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Book Review: The Face of Power by Matt Guest

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According to The Face of Power, the ability to reach full awareness of the Spirit in this existence requires learning about both the physical body and the dreaming body. Once achieved, the wisdom gained from this power will lead to true fulfillment. Author Matt Guest claims to be a pilot, a “man of power” who can steer the way for anyone brave enough to allow the “energy of creation” to flow through them, to seek the truth and find the Unknown.

The author says that at the age of two, he had his first enlightening experience while watching the ebb and flow of the ocean’s waves at his feet. His mother sat nearby. As the water came up and touched his toes, Guest became overwhelmed by the power of the salty ocean water intermingling with the minute grains of sand on the beach and the vastness of the sky and clouds above. So consumed was he by the crystal clear power of possessing that moment that his mother had to rescue him when a large wave knocked him down.

Throughout his life, Matt Guest has had the innate ability to make himself aware of such awe-filled moments. Rather than proselytize, The Face of Power shows the way to fulfillment through interactive dialogue, mainly with Court, a beloved friend of Guest, who also found the awareness of the Spirit.

The author tells of feeling outside his own body when a moment of enlightenment occurs. When it happens, a feeling of fear deep inside overpowers him and the nape of his neck feels hot and cold at the same time. His sense of sight and hearing becomes extremely exaggerated then “pop,” he feels he is in a dreamlike state where he utters words that are “completely out of character for me.” It is a vulnerable and sexual feeling wherein he enjoys extreme happiness and dreads the thought of returning to reality.

His seer friend Court explains that the dreaming body is a spiritual reality similar to a soul. It sometimes is driven to leave the physical body and experience the Unknown especially when a person is very fearful. The dreaming body keeps one from becoming a victim. It returns to its original state prior to entering this world where “it sees … the world as a dream.” It reminds the fearful person of what it needs to bring safety and true happiness.

Throughout the book, Court and Matt Guest discuss real-life adventures, either or both have had, involving love, happiness, sexuality, attachment, fear, perception, past lives, reincarnation, and a host of topics. These discussions are to help readers access their potential to understand the mystery of being, their dreaming and physical bodies, and the love and affection necessary to view the Unknown and lead happier lives.

The Face of Power is a well written and fascinating book for anyone who believes as Matt Guest that life is more than the reality encountered each day through the senses and normal logic. To enjoy the book, one must believe there is a world of unseen energy which each person can tap into, to enhance life each day.

The book makes no effort to prove that the dreaming body is a separate entity from the physical, or that each person has existed in the past and will be reincarnated in the future. The Face of Power is written for those who already believe such concepts, or are interested in discovering them.

It contains controversial material one might question. The book mentions that marriage results from fear of loss rather than feelings of love. It is a matter of ownership. Couples refer to their mates as my wife and my husband. What exactly is it each owns in the other? Their “privates.”

Some material might even make one shudder. Guest and Court discuss sexuality, specifically ejaculation. Court says it can weaken the body particularly when it occurs regularly. Semen contains the “best of your body’s proteins, minerals, and hormones.” To ejaculate is to empty the body of this primal substance. At the same time, the blood must weaken itself to provide material necessary to restore the lost ejaculate – nutrients which are no longer available in the blood to nourish and cure other vital body parts. Ejaculate too frequently and “old age will set in quickly.”

I would recommend this book with caution, even to those endowed with the same or similar belief systems as Matt Guest. Although it claims to show the way for an individual to reach maximum potential by encountering The Unknown, I found it strange that the initial disclaimer was a rather severe warning: “… all parties involved in the creation and production of this work shall have neither the liability nor the responsibility for any injury caused … by anything contained herein.”

Whether this statement was inserted as an advertising gimmick to arouse curiosity about this somewhat cabalistic book, or whether it is a true warning, the reader will have to decide.

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