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Book Review: The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

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The Internet has been a fantastic boon for conspiracy theorists. Let’s face it, everybody has suspicions that the world you see, the history that you inhabit, is not what it seems to be on the surface at first glance. The world is often a strange place…and you start to see things that may or may not be connected…the unspoken truth that you can glimpse only in those moments where the ice is thin or the veneer is flawed…and the raw, naked reality is suddenly staring you coldly in the face…or you may just be a raving lunatic…

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is one of those books. Brown has concocted a gripping and strongly paced thriller that weaves together The Holy Grail, pagan symbolism, secret Templar societies, biblical studies, the history of the Church, and the work of Leonardo Da Vinci into a melange that, weirdly enough, melds into a very readable and fairly taut story.

Following the symbolic code left by a murdered curator of the Louvre Museum, Robert Langdon, Harvard symbologist, must unravel a 2,000 year old mystery that cuts to the heart of the Christian faith, following the clues hidden in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Aided by the curator’s (naturally enough) beautiful cryptographer daughter, the trail leads them to the Priory of Sion, a clandestine Templar society that is protecting a deadly secret, now being hunted by another group that will stop at nothing to protect the faith.

Although I’ve heard some mixed reviews regarding the historical accuracy of the information that Brown bases his thriller on, his rich interpretation of symbolism provides the heart of the story and the clues to the mystery are endlessly fascinating.

In the end the book will probably be regarded as sensationalist and trashy by some, and truthful, thought-provoking and challenging by others. For myself, I found it to be a throughly agreeable thriller, easy to delve into and hard to put down, although I noted that Brown, when discussing Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in copious detail in the story, failed to note the first thing that struck me while gazing at the painting – that she has no eyebrows.

Interested in some of the alternative versions of the Bible? (which, of course is online – you can find it here)? Check out The Dead Sea Scrolls which contain fragments of early testaments, some of which suggest new interpretations of what are considered the biblical facts. Here’s some more moldy original documentation for you…

If Grail lore floats your boat, check out Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh, a work cited by Dan Brown as a major source for The Da Vinci Code. Or are you interested in the Priory of Sion and the Knights Templar?

Want to know more about Renaissance genuis of Leonardo Da Vinci? There are innumerable sites dedicated to this artist, inventor, scientest and engineer. I recommend The Artcyclopedia for a good overview of links and sites, and Boston’s Museum of Science site Leonardo. Also available is an online collection of Da Vinci’s sketches and a site covering his famous Leichester Codex, now owned by none other than ….Bill Gates.

Talk about your conspiracies…

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  • Who is holding the knife?

    Is the hand holding a knife in Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper “disembodied”? Does the hand belong to Peter or anyone else at the table? Comparing an earlier study by Leonardo with the final painting reveals his true intent. See the pictures at


  • Dew

    Am I now color blind or did the Boards turn grey?

  • Eric Olsen

    note spotlight box on front page

  • Luisa Teodor

    I’ve tried to find an email address to write directly to the author but I’ve failed.I would be very grateful if you could pass him this message:
    I’ve recently read your last blockbuster “The Da Vinci Code” and I have to confess I was stunned; I think that you must be a genius, because I’ve NEVER,NEVER in my entire life seen so much CRAP condensed in 500 pages! Congratulations!

  • Eric Olsen

    Send it through the publisher, and it’s a novel.

  • I think Eric’s post above sums it up – never met the author, wouldn’t know ’em if tripped over him, not my problem. Email him (or the publisher) yourself!

    Also please note – I did mention that “In the end the book will probably be regarded as sensationalist and trashy by some, and truthful, thought-provoking and challenging by others”
    so my solution for you is don’t read anymore of his books!

  • Lee

    I dunno if anyone cares, but Fodors.com has a Da Vinci Code tour on its website, http://www.fodors.com. Europhiles might be interested.

  • Edward Lopez

    It’s a novel written in a sometimes aggravating style. If you’re familiar with the topics you’ll realize that it’s like bingo where all the balls are together in one container and once in a while one pops up to be read. It’s not a historical novel and since Jesus is not a historical person anyone can concoct whatever they want for entertainment purposes and for getting rich while touching sensitive, religious nerves. That’s Peter’s hand holding the knife he used to cut bread with, and that’s (St.) John NOT Mary of Magdala on whose right shoulder Peter is resting his hand and not threatening to cut John’s throat. Peter’s just trying to get John’s ear. Even if you are a mentally-conditioned religious believer, remember that religious arguments rest on a wobbly foundation devoid of historical strength.

  • Doug

    It is a shame that someone as clearly clever and sensible as Edward could have been indoctrinated into thinking that “Jesus is not a historical person”. This is not a “religious argument” — this is a historical fact. Jesus is every bit as much a “historical person” as Julius Caesar.

    Apart from that, Edward hits a number of nails squarely: Brown’s agenda is to get rich while touching sensitive nerves. The success of “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” (actually mentioned in “tDVC”) might have been his motivation. Btw, for anyone interested, Brown’s previous book featuring Robert Langdon, “Angels and Demons” is arguably an even better thriller that “Code”.

  • Anonymous

    It amazes me how people with 21st century educations still believe so strongly in Christianty. Can’t you see its an old form of control? Consider this, what about the Egyptians, native americans, and all other races that believed in thousands of gods. Were they wrong? If you are a devout Christian, your answer should be yes. And if it is, then you are ignorant. Finally, if you’re answer is “Its ok as long as they believe in something.” Then you doubt your religious beliefs. Open your eyes, the church is TOTAL BULLSHIT.

  • Justaman

    Lots of God Haters around here- As a Christian I use to get upset when I read these posts from God Haters. Now I just get excited as it means the Lord’s arrival(JESUS!!!) is coming back! As stated in the book of Romans: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”

  • how can i hate something that doesn’t exist?

  • aj

    There is not such a thing as a God Hater. What many people despise is nothing more than the institution known as the catholic church. And not without good reasons. Throughout history, the church has caused more damage than good to the human race. Think of the dark age, the holy wars, heresy and witchcraft, etc, etc. It has delayed the advancement of science, the arts, and every other area of human development it thought would jeopardize its power. This is just my opinion and, if all else, may God spare my children from the hands of some perverted priest.

