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Book Review: The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly

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The Dream Manager is a creative attempt by the internationally known speaker and author Matthew Kelly, who has written a remarkable business parable about how a company can achieve remarkable results by helping their employees fulfill their dreams. An author of repute, he is also well known for his keynote presentations all over the world,  addressing to audiences of over three million people in conferences and conventions.

His impressive list of conferences includes names like Fortune 500 companies, national trade associations, professional organizations, universities, churches and various NGO’s. The Dream Manager is his first fictional book.

"What is your dream?" Asks Kelly. When he asks this question he believes that it is the dream that define a person’s frame of mind, his attitude toward life, his personality, his future aspirations and his goals. As Kelly explains:

    We become our dreams. You tell me what your dreams are and I shall tell what sort of a person you are. Your dreams tell me not only what sort of a person you are today, but also what sort of a person you aspire to be in the tomorrows of your life … Helping people chase and fulfill their dreams is one of the primary functions of all relationships, whether that relationship is between husband and wife, parent and child, or employer and employee.

The book follows a simple theory that we can reach our own dreams if we help other people reach theirs. He explores the link between the private dreams of a person who is working for a company and that of his attitude towards work. He believes that everyone is nurturing and secretly chasing a personal dream and a good manager tries to explore that private dream and connect it to the current work scenario of the employee to get the best out of them.

Many companies are grappling with the growing problem of company disengagement and Kelly asserts that a dynamic collaboration is attained when the employees are motivated enough to work together and achieve company objectives and realize personal dreams.

In The Dream Manager Matthew Kelly has written about a fictionalized company that is struggling with the inevitable problems of low morale and high turnover. The hapless managers of that company are scratching their heads and trying to figure out what is going wrong with the company and why is it lagging behind in achieving the essential target.

They set out to investigate the problems and threats that are afflicting the motivation of the employees and they discover the illuminating truth that more often than not it is not a bigger pay packet or higher designation that the employees are looking for, but rather the fulfillment of their own fundamental dreams.

They also discovered that the best incentive is encouragement. The employees need all kinds of help and encouragement to remain connected to their dreams, otherwise they lose the motivation towards a good output. When they feel that their dreams would just remain dreams, they lose interest in their jobs and as a result lose interest in the company’s growth.

The Dream Manager looks at the thought that a company can become a better version of itself only when its employees are becoming the best version of themselves.

The power of the novel lies in the simple fact that just being aware of this concept would change the way one manages the company and relates to people, and the result could be amazing. It is a sort of modern day business fable that is a collage of some extremely valuable instructions for an employer and the employee both. 

The Dream Manager is a very useful book for those companies who are interested in the welfare of their company and their staff. Whether one is running a company or not, it has many tips and strategies that could be generally applied in lifestyle and profession to achieve impressive results and improve our quality of life. These helpful life coaching guidelines are: self motivation, learning the value of dreams, the importance of setting clear goals, people management, ways to find creative solutions to life’s persistent problems, helping people to realize their dreams and creating personal happiness for oneself.

On the other hand it is a handy book for every manager who aspires to create a dream company on the sheer strength of "dream workers" and "dreams of workers."

Simon and Greg, the two managers of the company, discovered what the role of a dream manager should be:

· Ask employees about their dreams
· Listen without judgments
· Help employees articulate their dreams
· Help employees in creating a plan for their dreams
· Follow up
· If there is something that can be done to help, do that. 

A little spark of dream did what many business strategies would not have been able to do. The Dream Manager is an encapsulated education in people management and leadership skills. It teaches the future entrepreneurs and managers that the employees are sometimes the best barometers of the factors that are crucial for a company’s advancement.

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  • Great review. Thanks for taking the time to write it. I look forward to getting a copy of this soon.