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Book Review: The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success by Joe Wozny

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Are you trying to set up an online internet business? If you are, The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success is a must read! Joe Wozny lays out a step-by-step strategy to make this possible and to be successful!

Joe Wozny’s book is for our turbulent financial times. He shows the reader how to set up a successful website business, one which will yield consistent customers who are happy and will keep coming back for more products, services, and information. It seems easy to set up an online business nowadays. But to set up a successful online business is anything but easy. It is extremely difficult to create such a business because the consumer is more informed than ever, and makes more professional demands.

Wozny argues that there are many low-cost and no-cost internet marketing opportunities out there. Anyone can set up a website for a niche market. However, in order to be most successful, Wozny believes that we must create an identity which accurately and clearly represents the content of the website, is visible to potential customers, engages the visitor by incentives and information, and engages these people to the extent that they become long-term customers. Only if we ensure that our website meets these core elements can we be successful. This takes a lot of planning and hard work to achieve. By following Joe’s steps, we can successfully set up a website that is lucrative for ourselves.

I found The Digital Dollar to be very important and informative. I will be including information about it on my own writing website as well. Since I am also trying to set up my own online business, the strategies outlined in this book will become my prescription for success.

Joe Wozny is a digital and online media leader, strategist, author, blogger, and international presenter on sustainable online success. He is CEO of Concentric with three decades of experience in digital technologies.

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    Thank you for the review. I am happy to know you will find The Digital Dollar helpful to you. Readers tell me the book is very helpful in assisting them with strategies/management of their business, product and personal online identities.

    I post regular insights, comments, tips and advice on my Twitter feed (@JoeWozny) and Facebook page (/joewoznyauthor). Updates to the book are available through my newsletter found on the http://www.thedigitaldollar.com

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    Fairwinds Press is the publisher of The Digital Dollar. We want to ensure that you know you can purchase the book or ebook through many online retail outlets including Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble.

    The book is also available for purchase directly from our website.

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