As a physicist, Haisch would not deny such equations exist because he has spent his life hunting them. But the reason equations can be discovered is because God consciously creates them. This is the logical step that many scientists are missing. This is the scientific reduction to absurdity that Haisch’s God theory steps beyond.

On the other hand, Haisch would expect religion to eliminate its dogma and so-called revealed a priori truth. It must join with science to seek experiential truth that will raise man’s consciousness to a mystical level.

The God Theory is an extremely easy to read book. When Haisch uses quantum mechanics, the big bang, Newton’s laws, inflation theory, superstrings and numerous other scientific paradigms to help explain his God theory, he does it with such simplicity that the average person can easily follow along.

Haisch’s book is for the average reader dissatisfied with organized religion. It’s for the individual who finds scientific discoveries fascinating but knows in her/his heart that the ultimate purpose of life somehow lies beyond.

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    The God Theory (Bernard Haisch ) and The Irreducible mind (Kelly&Kelly et al) are two important recent books in science. The authors of these books have successfully challenged the reductionist model of mind. God becomes irrelevant if we believe in the prevailing materialistic model of mind. Dr Haisch has proven the likelihood of God’s existence from a scientific perspective. He has also argued in favour of the pre existence of human consciousness. The saintly scholar Origen (c.185–c.254), who undertook a consolidation of Christian doctrine in his On First Principles, believed in the pre-existence of souls. Humans are spiritual personalities having an earthly existence : we are not mere star dusts. Science is not going to reveal the nature of the creator. God had revealed himself through Christ. Particle physics, after all, is only a rock bottom theory of matter. It might create as many problems as it would solve.“Hold on to Christ and for the rest remain uncommitted”


    God Theory is an excellent work.But it is worth remembering the words of the Indian hermit, Swami Chinmayanada:”Chew particle physics, do not swallow it,chew and spit it out.”