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Book Review: The Day After Tomorrow by Sandee Sgarlata

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It turned out to be one of those ‘can’t-go-to-sleep-until-I-finish-this-chapter’ books. One chapter turns into two, which turns into three. Before you know it, it’s a half hour past the time you usually fall asleep and you know there’s no way you’re waking up on time the next day.

I know a lot of people who run into this problem a lot. This has never really happened to me. I’m not a big reader and when I do read a book, it takes a long time to finish and becomes more of a chore rather than it being a pleasure to read the book in the first place.

This book was an exception.

After interviewing the author, Sandeee Sgarlata, I became inclined to read the book, The Day After Tomorrow, the first book in the series Julia Monroe.

The book follows Julia Monroe, who just entered her freshman year of high school. At first, her life seems pretty good, kind of a typical freshman girl’s life, with fights with her family, and good times with good friends and a boyfriend. But after a series of awful events, including when she thinks her boyfriend loves her and she loves him, he ends up cheating on her. Most people will hold a grudge for years if not forever. Julia Monroe must learn about the power of forgiveness from an old friend: herself!

The book is pretty short (77 pages) and all preteen/teen girls can understand it. Teenaged girls will relate to Julia Monroe and moms will appreciate the message in this book.

Sandee finds a way to teach teenaged girls abut forgiveness — and moms, you will love this.

The Day After Tomorrow is a fun book aimed at teen girls who are struggling through their middle/high school lives. It provides hope and teaches them to be happy and to forgive others in tough times.

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