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Book Review: The Diary by Eileen Goudge

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After their mother's stroke and subsequent nursing home stay, two sisters find themselves cleaning out her house and disposing of her belongings that are no longer needed. While they are going through boxes in the attic, they discover a diary that had belonged to their mother as a young girl.

As they begin reading the diary, they find out more about their mother than they knew. They also discover a mystery about the love of their mother's life, which the diary seems to indicate wasn't their father. As they delve further into the mystery of the diary, they discover their mother was a woman of passion they had never suspected before.

The Diary takes us back in time where we see the young Elizabeth Marshall lose her heart to one man while engaged to another. She has to make a choice between loyal and devoted Bob or A.J., who makes her heart race and makes her feel alive.

The book easily goes back and forth between the two daughters reading and discovering things about their mother they'd never known, and the past where we get to see the relationship between Elizabeth and A.J. unfold. As the book progresses we see Elizabeth having to make the hardest decision she's ever had to make.

As the girls read, they discover their mother may not have been in love with their father, causing the girls to really look inward as to what they think is the ideal quality in a mate.

This book flows through the story and brings the reader along on this journey into the past. So many times we see our parents as one-dimensional. How would we feel about discovering our parents’ lives before we were born, discovering that they might not have been the people we thought they were. What if everything we believed about our parents might not be true?

This book is about young love, making those hard choices, and following your heart. It's about the bond between mothers and daughters. This was such a wonderful book I'd recommend it to all fans of romances.

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