  • aj

    btw, tDVC is just a novel and clever enough to raise this level of controversy.

  • shrek

    If at all there is no such thing as god haters then i c no point in criticising a group of people who would tell u what god is all abt.Delaying human developement certainly not agreeable example there were better known art works of those days than what exists now-da vinci’s worksitself!The punishments given by the church was a means for the spiritual developement of human i.e in worst cases-dis is no way a damage to the human race welfare.i just feel the activities of the church has been too far fetched exaggerrated in a negative way forgetting the positive part of it.

  • Ryan

    I am thinking that perhaps someone should take a look at history, in thinking that the Catholic Church was moderately corrupt at worst. I would have to agree with the person who brought up such things as heresy, witch craft, crusades, holy wars. The list is much longer though. The Catholic church was full of corrupt men. My favorite is during the years of the black plague, when for the most part only small parish priests were killed by the plague. That means that most of the Clergy and ecclesiasts ( if such an alteration exists, if not, consider it altered) did not interact with Laymen. Quite awkward considering their devotion should be to God, and the spread of his word to the masses. I would say they were wrapped up in their lust for control and power.


    Truth Stranger than Fiction? The Da Vinci Code and the Gospel of John

    VICTORIA, BC.(Oct ’04)– Whether you are a person of faith, an historian, or a Dan Brown fan, The Da Vinci Code will either impress you or antagonize you, but one thing is for certain: the recent influx of ‘Jesus, Mary, and child’ stories has been nothing less than phenomenal. But what if there were some actual biblical evidence to support the fictional assumptions? What if the TRUTH about Jesus turns out to be even stranger than the fiction?

    J.S. Tyson, Fellow of the University of British Columbia, Canada, has conducted over seven years of postgraduate study into the Gospel According to John. This has culminated in one of the most enlightening perceptions of the historical Jesus for decades – uncannily timed to reach the market at the peak of this literary phenomenon.

    To be published by EcceNova Editions, at Passover, 2005 (April), Tyson’s Jesus, King of Israel: Samaritan Blood and the Kingdom at Shiloh reveals the hidden story within the Gospel of John – the story of Jesus, Mary, and a child. The gospel, however, offers distinct clues that also lead the astute reader to the truth about Jesus’ crucifixion and the secret site of his hasty ‘burial’, his marriage to Martha, the profound significance of the Lazarus story, the link between Nicodemus, Jesus, and the Book of 2Esdras, the importance of an obscure prophecy from the Book of Genesis, the possible location of the Ark, and even the final resting place of Jesus, King of Israel.

    This is a revolutionary interpretation of the gospel that allows the original story of Jesus to be just as thrilling, if not more so, than any fictional yarn about a cover-up. Indeed, there is even evidence that the cover-up began with St. Paul.

    A mailing list for review copies of Jesus, King of Israel is being compiled now – get your name on it!

    ISBN 0-9735341-5-X
    6 x 9 Paperback 290 pages + Appendix, Bibliography, Index

    US$22.95 CAD$34.95 £13.50


    EcceNova Editions, PO Box 50001, 15-1594 Fairfield Road, Victoria, BC, V8S 5L8, Canada info@eccenova.com Phone/Fax (250) 595-8401


  • I read The DaVinci Code. It was fast-paced and hard to put down, but the characters were very wooden and stereotypical. I felt like they were just props to advance the plot forward. I also disliked the way Brown would have his characters think back upon something that happened in the past, like a lecture, to explain something to reader. And after solving all that cryptology stuff, I had trouble believing Sophie was completely ignorant of all the Grail legends. She’s supposed to be smarter than that. That said, it surprises me that Dan Brown and the writers of Holy Blood, Holy Grail all ignore the fact that Pierre Plantard, their source for so much of the Priory of Sion information, admitted under oath in front of the French government that he made it all up. But I guess that wouldn’t help sell their books either.

  • karan

    Its disappointing to see christanity believers’ faith is on such loose sand that a book can make it stumble so easily. I belong to hinduism a 5000 year old religion which stands upright and true to its core throughout history.
    Anyway there has always been christanity pushing other faiths to prove itself supreme. Wake up! there is a whole world of religions out there. As said in Matrix (from hindu mythology) : “Everything must come to an end”.

  • Anthony

    Has anybody looked up the codes on the back of each of Dan Brown’s book (they’re on the back cover of each one) to see what they mean? I have read several research articles that suggest a striking resemblance to Tibetan iconographic grammar.

    The several theories in the late 1800s about the universal foundation of Sanskrit are implicated here, and make this issue one of great importance, vis-a-vis the Veritas Exemplar Keepers as discussed at the Daily Grail web site.

    If the Gere-Gibson deal actually came through, somebody in Rupert Murdoch’s empire may have been able to correlate numbers to the Tibetan phonetic alphabet in such a way that the payoff came on the spine of a series of books.

    In any case, I agree that The DaVinci Code is worth reading, but differ on the reason why. Can anyone question that an author that delivers such a detailed depiction of characters dealing with secret messages could refuse to encode secret messages into his own work?

    I think not!

  • Interesting twist to the Da Vinci Code. The numerical code on the bookjacket is actually apparently taken directly from a cryptographic sculpture called Kryptos that is located on the CIA grounds in Langley.

    Read the recent article in Wired for details – http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,66334,00.html

  • a d knauer

    I have just completed reading Da Vinci’s Code, in time to hear the Papal position on it on the news. Aside, from the historical accuracy of the book [even the Bible has come under suspicion for that], I think many readers have failed to understand the underlying message of the book. I believe that Dan Brown is questioning the Catholic Church’s refusal to allow women to play an equal role in the Church. He is pointing out in his book that here is one more instance of male dominance/control in our society, which might have been based on politically/financially motivated premises. I would be interested to know how many of the notes you have received are from women. I also noted, that on the news yesterday, only men were interviewed for their opinions. An interesting point, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Tristan

    Most of these people that quote the bible and tell how “wrong” we “non-believers” are— have never even READ the fucking bible!

