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Book Review: The Drug DUI Handbook by David N. Jolly

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According to author David N. Jolly’s website, “In the driving under the influence (DUI) context it is conceded that drugs, illegal and those prescribed by a physician, may impair perception, memory, judgment, motor skills, and the ability to operate a motor vehicle.” With The Drug DUI Handbook Mr. Jolly has written a very comprehensive overview of how the drug DUI process works. It is easy to read and understand. Mr. Jolly is an expert in the field and is a Washington State DUI defense attorney. In addition he has written several other books on the DUI and Drug DUI process.

The Drug DUI Handbook covers topics from field sobriety tests and DUI-drug investigations to how they determine results for a variety of popular drugs. One of the interesting sections included the 12-step DRE (Drug Recognition Experts) protocol. The 12 steps include: breathalyzer; interviewing the arresting officer; preliminary examination and First Pulse. I was really amazed at the thoroughness of this assessment. Some of the drugs that are examined include: stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, and narcotics. Another interesting point about the DRE is that it is done behind the scenes and most individuals who have been arrested never see this. This assessment can last up to 45 minutes, depending on the type of drug ingested.

One section I thought Jolly should have been expanded upon more on was the investigation of individuals over age 60.  Many of these individuals have medical problems, take medication, and because of their age cannot complete the tasks required successfully. Another concern was the author citing lengthy references within the text; it was very distracting when reading. My suggestion would be to put in short footnotes and add the endnotes in the back of the book.

The Drug DUI Handbook is an excellent resource for those working in the field, or families that have been impacted by a drug DUI. It provides valuable information to use when consulting with legal counsel and education awareness in a Substance Abuse Program. This is one reference I use when teaching my Advanced Addiction Counseling college class.

The Drug DUI Handbook
David N. Jolly
Outskirts Press (2011)
ISBN 9781432777647

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