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Book Review: The Exiled Element by John L. Betcher

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John L. Betcher returns with another book in his James Becker series. The Exiled Element is book four and it is the best so far. As I said in my review of his last book each novel improves on the previous. This is an author who does not believe in sitting still with his writing style.

The Exiled Element is out in a timely fashion, considering the recent Egyptian elections and forthcoming run-off, with its story-line involving Egypt post-Mubarak. The killing of a Senator in Becker’s home-town affects his wife who is off in Egypt doing some work for the “US government”. Stolen secret aircraft plans figure in the mix as well.

As with all the novels the cast of Beck’s mates is peppered with enough personality to keep things interesting. This is not two-good characters and a bunch of one-dimensional stereotypes which is so common in this sort of book.

Some might argue that everything works out rather conveniently to push the plot along. However, that criticism falls moot, as does the overall yarn. The Exiled Element is very much a book that begs to be read in one sitting. Perfect travelling fare for the long-haul flight. Unlike many modern thrillers of its kind the book is not padded out as if the book is sold by its weight rather than quality.

Betcher is an up and coming writer that deserves your eye-balls. He novels are well-written, face-paced and enjoyable.

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