    And —
    if they ever HAVE even glimpsed at it—
    the current available versions of the “bible” are so totally NOT the accurate translations of what was originally written in the original Greek and aramaic as to be absolut total nonsense and fairy tales.

    And even the ORIGINAL texts in Greek & Aramaic were actually written hundreds of years after the person christ died…….
    NOT that over the course of a few hundred years anything written might possibly be stretched or mis-interpreted………nooooooooooooo!

    And not that the Vatican–who is known for thie inscrutable ethics and infallibility (aka-the Vatican Banking/Mafia scandal—not to mention murdering & torturing about 8 million people during the 300 years of the Inquisition)—not that the Vatican might possibly have ordered it’s very OWN versions of the “bible”: to be printed —–noooooooooo—never!

    It’s the Word of God—remember! And how can the “Word of God” be “wrong” ????

    Even if there WERE many pagan religions that got along just fine for 10,000 years before xtianity came along…

    funny how xtianity was the very 1st religion that came up with the unique idea that THEY were the “only right religion” and everyone else was wrong!!!! Hmmmmmmmm…

  • Quack Corleone

    Nice review.

    Thing that struck me about Brown’s novel is the sparse, choppy and snappy way it’s written. Reminds me of a screenplay, which I’m sure Brown had in mind when he wrote it. Few writers can resist the lure and cash of getting their work optioned by Hollywood.

    That said, I didn’t like the book very much although it kept my interest. Entertaining, but shallow.

    As for all the controversy: Meh.

    I don’t think Brown’s novel is offensive, nor do I share the hate for the Catholic Church that most seemingly have. In my mind, any institution that helped bring about the fall of the Soviet Union is doing something right.

    However, what bothers me the most is that good writers are being overshadowed by Brown and his mediocre novel, because of the bruhaha around it.

    But hell, that’s nothing new.

  • I personally think that the Veritas Exemplar bullies are a sign of the nonconformist ethic of our post-modern milieu.

    It is as Pope Benedict XVI has said of moral relativism: “The Keepers knew that morality was at the center of our world, but they did not care. They chose defiance out of a twisted commitment to free will. The true Veritas Exemplar is not to precede the Holy See [re: Vatican II.25.b]”

    Anyone who is familiar with Ratzinger’s “missing year” under the Nazis knows that he was well connected with the anti-Blavatskyites and combated the aryan world domination of mytho-poetic militarism.

    To stand with the Veritas Exemplar is to stand against our Holy Father.

  • Stephen Ward

    Tristan, I think that your ‘knowledge’ on the bible is very limited itself, and find it funny you cry ignorance at the experts.

    “the current available versions of the ‘bible’ are so totally NOT the accurate translations of what was originally written in the original Greek and aramaic as to be absolut total nonsense and fairy tales.”
    -do you speak Greek or is it Aramaic that you speak so authoritatively. Or are you trusting a source? And why don’t Jew’s or Arab’s cry out this line more often, seeing as their languages are closer to the original. They just say it all is bunk; Greek, Aramaic or Jewish all the same.

    “And even the ORIGINAL texts in Greek & Aramaic were actually written hundreds of years after the person christ died…….”
    -once again I ask how you ‘know’ this. Look at intelligent Atheists. They don’t use this argument because it would make them look ignorant of facts and history, yet you do… good job. (okay, if you find a reputable atheist that does, please let me know, I’ll eat my own words)
    thumbs up 😀

    “the Vatican might possibly have ordered it’s very OWN versions of the “bible”: to be printed —–noooooooooo—never!”
    The English bible was originally printed by opponents of the Vatican. And if you want to argue it, the Latin version was the Vatican bible” point is, take a look at the original English bible’s; Wycliffe’s (translated form Latin vulgate so maybe not the best), the Gutenberg’s Bible, Tyndale’s, Geneva, or maybe the 1611 King James. If anything, the newer ones are more accurate since they have a better grasp of the language, and more sources.

    Just thinking, if you want to call people ignorant, get some real facts to call them on.

  • Craig

    Interesting points all over the board.
    Allow me to offer mine.

    I don’t think that any of us on this board can have the gall to say that they’re right, how the hell do you know?
    Absolutely everything that we all know about the history of religion is complete heresay (accurate or not- it is still heresay).

    The backbone of all religions is all about good.
    Any religion that promotes that is good.

    Of course certain religions have been misguided in the past in fact MOST religions, have done the work of evil although at the time thought they were doing good.

    What books like the Da Vinci Code do is open our eyes to that fact, make us sit back and think that we can’t take every piece of religious text as gospel.

    We shouldn’t lose ourselves in the past, and take a look at what religion in the world has to offer today.

    Arguments should not be fought over religion, that is why war rages in the world today, instead accept and embrace religion.It is all faith.

    Peace, C

  • Tom

    For Da Vinci code fans:

    Beginning on Friday, May 12th, 2006, audible.com will be offering a boatload of material for Da Vinci Code fans, including audio downloads of interviews with Dan Brown and with the screenwriter who adapted his book for film.

    Check it out!


  • I will be awaiting with eagerness my own download, which my brother will be performing for me tonight. I’m wondering if Dan Brown will credit his use of documents stolen from The Kraken, a secret society based in Rome for hundreds of years. I’ve been following them for quite a long time.

  • Hollywoodnc

    If the DaVinci Code is false, as proclaimed by the religious sect, than WHY are they so defensive?

    This is appearing as a desperate attempt to keep religion going, and to give the ‘Sheep’ hope in something. Sadly, some cannot survive otherwise.
    If religion IS proven as a fairy tale, I would suspect that millions worldwide would fall into a state of depression.

    My personal belief as an ex-catholic, is all of this is nothing but a ploy to keep civilization in line.
    If fear is instilled into the masses, they will abide by their religious leaders requests, or readings from the bible or (supposedly) god himself (as some televangelists claim).

    As science PROVES that we evolved from this planet, religion will be a thing of the past.

    National Geographic recently televised “The Gospel of Judas”. This exposed Judas’ reputation as a HERO. All throughout time, the bible portrayed him as a TRAITOR. The DaVinci code will severely hurt the religious sect. As time passes, more and more factual info will surface.

