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Book Review: The Fairy Chronicles by J.H. Sweet

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I had the pleasure of reading books one and two of The Fairy Chronicles. Book one, Marigold and the Feather of Hope, The Journey Begins introduces Beth Parish, a nine-year old who is spending two weeks with her aunt. Beth would rather do anything than spend part of her summer break with her eccentric aunt.

Shortly after arriving at her aunt’s house, her aunt reveals to Beth that she is a fairy and believes that Beth shows signs up being a marigold fairy. Beth thinks her aunt has finally lost her marbles. Then Aunt Evelyn — pop! — turns into a fairy and Beth realizes that her aunt isn’t crazy after all.

Beth then learns how to take fairy form. She learns to fly and to do other fairy things like call for her wand and even talk to her aunt's cat. Soon Aunt Evelyn takes Beth to Fairy Circle to meet the other fairies. When the circle is interrupted by a brownie needing help, Beth and Aunt Evelyn quickly form a plan and offer aid. Soon they are off on Beth's first fairy adventure.

The second book in the series, Dragonfly & the Web of Dreams, centers around another of the fairies introduced in book one. Jennifer Summerset is a red dragonfly fairy whose special fairy gifts are speed and agility.

One day as she is sitting on her front porch visiting with some of her fairy friends, her “grandmum” and mentor, Madam Mum, tells them they are all needed at an emergency Fairy Circle meeting. When they arrive at the meeting, they learn that the Web of Dreams has been destroyed. The fairies head off, with the help of the brownies, to meet with the Dream Spider. They must repair the Web of Dreams or nightmares will continue to plague them. Can the fairies work together and find the strength needed to fix the Web?

These children’s novels by J.H. Sweet are beautifully illustrated and full of color. The stories are sweet and inspiring. Every little girl will love to envision herself as a fairy just like the characters in the books. The stories all help kids learn to value the world around them. The back of each book also contains fairy facts, activities, and other fairy ideas.

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