    Question is, will civilization as we know it, change the way we help our fellow man?

    This will be an interesting time.

  • Jonathan Peizer

    The movie should have been called Mary Magdalen’s Revenge 😉 — She was a trusted apostle who was turned into a prostitute hundreds of years after the fact by a church that was more interested in the primacy of men than the truth. Now 2000 years later, we have the gnostic gospels telling the story of Mary as Apostle and a fictitious book and movie that turn her into Jesus’s wife. This following a church scandal that has seriously undermined the authority and credibility of the male dominated church hierarchy.

    What’s a church to do? The veracity of Mary as prostitute has been completely undermined, but god forbid, would the church entertain the idea that Mary was Jesus’s spouse. So what’s left is for the Church to relegitimize her as a trusted, virtuous and chaste Apostle – hence Mary Magdalen’s revenge. Tell me there isn’t [belated] Karmic balance in that.

    The issue of belief and whether there is a shred of truth to the Da Vinci code has less to do with all these clues supposedly left by a Rennaisance Artist 1400 years after the fact, the Knight’s Templar, etc… and more to do with the central concept these cluse supposedly point to could there have been a marriage and decendents?

    What I think people fail to remember is that it took over 300 years after Jesus’s death, an Emporer’s Edict and the Council of Nicea for this new religion to really organize, take hold and Jesus’s divinity to be declared sacrosanct.

    What “the Code” asks us to believe is that in the intervening 300 years between Jesus’s death and the council, *NOBODY* discovered any heirs including others from his religion and outside of it that may have wanted to discredit the idea of his divinity by showing such heirs existed. Nor did the earliest Christians, a significantly persecuted minority still out of step with the mainstream — see fit, a generation or two after Jesus’s death to come forward with an heir/successor to bolster the morale or its persecuted members.

    Jesus’s divinity was a process that took a number of generations to become “gospel”, during that time both sides could have produced an hier apparant to benefit their arguments for or against this new faith — but they did not. The fact no mention is made of an heir in those first 300 years by friend or foe is the most significant proof that an heir did not exist.

  • Dan Brown the author of “The Da Vinci Code” wrote this book with evil intentions as a sacrilegious act. Get rich fast without solid facts.

    Blasphemous material about Jesus Christ is the lowest step any one can take. No respect was shown by Dan Brown or Tom Hanks or any one else involed in this book or movie.

    In choosing to proclaim this book as truth tells me the world is in trouble with God, if these truths are instilled in a person’s mind.

    All believer’s of this book or movie will face God some day and the truth will be revieled.

  • In choosing to proclaim this book as truth tells me the world is in trouble with God, if these truths are instilled in a person’s mind.

    The author and publisher choose to proclaim this book as fiction, which pretty much allows it to ‘proclaim’ anything it wants.

    Lighten up Francis

  • Lighten up Francis

    Fiction- Something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator. “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown intentionally proclaims his truth and he wants people to believe this as truth.

  • fiction:

    a. An imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented

    b. The act of inventing such a creation or pretense

    c. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact

    man, this davinci code “he’s tricking us” weirdness is just plain, uh…weird.

    lighten up francis.


  • You hit the nail on the head! man,this “The Da Vinci Code” “he’s tricking us” weirdness is plain,uh…weird.

    “He’s Tricking Us” Do you wonder now who’s tricking us? Think about it!

    It sure isn’t God I can tell you this!

    When you stand with God the truth is real not fiction. Nor does one have to question the real life of the Son of God. Made up fiction of the life of Christ (while on earth)degrades HIM.

    I believe in all of my heart that God is allowing me to express for HIM how HE feels on this topic. SAD!

  • Revelation 22 18 I warn every one who hears the words of prophecy of the bible: if any one adds to books, God will deal with them. 19 and if any one takes away from the words of the prophecy,God will take away his share in the tree of life.

  • Mary –

    Seriously – relax. Dan Brown is not trying to re-write the Bible. He just proposed a wild idea through a story. A story.

    Now, the idea, could be true, or not. I don’t really care – I still believe in God.

  • Mary K- I hear what you are saying! But it takes real people to defend the Son of God! After the damage has been done it does not erase what thoughts others retain from this book or movie,that causes different feelings toward the Son of God.

  • gonzo marx

    Mary in #39 sez…
    *But it takes real people to defend the Son of God!*

    just how ridiculous and illogical can a statement be?

    if Yeshua is/was the “son of God” made manifest on this planet, what gives you or any other human the hubris to think he needs your defense or than you could possible defend him, and from what?

    if, on the other hand, Yeshua was a great Teacher who lived his lessons by example up until his death…again, what need is there for any defense, and against who or what?

    arrogance and sinful pride to think that “god” needs anyone to defend him/her/it


  • I read DaVinci Code, I enjoyed it. It did cause me to think, ‘what if’. And that’s OK. Faith comes after questioning. Moses didn’t think he was the right man for the job, but God knew better.

    Jesus even had his moments of weakness, of last minute doubt that night in Gesthemane.

    Defending the Son of God, and the enjoyment of this book are not mutually exclusive.

  • Gonzo,

    I’m going to just give Mary the benefit of the doubt – maybe she didn’t mean literally ‘defend’. Perhaps she meant witnessing and spreading the Word. I guess that’s how I took it anyway.

    But your point is valid.

    What is sad to me is that a churches have so little faith in their congregations’ abilities to form opinions, that they have to protest and urge boycotting this thing.

  • gonzo “just how ridiculous and illogical can a statement be.”

    Defending God’s word. For what can be known about God is plain to them,because God has shown it to them. When you live by faith with belief nothing has to be questioned. Call me arrogant for God.

    Mary Kay you are right! Churches need help!

    Maybe I’m different but 12 years ago M.S. took over my life. My life before this was very passive. Then I clung to God.
    I can’t begin to tell you how HE worked in my life. So much has changed for the good.
    I see and feel HIS presence everyday.
    So when I say defending God I mean this because He has only helped me because HE is a caring God.

    This is why it hurts me and I know it hurts HIM by the book like “The Da Vinci Code.”

    God purpose for the Son of God to come into this world was strictly to teach the people HIS WORD so they could share eternal life with HIM.

  • Mary A –
    Sorry about the MS. If its any comfort, my husband is doing a charity bike ride for MS in a few weeks.

    But – i think you misunderstood. I wasn’t defending the churches. I think it is sad that they don’t have the faith that their flock can tell right from wrong. I am against their protesting the book and movie. (tho of course, they have the right to protest – I just don’t agree)

  • Nice chatting with you Mary K.! The important thought is to keep God close to your heart and the rest will follow.

    Thank you to your husband for a charity bike ride for MS.

  • gonzo marx

    to Mary in #43…sorry to hear about your MS, all the best and my hope for full recovery goes out to you…

    but on the topic of the ocnversation…you state..
    *This is why it hurts me and I know it hurts HIM by the book like “The Da Vinci Code.”*

    and i contend that it is folly, arrogance, sinful pride and hubris for ANYONE to claim to know the “mind of god”…so when you say “and I know it hurts HIM…” , you completely lose any credibility for the veracity of your arguments and show that you are operating purely from an emotional level

    which is completely your perogative, but just goes to prove my earlier point.

    unfortunately that leaves us nothing to discuss in these matters…fair enough

    i remain, apostate and heretic…


  • gonzo Oh you are so wrong!
    What is man? Man is a creature composed of body and soul,and made to the image and likeness of God.
    This likeness to God is chiefly in the soul.
    The soul is like God because it has a spirit of understanding.
    God Our Father,God Our Son, and God the Holy Spirit are three person’s of the Blessed Trinity. They are all equal as one.

    Having the Holy Spirit dwell in you, you then become a child of God .The Holy Spirit directs,guides,and pours out the love of God with in you as you receive graces by good works and prayers.

    Psalms:94: 16,17,18,
    If the Lord has not been my help,my soul would soon have dwelt in the the land of silence. When I thought, “My foot slips,” thy steadfast love, O Lord, held me.

    If you have never held God close to your heart then you wouldn’t know what I’m trying to get across.
    As the saying goes you have to walk the walk with God before you will know HIS TRUE PRESENCE with in your soul.

  • gonzo marx

    Mary…quoting me words written by men to advance the greed and avarice of the false institution of the Church whose sole purpose is to control and take money from their believers is no way to convince the likes of me

    i leave you to whatever benefits of your Faith you reap

    i stand against the crime and the Lies


  • Mary: what about the billions of people who don’t believe in your “god”? You seem to be saying it is necessary to believe in god in order to understand it.

    Have you considered the possibility that your faithist approach is actually making you incapable of perceiving the truth as you have already closed your mind to other ideas?

  • I’m sure there are several out there that do not know there is a God or refuse to believe there is a God! Choice is there’s for some who refuse to believe. Religion is being spread across the United States and other Countries for others to benefit to learn about HIM. And hopefully any one that wants to know about God can do so!

    Gonzo I may be wrong but I feel you have made your choice in the direction you want to go.

    Good Luck !!
    One thing for sure now you know I read the bible and trust in God with out stepping back to say NO! And that you are completely right… and I’m wrong. I have been faithful to HIS word. Plus I live my life with trust in God. I feel you are avoiding the truth of what really counts. But again this is your choice!

    You talk about quoting from the Bible etc.. This is where God speaks HIS word so we are able to live by HIS words.

  • gonzo marx

    Mary, you misunderstand, the Book you count on so greatly was written by the hands of fallible Men

    according to Scripture, the ONLY words written by “god” were the tablets Moses brought down from Mt Sinai…and if you look it up, you will see that the order and words written are different for the Hebrew, Roman Catholic and Protestant versions

    now, if those words literally accepted as being written by the finger of god himself have been mangled across the three religious factions…

    how much more the falsities and errors in something like Psalms?…or anything attributed to Saul of Tarsus?

    i have no problems with peoples faith, i have every problem with the Church


  • gonzo The Bible to me is more than a historical document. It tells me of God’s dealings with man,of God’s revelation of himself and His will.
    It records the life and work of Him in whom the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among men. It carries a full message,not to regard it simply as a heritage of the pass or praise it’s literary style,but to those like me who read it understands God’s Word.
    The Bible tells me God speaks to all in these momentous times, and to help us understand and believe HIS WORD.

    The New Testament dicloses the Gospels,Acts and the General letters ,that bear the names of Matthew,John,Luke,and Mark-namely the Gospels attributed to the apostles preceding those attributed to disciples of the apostles and so on..
    God’s Word is clearly seen through the eyes of the apostles and so on…

    The apostles followers of Christ were with Him.
    And the Word was written for all to see then and now. It’s a matter of choice in what you want to believe or not believe.

    Versions may vary in Bibles, but God’s Word does not change.


  • Thus the debate begins and ends with “God’s words do not change”. Therein lies the largest lie perpetuated upon humanity. The “writings of God” have been manipulated, mistranslated and usurped for use by disingenuous men who sought to control the masses. That doesn’t discount the basic message which has been attributed to the teachings of Jesus.

    Why is it that only Matthew, Mark, Luke and John made it to the final cut of the New Testament? What about the Gospel of Thomas? The Gospel of Judas? Or, of most import, the Gospel of Mary? These writings were cast on the wayside in favor of presenting an homogenous religion that could be molded to fit any situation.

    I believe that Jesus lived. I believe that He taught ideas which were far ahead of their time. He knew the Nature of Man by understanding the relationship between God and Man. We are all a part of God as God is a part of us. We are all made of the same cosmic dust, hence God is cosmic dust. If there is a spirit force which is housed within my body, and I believe there is, then it stands to reason that I am a part of a greater spirit force. We are specks in the scheme of things. We are atoms and molecules which make up the Universe.

    Back to Dan Brown and his fiction. What if there is some truth to what Brown writes? What if the facts presented in Holy Blood, Holy Grail are even 20% on the money? The ramifications would have an impact that is difficult to imagine. The Christ challenged His contemporaries to think outside the box. It seems to me that it’s time we did the same thing.

  • Mary: but if there’s no god, you’re left looking pretty foolish. What a waste. Pity…

  • Silas –
    Oh yeah!

  • gonzo marx

    well now , Silas saved me some typing…but regular readers know my views here, and i saw no reasons for rehashing them yet again…

    let’s go with a single relevant example, topical because of yesterday;s numerological significance…

    666-the number of the beast-the myth of the anti-christ

    it appears to begin in the Book of Daniel, no specific mention, but a great evil one is described bya vision…historical scholars seem to agree that the story is a metaphor….a parable if you will of contemporary political significance, with the evil one being the current king of Syria who was persecuting the jews

    skip on to good old Revelations, where the actual number of the beast…a human number, is given to “him who hath understanding”

    many are quite aware that by taking the greek name and translating it to Hebrew (where each letter has numerical value), and adding it all up you get the name of Nero….the Ceaser who could not be named directly at the time because of his fun habits of tossing christians to the lions or dousing them in oil and using them for torches at outdoor night parties

    under the Light of this information, it is simplicity itself to now see the writings of Revelations not as any kind of Prophecy, but rather as political commentary useful in bringing early christians together against the tyranny of Nero’s despotic rule and the oppression of their sect…

    so much more, so much depth beyond the dogmatic “literal word” interpertations that many who cling to the easy path of “salvation” are fed by the snake oil salesmen of the “church”

    earlier a Quote was made about the Path being hard and a narrow one, yet many today who profess Faith believe all they need to do is say that they believe and they are saved and of the elect….the deathbed conversion and so on…

    what if that hard and narrow Path was meant to say you not only need to have Faith, but you need to live your life, day by day, according to the Teachings…everything from “turn the other cheek” and “love thy neighbor” to the ONLY “commandment” given…the Golden Rule?

    kind of changes the perspective form the Wal-Mart send me your money and be saved model we see so much today, doesn’t it?


  • But ya gotta have faith, gonzo. Isn’t that what George Michael says?

  • Christopher THERE IS A GOD! NOT A WASTE!

    PITY…. the sorrow or regret or the compassion for others who have not accepted HIM or do not know about HIM!

    Theory of Evolution… is a science or art that pulls a number of facts together relating to it, sometimes imagination.

    Faith…. trust,confidence,complete acceptance of a truth which can develope a stronger faith in one’s heart. Faith is God! Allowing HIM to work in you!

    Between the two of these….I would certainly choose Faith over Evolution.

    Choosing Prehistoric times where different species disappeared. No existance after death! Vanished!!!

    Faith in God…. tells me to lead my life according to truth and faith, a destination will be. A place where we will live on with God.

    It seems to me that the Bible has taken attacks over and over again. But the Word of God does not change no matter if the and/where/when/who were not fully revealed.

    All of these truths or doubts will be answered some day by God.

    Then if we were placed on this earth just for the heck of it without having no reason to go forth in faith and to trust the word of God….then what is the purpose of earth!!!

  • Then if we were placed on this earth just for the heck of it without having no reason to go forth in faith and to trust the word of God….then what is the purpose of earth!!!

    It’s a giant laboratory for beings of far superior intelligence who have placed us here for their amusement. And, judging by what the members of the Senate are doing this very hour, these beings are howling with laughter.

    Faith…. trust,confidence,complete acceptance of a truth which can develope a stronger faith in one’s heart. Faith is God! Allowing HIM to work in you!

    Mary, if we were to have more faith in each other, perhaps we could come to understand the Nature of God better. We’re a cynical, mistrusting, conniving society. And the ultimate TRUTH here is that the root of the same is based in Christianity. Somehow I don’t believe that Jesus planned it that way.

  • Silas I agree with you….it starts with faith in each other first.

    I often wonder if God shakes HIS head over the foolish things that occur here!

  • We weren’t placed anywhere, Mary. Life has evolved this far and is still on the move towards an unknown future. That’s wonder enough for me, no need for super alien boogie men like you endorse.

  • gonzo marx

    Silas….i don’t care what George Michaels says, i’m not a member of the church of Wham!

    for poetical inspirations i prefer things like…

    “this body holding me,
    reminds me of my own Mortality;
    embrace this Moment,
    we are Eternal,
    all this pain is an


    or for the purely secular…

    “you dare to tell me what to do?
    you’ve got a lot of nerve.
    watch yer mouth, or you might get;
    the dentist you deserve.


    as for the Question of “faith”…it does help some folks, there is no doubt on that…and i won’t deny anyone their adherence to it, nor their desire for it…

    but i’m a big one for personal Responsibility, no scapegoats….each are Responsible for what they do…and NOT for anyone else…and NO one else can redeem them but themselves

    there are plenty of great Teachers in human history who have said things like this, and tried to show the Way…but usually the Message gets perverted and twisted so that some priest class can live off of the sweat of the “faithful”

    and i have a problem with that


  • Thanks to all that I have shared with. Your ideas are your own I understand! We are all different with a loving God that waits for changes of acceptance.If ever you come to this point in your life,you won’t have any regrets. Take time to know HIM!
    And if you have found HIM then you know!

  • I had to come back one last time! Pass this on to Dan Brown. His next book should be on how the Devil can control human beings. This would be an interesting book/movie.
    His research should be on the real Devil/Hell not made up spirits that have haunted people in pass movies or books.
    If you felt you knew that much about the “The Da Vinci Code” book,and movie then you will know where to find such history on Lucifer the chief of rebel angels and theanthropomorphic personification of evil, the devil.
    Dan Brown do you have the nerve to do research
    about Lucifer ! Who the devil really is!

  • duane

    OK, I’ll pass that on to Dan, spooky girl.

  • Then again, if there’s no god, then there ain’t no devil so it would be another waste of time, except for his bank account of course…

  • gonzo marx

    ummm..”personification of evil”

    well now, that can be argued…if “god” is omnipotent and omniscient, then he HAS to be “in” on the whole joke o fthere being a Lucifer…it would need to have been part of the “plan”

    as far as i understand it…Lucifer’s great Sin is Pride, and his rebellion comes from hurt that the “god” he loves so much preferred humans over the angels he first created….

    could make for a good book, but woudl be nothing like what some fundamentalists expect

    just a thought


  • History….the unknown until you do research.
    To: Dan Brown

    Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) Italian Painter,Sculptor,Scientist and Architect and more?

    Being a private man particulary secret,going so far as writing journels in code.
    (Frued’s interpretation below)
    “Interpreted by Freud,in an analysis of the artist, of Leonardos “frigidity”. Qoute
    “Leonardo also claimed to have distaste of physcial relations. “The act of procreation and anything that has any relations to it is disgusting that human beings would soon die out if there were no pretty faces and sensuous dispositions.” Unqoute Qoute “He also claims that Leonardo was driven by homosexual libido.” unqoute

    Leonardo was accused of anonymously of sodomy with a 17 year old model,Jacopo d’Andrea Saltarelli a boy already known by authorites for his sexual escapades with men.

    My point is ..a well known artist that had hidden his sexual desire from history. This tells me he was one troubled man. When you are consealing truth about sexual affairs with young boy models then guilt had to play a huge role in his works.

    He was explosive and I believe his journels and code were not that certain either! Leonardo had to feel shamed and his journels plus code only picked up on what he believed.

    Then it is possible to put someone else and even Jesus into a relationship to heal your own wounds.

    Some food for thought!

  • gonzo marx

    Mary..all due Respect to your viewpoint…but your entire line of “reasoning” in the previous comment is pure speculation tinged by the prejudice of your narrow view of “morality” and bolstered by a shoddy analysis from a long dead shrink who never met the man (Leonardo)…and based on rumors…

    here’s one for you..there are also rumors that the Mona Lisa is actually a self portrait of Leonardo himself in drag!! hence the secretive smile

    none of any of that has anything to do with either the book, nor what it discusses

    which leads me to the Question…have you actually READ the book itself? or are you just typing based on your pre-conceived notions and what your authoritarian “minister” has told you about it?

    just curious, since one woudl die of mental starvation from trying to feed on your “food for thought”…since it lacks facts, logic or any relevant material


  • Yes and I still disagree with the book!

    So your saying what happened to Leonardo should be dismissed? And Dan Brown had all the rights to use material for his book, wheather it was fiction or not, and this reaps good harvest!

    Not I say……

  • gonzo The plot Da Vinci code surrounds a cover-up
    Secret evidence…Jesus and Mary Magdelene were married.
    Jesus Christ was not the Son of God..but just a regular man.
    Mary Magdelene is the true rock of the church.
    The Holy Grail is not Jesus’ cup but Mary Magdelene’s.

    Need I type more………..

    So the long dead shrink Frued is dead but so is Da Vinci. Doesn’t change a thing.

    Now you know how Dan Brown’s book has caused a stir. Why shouldn’t it!

    Saying my comment about Leonardo could of never happened is saying the same thing about Da Vinci Codes that Dan Brown used. Dismmised!!!!

    Reading my comment you became up set and disagreed because you only see his book as truth ! But now you can see by using pass history,it creates made up untrue/false ideas and Dan Brown’s statement is that his book is true “Fact”. Dan says Da Vinci’s codes are true facts.

    Dan’s ideas of switching pass history of Mary M. and Jesus together in his book is insane.
    And no authoritarian minister told me to think this way.
    What it boils down to is you do not want to accept history the way it really was so it’s easy to say I’m wrong and I do not know what I’m talking about!

  • gonzo marx

    no Mary, you don’t know..

    example…where did i say that i had any thought that the fiction of Dan Brown’s was the

    go and read again…you seem to have missed quite a bit

    where did i say anything about what happened to Leaanardo could not have happened?..i didn’t ..i raised doubt about your dubious analysis as well as the sources you incompletely cited

    you appear to be suffering from beginning your thought processes with a dictum alread laid out, then try and cherry pick information, hearsay, speculation and sheer fantasy into what passes for logic to you to draw the conclusion you set out to prove in the first place

    this may be fine for sophistry or talking to yourself, but not a decent modus operandi for logical or even reasoned discourse

    i understand that you have the dogma and doctrines of your Faith…i am merely suggesting there is much more to soem of these matters than you are willing to even rationally or coherently contemplate due to the depth and passion of your emotional beliefs

    i still don’t think you have actually read the book, or if you did..you don’t appear to understand it

    example: the grail was not Jesus’ or Mary’s…but the vessel of Mary’s womb…carrying Jesus’ child…big difference from what you typed…

    it does not say Mary was the rock of the church…Jesus would be that “rock”..it states that Mary was the most revered Disciple…again, a big difference than what you typed..

    you appear to confuse history with fiction with scripture…

    on and on…

    but it appears pointless to try and rationally discuss these matters with you…

    so i bid you adieu and remain…apostate and heretic because…

    gnosis > dogma

    nuff said


  • RogerMDillon

    It should be no surprise that Mary assumes The Da Vinci Code is fact since she thinks The Bible is.

  • Mary,

    I’ve generally stayed out of this discussion because some of you could not get the idea in your heads that “The Da Vinci Code” is a fictional work. Finally, you are discussing “plot.”

    I’m not going to argue religion with you – suffice it to say that we have some Disagreements, and let the matter rest there.

    But “The Da Vinci Code” is a formula book. That is the most important thing to remember about it. Dan Brown used the exact same formula he used in “Angels and Demons” in “The Da Vinci Code”. Having read one right after the other, it was hard NOT to see this. There was a pathetic predictibility to “The Da Vinci Code” as I saw the same plot twists used a second time.

    “The Da Vinci Code” is all about pissed off Christians buying and reading the latest work that seems to question their faith.

    Note the key word in that sentence, Mary – BUYING. That is what Dan Brown had in mind when he wrote the book. What he thks of Christianity is irrelevant. He got to laugh all the way to the bank. Michael Drosinin did something very similar with his book, “The Bible Code”, even though what he wrote in his account of trying to warn Yitzhak Rabin and Mr. Netanyahu about the dangers of assassination was not fiction.

    I would suggest that you just put the book down and go back to church. If youy are honestly interested in the Gnostic point of view that Brown exploits in his book, read the real thing. Gonzo could point the way there; it is something that interests him.

  • Maybe you need to go to church to learn the truth!

  • gonzo marx

    Mary…consider that some have been to “church”..and that the Truth is not neccesarily found there…

    there is a Scripture that says when asked by the Apostles what kind of church they shoudl build after is death, Yeshua says…
    “gather anywhere, in the fields as we are today, split a log and I am within, lift astone and you will find me”

    might i suggest that there are many Ways to Truth, and that none of them involve a collection plate?


  • No, Mary, I do not need to go to a church to learn any “truths.” Thousands of Jews got nailed up on crosses by the Romans, and thousands more suffered worse fates. Picking one of them to worship just has no class to it. It’s like worshipping your brother-in-law. You have more class than to worship your brother-in-law, don’t you Mary?

    That’s how I feel about it all. I don’t have any problems if you want to worship some Jew who got nailed up on a cross. It’s almost flattery.

    In G-d’s own time, you’ll figure out that that is NOT what you really want to do. When that day comes give me a holler…

    In the meantime, Shabbat Shalom – Sabbath peace to you.

  • Involvement in collection plates are not costly!
    Entertainment has a pay plan too. Depends where you want to be!

  • gonzo marx

    the difference is that entertainment is a worldly thing, and people need to earn their daily bread..

    what does “god” need with a checkbook?

    just a Thought…


  • leo

    Ye kin make a bowl a scotch broth oot a jist aboot anythin ye ken. Bit whit illit taste like if ye no whit am sayin. This boy Broon isnae ma favourite chef fur good reasons that if you wur me ye wid unerstaun.
    But dont yoose worrie am aboot tae pit the records strate, all the records.

  • Thuli

    The Da Vinci Code

    For an excellent author, a standing ovation: A hearty applause for a book well written. Dan Brown is, in my opinion, one of the world’s most talented authors. The Da Vinci Code was for me an excellent read which clarified a few common misconceptions. Friday the 13th for example.

    Believe me when I say that this book is very good. It took me three days to read every word from cover to cover. Now that doesn’t happen very often because I never come across such intriguing books. Full of action, adventure, suspense at every turn…your imagination becomes heavily involved in the book and it seems as though you are actually on scene. For this reason I would be thrilled to watch the movie, directed by Dan Brown, with his book as the script. Word for word and thought for thought. Not the boring one that came out a couple of years back.

    I haven’t majored in psychology or psychoanalysis but I do have a very creative and speculative mind; with which I drafted the following.
    After reading the book I came to the conclusion that Dan Brown was (and possibly still is) a Christian. Catholic maybe, but I can’t say for sure. He, or some one very close to him had an unpleasant encounter with the Church. I prefer the latter because it is the basis of my analysis. The way I figured it, this very close individual was a woman. That’s why his book immeasurably reveres the so-called “Sacred Female”. In a moment of offence and a high state of emotion, the author set out to right this wrong. He gathered all the information he could about the Church and the secret organisations mentioned in his book. I must say he did a great job. For the material that he amassed is truly astounding.
    He set on this mission to write a book that took a jab at Christianity, more so the Catholic Church. And at the same time, make amends for the offence this woman incurred.
    He ‘argues’ his points well. I use the word argue with caution because all the points are made through fictitious characters who cannot be held responsible for any implications. He has carefully knitted fact and fiction together to allow room for shallow-rooted Christians to become confused. I can’t understand how but I know it is very possible for some people to be left asking questions after reading the book. Wanting to find out what this “truth” is that is mentioned on more occasions than I care to mention. This “truth”, that disagrees with the Bible. This “truth”, that has been hidden in the artwork of 15th and 16th Century artists. Da Vinci to be precise.

    With particular reference to the ‘Grail’, which apparently is Mary Magdalene, shown in the painting of the Last Supper by Da Vinci. It is very true that there are thirteen cups in the picture and not one as is written in the Bible (Matthew 26:17, Mark 14:12, Luke 22:7) What does the Bible say though? It says, “…he took up the cup…” There is no mention of that cup being the only cup at the table. Surely the cup of the Christ would have been the only cup that had his blood.

    And to the right of Jesus is a woman. That is true. It is also true that the figures of the woman and Christ are leaning away from each other, thus forming the letter “V”. The chalice. Symbolising the female. Yes, this is true about the painting. However there is one crucial mistake the author made. It is believed that Jesus Christ was crucified at the age of thirty-three. Which places his death around the year 33 A.D. As far as the “truth” that is “clearly” portrayed in the Grail, that is the painting, it is not clearly the truth now is it? Now, here is the mistake the author made. Da Vinci was born in 1452 and died in 1519. So unless during his troubled lifetime he invented a time machine and travelled way back in time, there is no way he could have painted the Last Supper from direct observation. Which means that this so called “truth” is not the truth at all. What it is in actual fact is an expression of something that Da Vinci believed in. Something he wanted others to believe in. Something he strongly believed was…the “truth”. This was a story that he told as an artist. A story that sated him so well as to have completed and kept the piece. As an artist there is one thing I love most about the practice. Artistic Licence. With this, you can paint a “lie” as best you feel, and it becomes the “truth”, your truth. Who can disprove it? After all you are the one who painted it. But as long as you cannot paint your lie convincingly enough, it will be chewed up and spat out.

    Suppose I paint a picture depicting the Last Supper. Suppose in this picture, I paint four beer mugs, three popcorn bowls and eleven people. Ten of who are women, and the eleventh, placed in the centre, would be myself. With five women on either side leaning in to admire me. Suppose I had painted such a picture. Would the fact that it can be seen, touched, smelt and interpreted by whom ever wished to do so hold any water. Would all those things make it historically accurate? Would all those things make it the “truth”? I think not. It’s a ridiculous supposition isn’t it? But why is it that my piece along with my ego and credibility as an artist would quickly be ripped apart by the vicious words of critics. And yet many people are willing to believe the lie so well told by Da Vinci’s painting?

    At the end of the day, it is entirely up to each individual to choose for him or herself what to believe. After all, it is our beliefs that keep us going aren’t they. What would life be without something…or someone to believe in? As for me, I chose God. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I chose the Bible. And I’m sticking to my choice.